camp chairs for heavy people

Heavy Duty Folding Camping Chairs For Heavy People.

Are you a heavy person? Well then escape the embarrassments of camp chairs collapsing on you when you sit down.

Because of this frustrating issue, we have compiled a list of the best heavy duty folding camping chairs for heavy people that are easily portable.

Most camping chairs for heavy people are able to handle more than 300 pounds of weight and they have bigger dimensions to fit any plus size person.

There will be no more fear of falling down with your chair when enjoying the sun set during camping when you have one of these portable chairs for heavy people.


 Best Heavy Duty Camping Chairs For Big People


1. Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Chair


Kijaro XXL Dual Lock is the best camping chair available in the market because it’s designed with a heavy person in mind.

The beautiful green chair can handle up to 400 lbs. and it has a patented dual lock technology that ensures the chair is locked in open and closed positions so it won’t collapse.


Best Heavy Duty Camping Chair



The heavy duty camping chair features an oversized seating and back area with improved posture and support for optimum comfort and breathable mesh on seat back so you won’t get hot and sweaty.

It also comes with wide and comfortable armrests with a cup holder each and an organizer with zip and mesh pockets.

The Chair is very affordable and it comes with back straps to make portability easier.


The locking mechanism starts sticking after a few uses and if you force it, the lock breaks down.

2. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair


ALPS Mountaineering King Kong is among the best heavy duty camp chairs because it can handle up to 800lbs which is pretty impressive.

The chair is made of a powder coated steel frame that is very strong and stable and the fabric is strong, high quality polyester that does not get hot at all.



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Though ALPS camping chairs for fat people have the highest weight capacity in the market, they are also the easiest chairs to carry to a camping trip or beach.

The chair is lightweight at only 12lbs and it folds down into a compact design not to mentions it fits in a very small carry bag.

This Chair has adjustable armrests with cup holder and hanging pocket on each side and there is an additional back pocket for more items.


  • It is that it’s not pretty to look at but it’s perfect.

3. Guide Gear 1000 Lb Capacity Folding Chair


The first thing you will like about this big man camping chair is that its forest green and will blend nicely with the jungle.

However, you will be more impressed at how strong the chair is and it can handle up to 1000lbs. thanks to the heavy-gauge powder coated tubular steel frame.



1000 Lb Capacity Folding Chair



The Foldable Camp Chair is built to last with shatterproof nylon feet, 600-denier polyester fabric and an additional center support so it can handle big boys comfortably.

All the dimensions on this chair are oversized and the seat distributes weight evenly.

The adjustable arms have a 6-can cooler on one arm and a cup holder on the other arm. There is also a concealed storage bag for your small items and a carry bag for portability.


  • The seat is too deep and it starts sagging even further after use.

4. STRONGBACK Elite Heavy Duty Folding Camp Chair


STRONGBACK camp chair features durable construction and heavy duty tube frame to support up to 300lbs, hence qualifying it to this list of heavy duty folding camping chairs.

It is a spacious seat designed to offer maximum comfort and it can handle a person of any size.



big and tall camping chairs



Furthermore, what makes the camp chair one of the best camping chairs for fat people and heavy people is the patented lumbar support and ergonomic design that helps to align your body posture and support the back and neck.

The chair ensures you are comfortable, relaxed and well supported while you enjoy the outdoors.

This folding chair for large person is lightweight and easy to fold into a compact design and it comes with a backpack carrying case with double straps for portability.

The STRONGBACK ranges of picnic chairs are designed to last a long time and they have a unique design that will not pinch the back of your legs as you sit.


  • The cup holder seems a bit flimsy.

5. KingCamp Lightweight Portable Heavy Duty Folding Camping Chair


KingCamp is another brand that has gotten into making spacious folding chairs for large people with lumbar support to enhance comfort and relaxation.

The beautiful deluxe chair has a large sitting area and it can handle both short and tall people comfortably.


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Built with high strength steel tubes and 600*300 oxford fabric, this KingCamp chair exudes great strength and it has a weight capacity of 350 pounds.

The chair also features a human-engineering armrest with cup holder and phone pocket to ensure maximum comfort.

This big mans camping chair is easy to open and fold after use and its easily portable thanks to the light weight, small size and ideal carry bag.

Whether you are camping, hiking or just relaxing at home or the beach, this beautiful chair will have your back.


  • The fabric tends to wrinkle and look unsightly after use.

6. Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler


Coleman Oversized Quad Chair is one of the most affordable folding camping chairs for heavy people in the market especially considering it comes with a 4 can capacity cooler on the arm.

This durable chair features well-padded seat and back and it has wide dimensions to fit any big guy.



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The Coleman quad chair is constructed with a heavy duty steel frame that supports up to 300 pounds and it has adjustable arm rests.

While one arm holds the cooler, the other one has a cup holder and there is a nice storage pocket for your magazine, phone and small items on the side of the seat.

This beautiful big mans camping chair can be used in camps, beach and sport events because it is easily portable and fold up into a compact size that fits perfectly in the trunk.


  • There are few complaints that this camp chair is cheaply made and it breaks easily.

7. WildHorn Outfitters Terralite Portable Camp


The Portable Camp chair is a proof that good things come in small packages.

The chair is extremely compact and weighs only 2 pounds so it’s very easy to move around with whether you are camping, hiking or going to the beach.



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This camping chair for heavy person is easy to set up and it has a sink in design so you can just relax and be comfortable.

It has exclusive Terragrip feet that makes the chair float easily on any type of soil so it’s good for soft soil, sand or muddy areas.

As compact and lightweight as this seat is, it can handle up to 350lbs. thanks to the strong construction made with heavy duty aircraft grade aluminum and rustproof material.

The chair has a removable seat cover and it can be attached to a backpack using the Velcro straps for hands free transport.


  • It’s not ideal for tall people as the backrest is short in height.

Buying Guide For The Best Heavy Duty Folding Camping Chairs



When you are shopping for the best camp chairs for heavy people, you will need to look at some very specific details other than mere appearance and price.

These factors should be considered before buying a heavy duty chair;

  • Weight and portability:

Going camping is hard enough without a chair because you have to carry a tent, food stuff, blankets and all sorts of other things.

The best camp chairs for big guys must be lightweight, very compact and easy to carry to site.

  • Capacity:

Weight capacity when it comes to large capacity camping chairs is paramount because you don’t need your chair to break down when you are enjoying the vicinity.

The ideal weight capacity should of course depend on how much the user weighs but good heavy duty camp chairs have between 300 to 1000lbs. capacity.

  • Large seat and back:

Whether you are big or not, a chair that has a wide seat and backrest is usually more comfortable as you have room to wiggle, place your feet and lean.

However, it is even more important for a chair to have a wide seat and back if the user is large in size so they will be comfortable.

  • Accessories:

The best camp chair must come with a bevy of accessories that will make life in the camp or beach more fun. Such accessories include side pockets, cup holder, cooler and canopy.

  • Comfort:

It is with utmost importance that the chair you choose be comfortable on your entire body and while possible have lumbar support.

This means that the seat and back must be well padded and have breathable or cool and comfortable fabric.

  • Durability:

The best heavy duty camping chair must be made with a strong steel frame and heavy duty fabric so that it can endure the weight and vigorous use for a number of years.



It is important to buy the best heavy duty folding camping chairs if you are on the heavier side so that you no longer have to fear falling down.

However, you must also take care of the chair by sitting the right way and not leaving it in direct sunlight or rain.