Perfect Sleeper Chair

Comfortable Chairs That Convert To Sleepers.

This resource on chairs that convert to sleepers will focus on the top 7 sleep chairs for people who need the extra luxuries because they are tired, disabled, sick or any other reason.

While a good couch or the best chair for relaxing are good enough for an ordinary person, sometimes one needs an extraordinary sleep chair that can go all the way down without much effort and also lift up when you want to stand up.

The best recliner chair for sleeping is great for watching movies, relaxing after work, sun bathing on the yard and taking care of people with motion problems.

Most Comfortable Sleeper Chairs For Adults


1.  The Perfect Sleep Chair – Lift Chair & Medical Recliner.

The Perfect Sleep Chair is the best recliner chair for sleeping because it can be used as a sleeper, massager, lift and normal chair.

This chair has a weight capacity of 375lbs. and can support anyone up to 6’2 sitting or lying down.

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Among the great features included in the Chair is the zero gravity that ensures your weight is distributed evenly on the seat so you are more comfortable, relaxed and likely to fall asleep quickly.

If you have are a bit overweight, you can’t get up on your own or you simply have a backache, this chair will help you get up and stand easily at the touch of a button and even offer you a slight massage.

The sleep chair recliner is made for comfort thanks to the high density sleep foam, biscuit style design and warm cushions that feel like heat therapy. The chair uses batteries in case of power outage and comes with a remote control.


  • It is a very expensive chair

2.  Med Lift 5555 Full Sleeper Lift Chair.

Next in line on the  most comfortable sleeper chair list is this Med Lift 5555 Full Sleeper Lift Chair that boasts extreme comfort thanks to the dustless, odorless and no allergenic fabric.

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This chair is perfect for watching TV, reading, relaxing outside and sleeping plus it reclines to different positions easily.

Anyone who is under 6’2 and 375 pounds will easily fit in this chair and can be lifted up and down at the touch of a button.

Everything from the footrest to the back is well padded for comfort and comes with removable cover to maintain cleanliness.

The 5555 features a battery backup in case of power outage and it has a nice side pocket for your small items.

You can adjust the back and the footrest independently thanks to the two motors which are very quiet, smooth and fast.


  • The space between the arms is not wide enough for large people.

3.  Reliance Full Sleeper Lift Chair – 55 Series.

Reliance Full Sleeper Lift Chair – 55 Series is the best sleep chair recliner from Medlift because it offers optional massage and heat therapy.

The full recline sleeper is made with a very comfortable design and zero gravity features so you are able to relax and fall asleep as quickly as possible.


Unlike most sleeper recliner chairs that come in boring colors, the Reliance Full Sleeper chairs are available in an array of beautiful colors that will match your house decor.

The chair also has a smooth lift mechanism that allows the it to lift you up to a standing position so you can stand up with ease.

This chair is extremely comfortable thanks to the well-padded back, seat, arms and even footrest. The motor is quiet and smooth so you will not get irritated while reclining or getting up.


  • The cost is a bit high.

4.  Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed.

Sleeper Chair Folding Foam bed is one of those rare best recliner chair for sleeping that can also be used as a plush mattress when unfolded.

Unlike other sleeper chairs, this foam bed can be used at home, RV trailer, minivan, boat and even truck because it’s easy to carry and it’s also a mattress.

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This sleep chair recliner features 5inch thick foam covered with high quality fabric and it’s available in several solid colors.

If you want an extremely comfortable chair that can be used in any room to take naps, watch TV or just relax; this sleeper chair is definitely the one.

This chair is easy to use and anyone including children can be able to unfold it in case you have guests.

The fabric coating comes in handy especially if you have kids because it’s easy to wipe any food substances or dirt.


  • Since its memory foam, you will need to let it air out for a few days to get rid of the smell.

5.  HomCom 5 Position Folding Sleeper Chair.

If you want a chair that will last for a lifetime and steel look strong, this HomCom 5 Position Folding Sleeper recliner lift Chair should be your pick.

This chair features high quality faux suede, metal frame and sponge for comfort.

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This best recliner chair for sleeping is one of the best sleeper chairs for heavy people and has a backrest angle that can be adjusted to 5 levels of comfort.

It also folds out to be a full size sofa bed or lounge and it comes with a pillow in case you want to lie down.

There is enough space between the sturdy metallic arms and sofa cover can be removed for washing. It is the best chair if you want versatility, comfort and style in your home.


  • No complaints yet but it’s a bit heavy because of the metal frame.

6.  Epic Furnishings Berkeley Perfect Sit & Sleep Chair.

This Epic Furnishings Berkeley is an amazing chair serves as a chair during the day and a perfect bed for you at night as it is very comfortable and classy to have in your home.

The chair has leather looking fabric and it’s made from microfiber suede material that is both pet and kid proof.

Best Recliner Chair For Sleeping


With this best recliner chair for sleeping you are guaranteed durability and safety as all parts are connected by metal and can handle up to 750 pounds.

This chair is awesome as it comes with removable and easy to clean cover sets thus you can change the covers as you wish to match your décor

It comes with two beautiful accent pillows and the arms are well designed from a solid hardwood that provides long lasting beauty.

The black steel alloy grid style at the seat and back gives support to the mattress thus creating more comfort.


  • It is a little bit hard to assemble you need an extra hand.

7.  HomCom 26″ Convertible Single Sleeper Chair Bed.

The HomCom 26” Convertible sleeping recliner Chair is what you need in your home as it can be used as a chair, folded as a bed or a chaise lounge.

It has a unique design and it is made from flannelette fabric which is very beautiful.

Best Recliner Chair For Sleeping


This chair has a soft microfiber exterior that is easy to clean and gives you the comfort you require when sleeping in a recliner.

The chairs arm rests are amazing as they move down when it’s being used as a bed making it very convenient for you.

The chair is well padded thus allows you sleep with no discomfort and it comes with two soft pillows that enhance your comfort.

It is wide enough to accommodate a large person and it holds up to 220lbs thus the perfect chair for heavy people.


  • There are complaints that the chair is not well cushioned thus its uncomfortable for a heavy person to sleep on.

Buying Guide For Chairs That Convert To Sleepers.

Now, let’s look at what you should look for in a sleep chair so that your purpose is fully served;

  • Comfort:

The main reason why anyone would buy a sleeper chair is comfort. The best sleep chair must be comfortable enough to use while sitting or lying down and this is mainly attributed by the design, padding, pillows and fabric.

  • Durability:

One thing you may have noticed is that sleeper chairs are not cheap at all. The best sleeper chair must be made of a heavy duty frame and durable, stain resistant fabric in order for it to last longer without breaking down or looking bad.

  • Home Décor:

Unless you are buying the chair to be used outdoors, a perfect sleep chair  should match your house décor or at least the rest of your furniture.

Alternatively, go for soft patterns, fabric and neutral colors that will not bring the WOW factor in the room and take attention away from the others.

  • Ease of Use:

Today, most chairs for sleeping are easy to operate and some even come with a remote control so you can adjust the positions with just a touch of a button. Ensure your chair of choice has a smooth and quiet motor that will make it easy for you to move the chair up and down for you without using your energy.

  • Weight and Height:

Always be sure to check the weight capacity of a fully reclining chair bed so that you don’t break one down and also choose a chair that you can fit in sleeping or sitting down.

Foldable chairs are the best because they occupy little space in sitting position but they are full size beds when you unfold them.


While  this post on chairs that convert to sleepers gives you insight on which is the best sleeper chairs to buy and how to choose the best; one must match the chair to the purpose. Buy a chair according to the user’s needs and not only by design or cost.

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