best beach chair ever

What’s The Best Beach Chair Ever?- A Detailed Guide.

If you are going to go to the beach, you should definitely do it in style and nothing accomplishes this better than the best beach chair ever.

Gone are the days when people used to drag huge chairs to the beach, today you can fold your compact chair into a backpack or put it in a carry bag and go on your way easily.

Top rated beach chairs have advanced a lot since then and today we have comfortable beach chairs that come with cup holders, umbrella holder and other great accessories. At a very affordable price, you get to sit, lean back or even take a long nap on the beach while completely protected from the sun, wind and even hot sand.

7 Best Beach Chair Reviewed.

1.  Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Beach Chair.

Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Beach Chair is the best beach chair ever because it’s easy to carry to the beach since it’s a super lightweight backpack chair with padded back straps and a rubber carry beach chair ever


The well –padded seat and back rest makes it a very comfortable chair not to mention it can recline to 5-positions including layflat position.

This beautiful beach chair has a contour molded arm rest with a cup holder and cellphone compartment. It also features an insulated storage place for your drinks, pocket and a folding towel bar so you won’t have trouble holding all your items.

Tommy Bahama chair can handle up to 300pounds because it has a sturdy heavy duty frame and high quality polyester.


The metal bar across the front of this chair can be uncomfortable on the legs.

2.  Sport-Brella Recliner Chair.

Comfort is the key word when it comes to this Sport-Brella Recliner chair featuring three recline positions so you can sit up, lean back or just go to sleep.comfortable beach chairs


The comfortable sportsbrella chair also lets you put your feet up thanks to the detachable foot rest so you can relax completely as you watch the sun go down.

Sport-Brella recliner chair comes with a durable full coverage umbrella that has UPF50+ sun protection and can be swiveled in 3 directions.

The arm rests have a built in cup holder, insulated pocket and storage pockets to store your other items.

This beach chair is compact and comes with a nice carry bag to make transportation easy. It is very strong and can handle up to 250lbs without sinking into the sand.


All the great features add up to a somewhat heavy chair on your arms

3.  Rio Gear Big Guy Backpack Chair.

If you have a bit of weight on you, this Rio Gear Big Guy is the perfect beach chair because it has an extra-large frame and can handle up to 300lbs.most comfortable beach chair


The blue chair is as comfortable as it looks because the legs are sturdy and the wide seat and backrest are well padded.

Rio Gear Big Guy chair carries easily on your back because it’s light and comes with adjustable padded back straps.

The chair adjusts into four positions so you can lean back as much as you want and comes with a thick cushioned pillow for your head.

The best backpack beach chair also features molded cushion arms with a drink holder and there is a rear access carry pouch for your small items.

The powder coated strong aluminum frame and stable legs ensure you sit comfortably and not sink in the sand.


The backrest doesn’t have enough height for a tall guy.

4.  STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Chair with Built-In Lumbar Support.

The STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Chair is a range of lightweight beach chairs that aims at ensuring optimum comfort for its users and ensuring their back is well beach chairs for bad backs


This low gravity beach chair is compact enough to go to the beach and folds into a small tubular folded size that you can pack in the carry bag or use the backpack straps.

However, the best thing about this chair is the integrated lumbar support so that when you sit or lay back, your back will be well supported.

The chair seats low above ground and it has very comfortable armrests with beverage holder.

This STRONGBACK Chair is made with heavy duty polyester and a powder coated steel frame so it will serve you for a very long time. The strong and sturdy frame can handle up to 300lbs so it’s perfect for heavy people.


This chair is too low and you will struggle to get up.

5.  Kijaro Coast Beach Sling Chair.

Whether you want to go to the beach, camping, sports event or fishing, this Kijaro Coast Beach Sling uber portable chair will provide everything you need to be beach lounge chair


The chair features a breathable ballistic mesh design so that you won’t get hot and sweaty when you sit or nap.

This chair is made of a rust-free frame that is sturdy and easy to clean after a long day of fun and relaxation.

The chair is adorned with a detachable cushioned headrest pillow, organizer with zipper to keep your stuff safe, mesh pocket, cellphone holder and a lined cooler to keep your drinks cold.

Though the chair is pretty lightweight, it can handle up to 300lbs and it’s available in many colors. Also included is a carry strap on the chair and carry bag.


The chair doesn’t have a recline feature.

6.  Telescope Casual Sun and Sand Folding Beach Chair.

This Telescope Casual Sun and Sand Folding Beach Chair, from USA is one of a kind with its simplistic design and beautiful aqua color although there are other colors beach lounger


The chair is made of a very thick and strong steel frame and weather resistant fabric so it is strong enough to handle up to 250pounds.

Though it looks really strong, this chair weighs only 3lbs. and folds up easily so it’s very portable. Telescope Casual chair features a wide seat and back rest and a 26-inch height seat so it’s ideal for plus size as well as really tall people.

What is so great about this beach chair apart from being very beautiful and durable is the fact that it remains the same way in shape and form even after many years of use.


It lacks the extra features like pockets and cup holders.

7.  Rio Gear Ultimate Backpack Chair with Cooler.

Like most beach chairs from Rio, this Rio ultimate backpack comes with a nice cooler to keep your drinks cold in the hot beach chairs amazon


The chair is lightweight and adorned with adjustable back straps so you can carry on your back easily.

Rio Gear Ultimate Backpack Chair features a strong aluminum frame and textilene sling lace-up cover for extra durability and strength.

It comes with a thick cushioned head pillow, molded cushion arms and rear access zippered carry pouch for your items.

This beach chair has amazing back rest height which is ideal for taller people and it sits not too low from the ground. With a weight capacity of 240lbs, almost everyone can enjoy this chair and even recline it to the 5-positions.


The chair locks in place when you open and unlocking that when you need to fold it and pack up can be really difficult.

Buying Guide For The Best Beach Chair Ever.

The best beach chair ever should make your time at the beach really fun and relaxing. However, getting one is not as easy as it sounds since the market is flooded with many types of beach chairs.

Check out what you should look for so you can walk out with the best beach chair ever;

  • Portability:

Often times you will have to lift up and carry the beach chair to and from the beach or anywhere else you want to use it.

This means the best beach chair must be lightweight, easy to fold and has a handle or back straps for easy transportation.

  • Accessories:

Though simple and cheap beach chairs will do just fine; having extra accessories makes all the difference in the beach.

A beach chair that comes with a cooler, canopy, cup holder and pockets make your life very comfortable at least for the few hours you will be lying there.

Other extra features found in the most comfortable beach chair can include a cushioned head pillow, lumbar support and footrest so you can keep your legs up.

  • Capacity:

It’s very important to ensure that the chair you choose is able to handle your weight and size so you can avoid breaking the poor chair or being uncomfortable.

The best beach chairs are those that can handle a minimum of 250lbs and feature a wide seat and tall backrest so that people of all sizes are considered.

  • Frame Material:

Today you can find beach chairs made of wood, plastic, steel and aluminum and your choice is determined by many factors including price.

Aluminum is more popular because it’s impervious to rust and climate not to mention it’s lightweight and easy to maintain.

However, the best beach chair ever should be made of a thick steel frame that is coated especially if you are a bit heavy so it can last a lifetime.


This review will definitely help you find the best beach chair ever so you can enjoy your beach time. The above chairs are durable, comfortable and very affordable.