Here Are The Best Newest Monster High Dolls For Kids.

Welcome to the craze for the newest monster high dolls ever!

Owing to the huge success and reception of television series Monster High, Mattel decided to introduce a collection of fashion dolls resembling the characters in July 2010 and kids all over the world went crazy.

Though other companies have tried to copy this idea, the newest monster high dolls from Mattel are expected to blow the waters out of the park.

Forget about Barbie, these fiction boys and girls born by your all-time favorite monsters bring some classic and spooky fun to your children.

The new monster high dolls are a great play time for both girls and boys and they are bigger and better than ever before.

What’s The Best New Monster High Dolls To Buy?

1. Monster High Boo York, Boo York Gala Ghoulfriends Luna Mothews Doll.

Girls who love fashion and modeling will love Luna Mothews who is one of the three fashion icons in the collection.

newest monster high dolls


Luna is accompanying other Monster High ghouls to Boo York City to witness the passing of the crystal comet and also attend the hair raising gala and monster skull-ebration.

Luna is daughter to the moth man so how whole outfit is goth-moth inspired with silver wings and an antennae headband.

This monster high new doll comes with its own doll stand and hairbrush to doll her up nicely.


The parts are flimsy and will come off if mishandled.

2. Monster High Frights, Camera, Action! Elissabat Doll.

For our little actors out there, Ellisabat is a confidence movie star adorned with a modern corset with ruffles and lace and knee high leather high dolls new


The package comes with a silver trophy, doll stand, Elissabat’s diary and her own signature hair brush.

Ellisabat is a force to be reckoned with; she’s a perfectionist and enjoys photography. As your kids dress Elissabat up and make her hair, they can also get into some imaginative plays and become actors.


Her parts and accessories are really small and delicate.

3. Monster High Haunted Student Spirits Vandala Doubloons Doll.

This might be one of the coolest monster high dolls because it’s translucent owing to the fact that it’s a spirit and is dresses with monster high dolls 2017


Vandal is the daughter of ghastly pirate ghost so she sports a pirate’s hat, removable peg leg and an accessory that looks like a ships anchor.

This is a great new monster high doll for both boys and girls especially those who love pirates of the Caribbean and it activates their imagination. A translucent chain link stand and hairbrush are included.


The hair underneath the hat is a little dull and scarce.

4. Monster High Jane Boolittle Doll.

Jane is a little on the nerd side and loves to read and write being the daughter of mad scientist Doctor Boolittle.

She has a cute pet slash backpack called Needles that holds all her secrets by guarding the entrance.

new monster high dolls


Jane also has a walking stick which is also a pen and a doctor inspired purse to match her statement jewellery and blue outfit. She has a butterfly headband and comes with her own diary.


The tail on this doll keeps coming off.

5. Monster High Haunted Student Spirits Kiyomi Haunterly Doll.

Another student spirit who came on board when push got to shove in the series Haunted is Kiyomi in order to save Spectra from eternal monster high dolls 2018


She’s the daughter of the faceless ghost and wears a very fashionable number with a translucent chain link, a necklace that looks like a collar and a cool handbag.

Her hair is lavender and she wears a ghoulish headband. The package includes a hairbrush to make Kiyomi’s hair, diary and doll stand.


The doll holder is too wide so she keeps tipping over.

6. Monster High Freaky Fusion Neighthan Rot Doll.

Neighthan Rot is one of the best monster high boy dolls and he is a fusion of two creatures; the legendary Unicorn and unrelenting monster high dolls names


He has ears and a unicorn horn while his entire outfit is designed to look like the inside of a human body with lungs, stomach, rib cage and all organs.

Neighthan Rot has one red arm and one blue to signify the two monsters that make him and he has a hat. The package has a diary, hairbrush and doll stand.


His pants are loose and won’t stay on.

7. Monster High Boo York, Boo York Gala Ghoulfriends Mouscedes King Doll.

Mouscedes King is one of the popular monster high dolls going to Boo York to see the crystal comet and she’s the daughter of the mighty rat king.

new monster high dolls release date


On this collection, this girl has decided to do something different by wearing a black bodice with golden polka dots and a skirt with gold foil.

Mouscedes King has pink locks and protruding ears so she wears a blue tiara to complement that look. She’s a truly beautiful girl with a pink tail, diary and doll stand.


Its doll stand is a bit small but you can tilt her side ways.

8. Monster High Dance The Fright Away Clawdeen Wolf Doll.

The original Monster High movie introduces us to a few characters on the opening party which has photo booths to capture the monster high 2017


One of those characters is Clawdeen Wolf Doll who is all classy and elegant with purple and gold animal print dress, high heels and purple locks.

Your children will learn to do a few poses when taking pictures on the photo booth using the photo props and character inspired handheld masks.


There isn’t much difference between this Clawdeen Wolf Doll and other older versions.

9. Monster High Boo York, Boo York City Schemes Nefera de Nile Doll.

Nefela de Nile is a fierce ghoul who will battle it out with Catty Noil to win the best comet-inspired monster high movie


She’s one of the newest monster high dolls who go to Boo York for the contest and her drama with Catty gets out of hand.

Nefela sports an all snake accessorized outfit that includes a golden bodice and metallic signature teal skirt.

The only thing not decorated with snake is the mummy warp teal shoes because even the headband has several snakes on it.


The hands and legs come off very easily when playing.

10. Monster High Home Ick Abbey Bominable & Heath Burns 2-Pack.

This is the best pack of all the new Monster High dolls 2017 because it includes two dolls; Abbey Bominable & Heath Burns.

These two dolls are literally fire and ice but they team up to study together and ace the Home Ick class.popular monster high dolls


Kids who love cooking and playing house will truly enjoy this package as it comes not only with two of the best monster high dolls but also loads of cooking accessories like whisk, spoons, mixing bowl, pie and others.


The legs are coming off in less than a week.

Buying Guide For The Best Newest Monster High Dolls.

Monster high dolls new collection is full of old but better monster high dolls names and not many people can be able to buy all of them.

So how do you decide which of the newest monster high dolls to choose?

  • Benefits Of The Dolls:

Apart from being toys to play with, all new monster high dolls plays an important role in kid’s development because they revive their imagination.

Though most of the monster high new dolls are educational and will help in development and imagination, not all of them are appropriate so you need to be careful when choosing.

  • Preference Of Your Children:

Today kids know exactly what they want and so it’s best to shop with them instead of deciding for them.

If your child has watched any of the Monster High dolls videos, they definitely know which their favorite monster high doll is or character and mostly it’s the one they can relate to most.

  • Your Child’s Age:

Different monster high dolls are appropriate for specific age groups of children so they are not all the same.

The age of your child will highly determine which doll you will get so they can relate to it and have fun.

  • Customer’s Reviews:

Whenever you are buying something especially online, it’s best to check out what other buyers are saying about it.

Go online and read some of the reviews written by other parents regarding quality, usefulness, construction and benefits of several monster high dolls.

Go through the monster high dolls list, Reading other people’s reviews will help you to make the right decision and avoid wasting money and time.

  • Accessories:

Apart from the doll in a package, most of the newest monster high dolls come with a few accessories so your child can do some work on the doll.

Other than the diary and hair brush, choose a doll that has extra accessories that you child will love to play with.

Kids who love styling will enjoy the hairbrush, mirror, and makeup while those who love cooking will definitely enjoy the kitchen accessories more.


The newest monster high dolls are still making their way to top online and physical stores so you may not find of all them right away.

Stores can also sell them at a higher price because they are new so it’s better to go to Mattel’s site directly for better service and price.

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