best beach cart for soft sand

Best Beach Cart For Soft Sand.

This guide has everything you need to know about the best beach cart for soft sand …

You’ll definitely agree with me when I say:

Having the best beach cart will ease your beach execution and help you carry your entire beach arsenal easily …

Well, there is only ONE problem. Finding that perfect best beach cart for sand isn’t an easy job.

To make your life easier…..See the perfect selections on the market today.


Top 10 Best Beach Cart For Soft Sand Chart


Picture Name Weight Foldable Rating
Wheeleez Mini Folding Beach Cart. 12 lbs Yes 3.4/5 Stars
TimberRidge Folding Camping Wagon/Cart. 28.8 pounds Yes 4.5/5 Stars
Best Wagon for the Beach Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Beach Cart. 24.5 Pounds Yes 4.5/5 Stars
Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart. 13.5 lbs Yes 4.0/5 Stars
Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart. 7.5 Pounds Yes 4.2/5 Stars
Gorilla Carts GOR200B Poly Garden Dump Cart. 32 pounds No 4.2/5 Stars
Tommy Bahama 2016 All Terrain Beach Cart. 17.2 pounds Yes 4.2/5 Stars
Heavy Duty Wheeleez Beach Cart. 29 lbs No 4.0/5 Stars
Rio Brands WWWC5-4670 Wonder. 10.2 pounds Yes 4.2/5 Stars
Challenger Mobility Folding Beach Cart. 20.5 pounds No 3.8/5 Stars

…Some of the items one must need to carry to the beach include towels, beach tent or umbrellas, water, snacks, cooler, sunglasses, book, beach ball, sunscreen and baby bag.

The best beach carts for sand must have wheels that are able to maneuver through soft sand without being stuck or using up all your energy.

Beach carts come in all sizes, materials, and shapes but the important thing is that they serve the purpose and lasts for a long time.

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Whatever you choose to bring with you, a good beach cart with wheels will make the trip more convenient because everything you need will be within reach.

Best Carts For The Beach Reviewed


1.   Mac Sports Folding Beach Wagon


The biggest advantage with a collapsible cart is that is folds down to travel size when in the car and pops open to a beautiful strong cart when you get to the beach.

Mac Sports Folding Beach Wagon is a great folding beach cart that will fit everything you need at the beach from a cooler to sports equipment to chairs when it’s open.



folding beach cart



It’s amazing how this compact, easy to store package transforms into a full size wagon in just seconds when you remove the cover and undo the closure on the handle.

Though the fabric looks weak, the bottom is very strong and sturdy to handle any weight and even children playing on it.

The front wheels on this beach cart are smaller than the back ones so it’s important to place the heavy stuff in the back to avoid tipping.

The wheels collect a lot of sand on the way but it always comes out when you rinse before packing it back to the car.

Mac Sports beach tent has extra wide wheels that move right through soft dirt or sand.

It is made of a strong fabric that is easy to clean with a quick wipe using a towel.


The clip for the handle will not stay.

2.  Wheeleez Mini Folding Beach Cart


If you want a simple rolling beach cart that will not take up any space in your trunk but still able to handle a lot of stuff to the beach; this Wheeleez Mini Folding Beach Cart is the right choice.





Instead of making multiple trips from the car to the beach transporting necessities, this cart will carry everything at once because it’s strong and has a wide frame.

This beach pull cart has tough pneumatic tires that roll easily through any terrain including soft sand even when carrying a heavy load.

These balloon tires and the fact that this cart is incredibly lightweight mean even children can be able to push t as well.

Wheeleez Mini Folding Beach Cart has a tubular steel frame that is coated with epoxy powder to make it durable, strong and rust free.

The handle is 38 inches, which, is ideal for everybody no matter their height, and it has straps to hold the luggage in place.


The chances of this beach cart tipping over are very high and its price is just unacceptable.

It could use some improvements especially on the straps and maybe lower the price.

3.  Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart


Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart with big wheels is a comfortable cart that will not sink or plow on soft sand.

It is big when open but folds flat to make storage and transportation easy and it comes with a chair hanging bar and an umbrella holder.



beach carts for sand



Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart comes fully assembled but you might need to add easy snap on wheels.

Though it’s very lightweight at only 13.5 pounds, this cart will hold 4 chairs and a large cooler among other things.

Not many beach carts can carry stuff for a whole family but this one can.

Whether you have surfing boards, umbrellas, beach tents and even barbecue stands, you can rest easy that they will all fit in there.

Going to the beach no longer has to break your back; with this Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart, you can carry everything you need without a problem because it has a lot of room.

The most impressive thing about this cart is that you will not feel the weight of your stuff when pulling it through the sand.


The front wheels are a bit small and will shake off if you overload the front part. Pack the heavy stuff in the back side.

4.  Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart


Beach cart big wheels are very important if you want to navigate through soft sand and rough terrain without problems.

This Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart is a foldable cart with a sturdy frame and wide wheels.



best beach wagon for soft sand



It has ample storage area for all your stuff and a weight capacity of up to 100 pounds.

Unlike most beach carts, this Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler has an extended stroller style handle with a nice grip so pushing and pulling the cart through sand is not such a pain.

Storage of small items is also considered thanks to the removable tote bag, bottom tray, and rack for your keys, phone and snacks.

It also has an umbrella holder that can handle a big umbrella and the small front wheels make pushing through smooth surfaces easier.

You can keep this beach cart open when you are at the beach or fold it up easily until you are ready to leave.

It folds up to a small flat package that can be placed in a full trunk and one person can assemble it.


They have only padded a section of the handle and this limits its importance to most people because not everyone is the same height.

5.  Gorilla Carts GOR200B Poly Garden Dump Cart


Gorilla Carts GOR200B Poly Garden Dump Cart is the biggest unit in this beach cart reviews because it is 36-inch by 20-inch and can handle 600 pounds of weight.



best beach cart for soft sand



If you have a big family or loads of luggage to take to the beach, this garden cart is the best for heavy supplies.

Gorilla Carts GOR200B Poly Garden Dump Cart is made of a rust resistant poly bed and steel frame that has a black finish.

The long straight handle is well padded to make pulling comfortable and the 10-inch pneumatic tires are great for any terrain whether its soft sand, gravel, grass or heavy dirt.

Though it looks like a wheelbarrow, you will not have to lift up your items because this cart has a quick-release dump feature to help you unload your stuff quick and easy.

While this is considered a beach cart, it’s also great for gardening and landscaping projects so you can carry and unload your supplies easily.

This durable cart has a rust resistant molded bed that is easy to clean and maintain.

It also has a one-year warranty and can be used to carry children in the park as well.


Their customer service is horrible and the metal frame is not as strong as they depict because it bends easily.

Buying Guide For The Best Beach Cart For Soft Sand


Finding the best beach cart for soft sand is not hard as long as you know exactly what features you want.

With that in mind, it’s good to also consider where you will be using it and how often.

This buying guide will help you find the best sand carts for beach no matter your price range;

  • Assembly:

The best beach cart for soft sand should be easy to set up and fold down in seconds.

Whether its self-explanatory or it has a guide, setting up should be made as easy as possible if the cart does not come fully assembled.

  • Capacity:

This depends on the size of your family and how many things you take to the beach, camping or event.

If you carry many things it’s good to buy a cart that has a bigger capacity and more storage places like hooks, pockets and tote bags.

  • Wheels:

The best beach carts have big wheels that can maneuver through soft sand, heavy dirt and rough terrain.

It should also have smaller front wheels because of smooth surfaces to ensure the cart does not slide or get stuck.

  • Storage Mechanism:

A collapsible cart is the best beach cart because it can be folded down and stored below the car seat or in the trunk.

Carrying a cart that does not collapse will occupy a lot of space in the car and that is inconvenient.

Be sure to check whether the handle, wheels, garbage bag and metal racks can be detached during folding to make storage easy.

However, such carts must be easy to assemble back without a hassle.

  • Maintenance:

It’s important that a cart be easy to clean and rust resistant.

A dirty cart is not just unsightly but also unhygienic because it carries stuff that you wear and eat.


The Best Beach Cart for Soft Sand doesn’t have to be expensive because it’s possible to find good quality carts that are affordable.

As long as a beach cart meets the above requirements and it’s made of durable material then it’s good enough.