Heavy Duty and Sturdy Bunk Beds For Adults & Kids.

Space is one of the elements that will encourage you to buy sturdy bunk beds for adults and kids as they tend to occupy minimum space and some come with drawers that provide extra storage space for you.

With a couple of strong bunk beds, you need not to worry when it is holiday season as you will have room for everyone who comes for a sleep over.

They are made from very heavy duty materials that allow the bunks to accommodate weight of between 200lbs to 400lbs making them perfect for heavy people.

Best Heavy Duty Bunk Beds Adults and Heavy People

1. Coaster Home Furnishings Heavy Duty Metal Bunk Beds

If you are in search of sturdy bunk beds for adults to host some guests and your kids then you need Coaster 460078 Bunk bed as it is made from a strong well curved metal bars that guarantee durability.

Heavy Duty Bunk Beds | Sturdy Bunk Beds For Adults


This amazing adult bunk bed is very easy to climb up as it has a lovely ladder specifically designed for you.

The heavy duty metal bunk beds for adults is a very stylish full over size bed that can accommodate you and your child with comfort.

It has an awesome gunmetal color that will complement your rooms’ décor thus giving your Childs room an updated look.

It has an awesome metal curve design that softens the look and sturdily supports the bed thus you will not worry when your children play on the bed.

It is simply a fun, stylish and attractive piece that you must have in your house.


  • It is a little bit hard to assemble alone you need an extra hand.

2. DHP Twin over Twin, Metal Bunk Bed for Adults and Kids

The DHP Twin metal bunk bed will meet all your needs and expectations as a parent as it is simple, secure and space saving thus can feet in you little apartments bedroom with ease.

The bed has an awesome sleek black metal finish that will last through years of rough play.

Heavy Duty Bunk Beds For Adults


This beautiful bed can accommodate two twin mattresses and it has a front ladder that is attached to the bed for easy up climb for your child.

It has very strong full length guardrails that guarantee safety for your kids at night and the slanted ladder offers more support and stability.

It has a weight limit of 200lbs for top and 225lbs for bottom making it a suitable bunk bed for heavy people. It is very easy to assemble and it’s the best for hosting friends, family or sibling thus it’s worth every penny.


  • The color starts to chip off if you are not careful.

3. Dorel Home Products Silver Screen Twin/Futon Bunk Bed.

If you have always worried or had a daunting experience sleeping on a bunk bed you need to try the Dorel twin futon bunk bed  as it will offer you the best experience ever.

Safest Bunk Beds


This high quality bunk beds for adults have very beautiful design that complements any room decor making it convenient for you.

The bunk bed can accommodate a weight capacity of 225 pounds on the top bunk and 600 pounds on the futon.

This bunk bed plays a multi-purpose role as it can be a bed at night and a couch during the day.

They come with amazing comfortable pillows and the ladder is very simple and easy to climb up with no worries of your child falling back.

The cheap bunk beds for adults have a modern hip making them very stylish and they are very durable thanks to the strong metal frames.


  • The ladder is very narrow making it very uncomfortable to climb.

4. Powell Heavy Metal Black Full Over Full Bunk Bed.

These heavy duty metal bunk beds are made and designed to withstand the adventures and pressures of your child or teenager.

The amazing Powell Heavy Metal Bunk Bed is made from a well-crafted black metal that is rust-resistant and durable.



This bunk has a very sturdy ladder that allows your child to easily climb up the top bunk and get down to the floor.

It is very easy to assemble as all the parts come labeled and it has beautiful guardrails that protect your child from falling thus enhancing safety.

The Powell bunk bed is a full bed over a full bed making it very convenient for you as it can accommodate a grown up and a child on each bunk.

The bed occupies little space and can accommodate a total weight of 400lbs on each bunk hence one of the best bunk beds for heavy people.


  • The ladder goes on one specific spot on the bed thus limiting you to move the bed to different places.

5. Durable metal Bunk Bed Weight Capacity 320 lbs top 400 lb Bottom Bunk.

The Durable metal Bunk Bed is perfect for heavy people as they can accommodate 320lbs on the top bunk and 400lbs on the bottom bunk.

I assure you will have a sound sleep with no worries of the bunks collapsing.


The heavy duty metal bunk beds for adults are made from very heavy metal making it very durable and sturdy for use.

It has a breath taking black modern look that complements your homes décor and has very strong slatted safety rails that will put your mind at ease when your children are playing or sleeping on the bed.

This heavy duty loft bed has low headers and comes with footers cap that are placed at each end of the bed.

The ladder is attached to the top bunk that assists your children climb and get down the bed with ease.

It comes with well stuffed pillows made from a very soft material enhancing the Childs comfort and it is very easy to assemble.


  • After a while the bed tends to make wired sounds when you try climbing on the top bunk.

6. Sturdy Kids Sturdy Twin over Full Metal Bunk Bed with Stairs.

This beautiful well designed Sturdy Kids Sturdy Twin bunk bed has a really nice clean modern appeal that you will really love to have in your home.

It is made from heavy duty metal that guaranteed durability and it is very sturdy thus safe to have for your kids.

 Heavy Duty Bunk Beds


The bed has a strong full length guard rails that will protect your kids while playing or sleeping and the ladder is very strong and comfortable to climb on making it very safe for your kid.

It is very easy to assemble thus takes very few hours.

The top bunk can accommodate a weight of 200lbs while the bottom can handle up to 450lbs.

This is a must have for your kids as they will enjoy every play and sleep moments they have with friends and siblings.


  • After a while it starts to squeak when someone is on the top bunk.

7. Pammy Twin over Queen Bunk Bed.

The Pammy make awesome Queen Size bunk beds for adults that are well designed to accommodate a queen or a king like you as it is constructed from very solid wood and veneer thus guaranteed durability.

Heavy Duty Bunk Beds For Adults 1


The well designed stylish heavy duty wood bunk beds have an espresso finishing touch that complements your homes décor.

The bunk bed comes with an optional pull out trundle that offers extra bedding space and it has built in drawer that creates more storage space for your clothes.

It has a well stalled guard rails that enhance safety and it is very easy to put together.

This bed has a ladder that is well secured at the foot of the bed thus providing safe and convenient access to the top bunk.

With one of these heavy duty wood bunk beds, you will enjoy every moment and your children will love to hold sleep overs every weekend.


It is very heavy and occupies a lot of space not appropriate for your small apartment.

Buying Guide For The Best Sturdy Bunk Beds For Adults And Kids.

There are very many sturdy bunk beds for adults in the market so you need to be very careful and do a thorough research on heavy duty bunk beds for adults and kids.

The Heavy duty bunk beds are made from different materials and come with very different features thus you need to choose one that will be suitable for your needs.

Here is a buying guide that will assist you in choosing the best bunk beds for adults;

  • Extra Features:

Nowadays most of the apartments have very small bedrooms thus they limit you to the type and size of beds you want.

Additional features like extra drawers for storage as well as a trundle will be very helpful as you will have used minimum space thus making room for other things in the bedroom.

  • Safety:

We all know that kids really love to play and jump on their beds so ensure that the bunk bed has full length guard rails that will protect them from falling. The safest bunk beds should also have a ladder that is comfortable to climb on to avoid minor accidents.

  • Material:

Wooden or metal bunk beds for adults should be made from very strong and heavy duty material to guarantee safety and durability. It should be able to at least hold a maximum weight of 250lbs on the top bunk and accommodate 400lbs on the bottom bunk.

The material should be of high quality and have a good classy finishing touch that will help complement the rooms’ décor.

  • Space between the bunks:

The lower bunks should have enough space that can accommodate an adult while sited to create comfort and avoid being knocked on the head all the time. There should also be enough room between the upper bunk and the ceiling especially if the light bulb is close by.


Though most sturdy bunk beds for adults and kids are strong enough to handle heavy persons it’s always important to check the weight limit and ensure the heavy person sleeps on the lower bunk.

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