Best Tubes For River Tubing That Are Safe.

There is nothing more fun in this world than playing in water; whether it’s in the swimming pool, river or big water bodies, you can take the best tubes for river tubing and enjoy floating away.

The best river tubes enable you to enjoy some sun while you are inside the water so you can touch, splash yourself and float slowly.

Rubber tubes for river are also great if you don’t know how to swim because you can still join the other in the swimming pool and float instead of swimming.

In the unfortunate occasion that you capsize with your boat, always have the best tube for river tubing with you for safety.

Best River Float Tubes On The Market


1.  Intex Pacific Paradise Relaxation 4-Person River Tube Raft


Intex Pacific Paradise Relaxation Station can be used for floating and swimming. The heavy duty river floating tubes are made from 18-gauge vinyl that won’t burst while enjoying your summer.



This tube is designed to accommodate four adults and hold up to 704 pounds thus you can invite your friends for water sport adventure with no worries.

At the center it has a beautiful mesh floor that allows you to cool your legs and has four large backrests that enable you feel blissfully relaxed with great balance.

It has cup holders at each seat thus enabling you and your friends to enjoy a great conversation sipping a cold drink and after a swim you can scramble back on board using the rope ladder with sturdy plastic steps.

This floating tube has extra-large valves that allow you to inflate the tube easily and the removable valves that let air out faster for easy deflation.


The valves leak thus minimize the time you spend in water.

2.  CoolerZ Rapid Rider Inflatable Tube.

If you simply want to enjoy your pool time, beach or lake you need one of the best tubes for river floating like the CoolerZ Rapid Rider as it is cool and wonderfully designed to help you have a good time.Best River Float Tubes


It is made from high gauge vinyl material that is very strong guaranteeing you a safe rough water ride.

This incredible tube is designed with built in backrest that offers you comfort and support your back throughout.

It has two cup holders and a beautifully woven mesh seating that keeps you cool even when it’s warm.

It has a cool built in cooler for your drinks and has all around grabbing ropes that makes it easy for you to mount back from the water.

It is very easy to inflate and deflate thus making it a great tube to take along for a memorable holiday.


  • The main inflation valve sticks up which rubs your arm when paddling the tube thus bringing discomfort.

3.  Intex River Run I Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float.

The Intex River Run I Sport Lounge is made from good durable material and is designed with a built in backrest that offers maximum support.


This tube has two air chambers and two built in cup holders to hold your drink as you relax.

It has two heavy duty grab handles that are easy to use and a beautiful mesh bottom that keeps you cool as you enjoy the feeling of floating on water.

This tube has separate valves for inflation that is easy to let air in and deflation valve that is bigger thus letting air out faster.

It has good quality all round grab ropes that you can hold on to while you swim.


  • After a while the ropes tent to be crappy and slippery.

4.  2-Pack Bestway Rapid Rider 53″ Raft Tubes.

With the Bestway Rapid Rider you will enjoy the water all summer. It has very comfy backrest which is equipped to offer support and the two strong handles that enable you to hold on tight while going through rough waters.

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This tube is made from 18 gauge vinyl fabrics that will guarantee your safety as it is strong and durable.

The tube has grabbing ropes with in- built grommets and the beautiful yellow color that makes you look cool from a far distance.

The tube has a mesh bottom for cooling your body and it is lightweight thus very easy to carry and transport.

It is big enough to accommodate two people and an adorable pet with no worries thus ideal for your water trip.


  • As it is big it takes a lot of time to inflate it.

5.  Sevylor Covered River Tube.

Sevylor Covered tube is made from heavy duty PVC material and it is rugged thus giving it a cool look that your friends will admire.

This amazing tube will give you an opportunity to toast to good times as it has cup holders that keeps your drinks closer and ready.

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It is covered with a rugged nylon cover that helps protect it from easy tear just in case you hit rocks and the valves use two locking points that makes it easy to inflate and deflate.

It has multiple air chambers that will help you get on shore safe and sound.

This awesome tube has space for one person that allows you fit in with no problems and has an air tight system that guarantees no leaks.


  • Beware if water gets in the middle of the tube it stays there thus making you uncomfortable.

6.  H2OGO! River Gator Inflatable Tube.

This H2OGO’s best tube for river tubing is amazing to be used even by your kids as it is made from very strong ad durable material.

The tube has all round grab ropes that helps you hop back in the tube after a good swim and it has a cool color that your family will love.

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The tube has in built grommets and two air chambers for added safety thus giving you a chance to enjoy your weekend wonderfully.

It is very easy to inflate and deflate thus minimum time and energy is used.

The tube comes in handy with a repair patch thus you have no stress if you get a puncture while at the beach and you are able to enjoy many fun games like racing and bumper tube while relaxing and enjoying family time.


  • It has a small inflation valve thus very hard to deflect too.

7.  Coleman 47-in. River Tube.

The Coleman 47-in. River tube is designed with multiple air chambers allowing another chamber to stay inflated if one is punctured thus guaranteed safety.

It is made from a very high quality PVC material so it will not burst or tear up fast.

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With this tube you will have the most exciting floating and swimming experience the whole summer as the air tight system guarantees no leak while floating on the rivers.

It has tight cup holders that keep your drinks safe thus minimum spillage and two handles that helps you hold on.

The gab line makes it easy for you to climb in and out of the tube and it comes in very beautiful colors.

The mesh bottom is awesome as it helps you cool in the water and the backrest is very comfortable and offers good support.


  • The tube is very thin thus after a while it easily tears.

Buying Guide For The Best Tubes For River Tubing.

Picking one tube among all these best tubes for river tubing depends on your specific needs.

Different people require heavy duty tubes river for different reasons and so it’s important to identify that reason first before you go shopping.

With that reason in mind, here are some of the other factors you should look at before buying the best float tubes;

  • Size of your tube:

The size of the tube you will buy is determined on how big the water bodies you will be using are especially swimming pool, river or lake and how many people need to be using the tube at the same time.

The best tubes for river tubing must fit nicely in your pool or river leaving space for movement and you must consider your friends and family who would like to join in on the fun.

  • Choice of Water body:

While swimming pools only require a tube that is small and light; rivers, hills and speedboats will require you to buy a durable tube with reinforced liner so that it won’t burst when it comes into contact with reeds or rocks.

  • Accessories:

The best tubes for river tubing come with extra accessories to make this activity fun and more comfortable.

Such features include cup holders, mesh floor, water proof compartments, plastic handles and grabbing ropes for support.

Heavy duty river tubes must also come with their own air pump and repair kit in case of an unexpected tear or puncture.

  • Ease of use:

Like all inflatable water sport equipment, you must never leave a river tube inflated especially if a bit of water has gotten inside.

The best river float tubes must be easy to deflate quickly when you are done so it can dry up and inflating for use should also be quick and easy.

  • Comfort and Safety:

Whether you know how to swim or not, the best inner tube for river floating must be safe in every situation unless there is a bad storm.

Safety is enhanced by having strong fabric, multiple air chambers and a large mesh deck.

The tube must also have comfortable seats or a cool mesh bottom that will keep you cool even when it is very hot.


The best tubes for river tubing will be useless if you don’t know how to use them.

For safety and durability, one must fill the tube with air completely and keep it away from direct sunlight when not in use.