Trijicon HD Night Sights vs Ameriglo

Trijicon HD Night Sights vs Ameriglo

I have used a number of guns for my hunting adventures over the years. However, when it comes to the best gun, I still leave it between Trijicon HD Night Sights and Ameriglo

As a shooter, I know that alignment is essential, and often modify my units to help me with my shooting needs.

Trijicon HD Night Sights vs Ameriglo
Trijicon HD Night Sights vs Ameriglo

For instance, I may not hit what I cannot see and if I am under stress during my target acquisition, it might not hit properly. Thus, I will talk about two amazing gun products in this article.

The Trijicon HD Night Sights vs Amerigo are among the most expensive products on the market but offer amazing features.

Trijicon HD Night Sights Overview

Most reputable name pistol-sight brands often miss an important feature when they manufacture their pistols.   I have found that some sights sets with more illumination around the front sight provide more precision at speed.

As a result, Trijicon is providing you with the next evolution of sights with HD Night sights. They come taller than the standard sights we see on the market. Their rear notches come slightly wider with a U-shape to offer users something to hock on while you rack the slide with one of your hands.

With the side toward you, you enjoy a reduced glare. The rear sight is the window frame for the front sight, while its HD rear sight comes with tritium inserts on both notch’s sides.  It lacks color outlines around them to push away light from the front sight.

In addition, its front sight does not come as narrow competition sight, however, it has a centrally inserted tritium. However, since I am not a serious end-user, I didn’t find the visibility of a fiber-optic insert easier.

Meanwhile, Trijicon covers its front sight with a round, very large circle of paint, either bright orange or yellow. It has a front dot that is wide as the sight blade and is made with photo-luminescent paint, which glows for a brief time when exposed to light.

I could use it to search a dark room

Trijicon HD Night Sights Pros and Cons


Fast, highly efficient target acquisition

Long life, up to 12 years


One-handed slide operation

Photo-luminescent paint that can charge from a variety of light sources



Designed close range instead of precision

Relatively high price point

The warranty process can be sticky

Ameriglo Overview

I know that pistol-mounted red dots could be hot and I have always searched for guns with more innovative features. I have found Ameriglo to give me what I expect from most pistols.

The brand has a unique Haven red-dot sight that you might hardly differentiate from other offerings. The pistol comes with a small weight and size required for a slide-mounted sight.

In addition, the gun comes as an open-emitter model and has a generous glass lens and an industry-standard RMR footprint, 11 brightness settings. In addition, it comes with two compatible with night vision and other useful features.

Unique Feature

Two of the important features I like about Ameriglo Haven are the Carry-Loc and Power-Protect modes. Carry-Loc ensures that I can press the increase and decrease brightness buttons for 1 second to lock the brightness setting at the current level.

Then, the Power-Protect mode stays engaged after your unit stays inactive for at least 12 hours.  In addition, Haven easily turns itself off and when it does, the motion sensor takes over.

However, if your unit stays inactive for another 12 hours, the sensor completely shuts off.

Another thing I like about the Haven is that you can shoot at a range of 3 to 50 yards, and more.   Ameriglo’s two sizes come in the form of 3.5 and 5 MOA. The sizes can come as part of the items you receive when you buy the product.

In addition, it get Ameriglo iron sights designed to work as backups for the Haven

Honest Review about Trijicon HD Night Sights vs Amerigo

Trijicon HD Night Sights can help you with target acquisition in a close-range scenario. I like the way they provide me with a way to engage targets faster and more accurately. It does not matter if I am under intense stress, it does not disappoint.

I can tell you that the sight is worth it buying because it comes dependable and easy to use. If you need dependable units, you can consider this model. For instance, the more I shoot, it becomes pickier with trigger pulls and sights on pistols.

I like shooting during tournaments like the UPSPA’s Production Division which allows the use of everyday carry-type pistols.

So, what’s my final verdict on the Ameriglo Haven?  I have to put it this way, the price is right, the battery is great, the features are plentiful, and the footprint is common.  AmeriGlo sights are created from us-made bar stock steels and assembled using Swiss-made tritium light sources


Are Ameriglo sights worth it?

Ameriglo comes as a great brand that produces amazing sights. These are excellent, no-frills, replacements for your Glock. They’re of medium brightness. Don’t expect to see much glow in the daytime – they’re NIGHT sights, and in darkness, they’re just right.

Are Ameriglo night sights?

Ameriglo night sights let you quickly acquire targets even in pitch-black darkness. The sights are great for your home defense and nighttime and urban operations. In addition, the tritium light source in Ameriglo sights makes the sights visible even without incandescent light sources

Does trijicon own AmeriGlo?

Trijicon has an agreement to acquire AmeriGlo, a leading supplier of U.S.-made night sights. “The AmeriGlo brand is a natural fit for us,” said Trijicon President Stephen Bindon.

Is Trijicon Made in USA?

Some of the Trijicon products, including Iron Sights, MGRS®, CCAS®, RMR®, RMR®cc SRO®, ACOG®, VCOG®, MRO®, Thermal Optics, Mounts, and Archery Sights are designed, engineered, machined, and assembled at our facilities in Wixom, Michigan or Auburn, California, and are therefore 100% Made in the USA.

How did Trijicon get its name?

Trijicon got its name from two words: “Tritium” the key element in the company’s innovative illumination technology, and “icon” meaning a picture or image. The “j” was added to combine both words to form Trijicon.