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What’s The Best Beach Chair Backpack For Comfort?

The best way to get through winter is obviously to start preparing for summer and what better way to do this than go for the best beach chair Backpack shopping…

The best beach chair backpack will not only offer you comfort, support and structure at the beach but it’s also very easy to carry.

Backpack beach chairs come with adjustable back straps so all you have to do is strap it on your back and get moving meaning your hands will be left free.

This beach chairs review will focus on chairs that have the best features in the market including accessories such as coolers, cup holders and even umbrellas for sun protection.

Best Backpack Folding Beach Chair

1. Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair with Storage Pouch.                 

Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair features an insulated beverage pouch so you will have your drinks cold at the beach.

beach chair backpack


It’s a very stable backpack beach chair made of rock hard steel, UV stabilized 600D polyester and it can hold up to 300 lbs.

The beautiful chair has molded arms with cell phone and cup holders and it reclines to 5 chair positions including lying flat so it’s super comfortable.

Though it’s a really strong chair, Tommy Bahama Backpack is easy to carry thanks to the padded shoulder straps, rubber carry handle and light weight.

Other great features included in this beach chair include an adjustable pillow for your head, duck feet so you won’t sink in sand and amazing backrest height to cater for taller people.

The space between the two wooden arm rests is very wide and they have a drink holder and pouch.


The zippers are very poor quality.

2. Rio Brands Lace Up Aluminum Backpack Chair.

The Rio Brands Lace Up Chair is the most beautiful beach backpack chair you will very come across thanks to the blue polyester fabric, white grayish frame and elegant backpack beach chair


The aluminum frame is strong, rust resistant and very light to carry.

This beautiful chair has an adjustable head pillow on the super tall backrest and it reclines to 4 different positions.

The molded plastic arms are very sturdy and comfortable and they are adorned with a drink holder and storage pouch.

The chair has a weight capacity of 240lbs. and comes with adjustable padded backpack straps for easier carrying.

The price is amazing, it is easy to open and sits low above ground so short people will love it and also the duck feet ensure you don’t sink in the sand.


Folding this chair for storage is quite complicated.

3. WearEver Hi-Back Deluxe Steel Backpack Chair.

WearEver Hi-Back Deluxe is a lightweight Backpack beach Chair that will be a great addition to your beach beach chair


The chair is easy to carry thanks to the backpack straps and has a weight capacity of 250lbs.

What makes this beach chair backpack so special is that it has an integrated compartment where you can carry a cooler for your drinks and other items for the beach.

This compartment is still accessible even when the chair is open because it’s at the back making it easy to get to your stuff.

WearEver Hi-Back Deluxe Steel Backpack Chair is made for durability featuring a sturdy powder coated aluminum frame with 600×300 Denier waterproof fabric.

The four reclining positions and smooth hardwood arms make it very comfortable and it’s as easy to close as it is to open.


The beverage holder can only fit a can or bottle of soda and nothing wider than that.

4. Rio Gear Big Guy Backpack Chair.

The Rio Gear Big Guy Backpack Chair is made for plus size people with wider hips and back.

This extra-large beach chair features a specially reinforced aluminum powder coated frame covered with strong polyester to ensure nobody falls when they sit on it.backpack beach chair costco


This beach chair backpack is lightweight and carries nicely on your back thanks to the adjustable padded backpack straps.

You can adjust the chair into four different positions for your comfort and hold on to the molded plastic armrests while getting up.

This Rio beach chair for big guys comes with many accessories such as a drink holder, thick adjustable head pillow and large carry pouch accessible from the front.

All you have to do with this chair is open, sit and relax while enjoying your cold drink and warm sand.


The chair is only ten inches off the ground which is very low for heavy people.

5. Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair.

Remaining faithful to their reputation, Tommy Bahama 2016 Backpack Cooler has outdone themselves again with this amazing cooler chair.backpack beach chair with cooler


It features an insulated beverage holder and storage pouch on the molded plastic arms and also come with a cup holder and cell phone holder.

The Tommy Bahama 2016 Backpack Cooler Chair is a strong and sturdy masterpiece covered with UV stabilized 600 Denier polyester fabric and can handle up to 300lbs.

The powder coated aluminum frame is great for outdoor activities because it’s rust resistant, easy to maintain and also lightweight.

This chair makes a beautiful backpack and it’s easy to use and fold up for storage.

It also comes with an adjustable head pillow, padded shoulder straps and a rubber carry handle if you don’t want to carry the chair on your back.


It’s difficult to fold this chair and the backpack straps are not inbuilt.

6. Rio Gear Ultimate Backpack Chair with Cooler.

The Rio Gear Ultimate Backpack Chair comes with two compartments on the seat back; one is an insulated cooler for your drinks and the other one is for dry items you may carry to the beach.backpack beach chair walmart


These compartments remain on the outside even when the chair is open and feature great zips to lock in your stuff.

This chair has a tall backrest with an adjustable head pillow and it can recline to 5 different positions for your comfort.

The strong aluminum frame is covered with ventilated Textilene sling which is beautiful, washable and contours to the shape and movement of your body.

This beach chair backpack allows you to keep all your items in the zippered pockets so your hands will be free.

It also comes with a cell phone and cup holders, folding towel support at the back and hooks for your bottles.


This chair is too low for tall individuals.

7. Ostrich On Your Back Chair.

This beautiful red beach Ostrich On Your Back Chair will make your trip to the beach, sports event or camping so much fun.lightweight backpack chair


It features a patented open/close face cavity and arm slots for functionality and also appearance.

Ostrich On Your Back Chair is very light on your arms and comes with backpack straps so you can carry easily hands-free.

The seat and backrest are extra wide to accommodate plus size individuals and it has a weight capacity of 325lbs.

This beach chair sits only 9 inches off the ground so it’s very comfortable and reclines to 5 positions.

The molded plastic arms with cup holders are very comfortable and come in handy when you need to get up.


This chair is not meant for tall people because all the dimensions are short.

Buying Guide For The Beach Chair Backpack.

Buying the best backpack beach chair has to be more than just walking into a shop and picking the first chair you see. In order for you to get value for your money, here are characteristics you should look for in a beach chair backpack;

  • Weight capacity:

You must consider your own weight and choose a beach chair that has a capacity to handle 100 lbs. more.

Most beach chairs backpack fall apart and break because the person sitting on them is heavier than the chair could handle.

  • Flexibility:

The human body is subject to changes such as weight and height and sometimes more than one person will use that particular beach chair.

The best backpack beach chair is one that has adjustable back straps, head pillow, height, and armrest height and legs so that no matter who is using the chair, they can adjust it to their comfort.

  • Dimensions:

Just like weight, you must consider your height, hip size and other bodily dimensions so you can buy a chair that will be comfortable for you.

Plus size individuals must buy beach chairs backpacks that have a wider seats and backrest while tall people need a chair with great height so their backs, head, and legs will be comfortable.

  • Extra features:

While it is not a must to have these accessories in a chair, they sure make life at the beach more fun.

The best beach chair comes with accessories such as a cooler, cup holders, pockets, umbrella holder and hooks for your keys and bottles.

  • Comfort:

Your time at the beach should be very comfortable and one thing that will enhance this is the beach chair you are using.

The best beach chairs backpack must have the right dimensions for your body, padded seat, backrest and armrests as well as padded back straps.

The frame including the legs should also be stable enough and not keep sinking in the sand.


After you buy the best beach chair backpack it’s important to ensure the chair is taken care of and maintained properly so as to extend its lifespan.

Always wipe the sand off the legs, dry it and store in a cool dry place.