Best Smart Watches – Which & How To Pick? (Updated 2022)

A smart watch is still a new concept to most regular people especially because the best smart watches in the market are quite expensive.

However, these ultra light techy mini computers are fast gaining popularity because they offer a lot of extra features apart from just checking time and date.

My favorite feature of the latest smartwatch is the ability to track my heart rate and to call somebody in case of an heart attack sending him my location, the best part it is done on auto pilot!

Additionally smartwatches can deliver your phone notifications right to your wrist and you can choose whether you want to receive them, reply or just ignore without touching your phone. In case you have a smartphone with eSim or Sim card you can easily “forget” your phone at home.

A smart sport watch is also your best fitness friend and it will calculate your every step, calories burnt, distance and many times even your heart rate.

What Is A Smart Watch?

In case you still don’t know what a smart watch is, here is the correct definition. A smart watch is basically a watch that connects to the internet and other devices like smartphones to deliver real time information on your wrist.

Smartwatch benefits

However, even the best smart watches do not work independently and they have to be connected to another smart device preferably your cell phone or tablet.

The biggest maker of the best smart watches for men is Samsung whose Galaxy Gear smart watch can even operate your television.

Different Types Of Best Smart Watches.

Though it is not possible to put all top smartwatches in one or two categories, there are basically three types of good smart watches available; companion, standalone and classic smart watch.

However, it is important to note that companies are making smart watches every day that come with more features and deviate from these three types.

1.     The Companion Smartwatch

The companion smartwatch has to be connected to a tethered smart phone in order to work.

This means that the smart watch and the smart phone have to be compatible in order to work together so it’s better to buy an apple smart watch if you are using an iPhone.

These smart watches mirror your phones emails, messages and calls to your wrist and they have a better battery life because the phone is doing most of the work.

2.     The Standalone SmartWatch

Like the name suggests, a standalone smart watch does not need to be connected to any device to work.

It has a small SIM card and works just like a phone to make calls, send messages and emails and do all the other functions of a smartphone including connecting to the internet.

The downside to this type is that the battery will die faster because it’s doing all the work and they are very rare.

LG was one of the first brands to come up with a standalone smart watch with its own operating system called WebOS meaning you can leave your phone at home and rely solely on the smart watch.

3.     The Classic SmartWatch

A classic smart watch works just like a companion smart watch because it needs to be connected to a smartphone. The difference is that this type is very limited in terms of features and it only has the basic features like time and notification display.

Further Classification

Apart from types, the best smart watches are further classified by application, use and brands. Here is a look at some of the available smart watches in the market right now;

4.     Apple SmartWatch

The Apple smart watch is fairly new in the market and it is compatible with the iPhone.

This smartwatch lets you keep your expensive phone hidden inside the bag or the pocket because you can get all alerts on your wrist.

You can receive calls, take photos and pretty much do everything with this watch just like you would with your iPhone.

However, the best part about this Apple smart watch is the exterior design which is intimate, attractive and customizable. Unfortunately it doesn’t hold charge for very long so you need to charge it every day.

5.     Android Watches

The most common and affordable smart watches are Android and they use Google’s operating system.

Among the best android wear smart watch includes LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, Sony SmartWatch3, Samsung Gear Live, and Motorola Moto 360.

Android watches are some of the best smart watches on the market because most phones work on Android and they are not limited in terms of features.

You can access everything from calendar, emails, calls, GPS, and music from your wrist without touching the phone.

Top Android smart watches also have amazing battery life but they are not very aesthetically pleasing.

6.     Fitness SmartWatch

Exercise and healthy eating play an important role in keeping the body healthy, fit and young.

While you can measure some progress such as weight on a scale, some metrics are hard to get unless you have an app connected to your body at all times.

A fitness smart watch is one such device that is able to monitor your heart rate, cholesterol, distance covered, calories burnt and others with the help of an app.

The best fitness smart watch is usually connected wirelessly to your smartphone or computer where your data is recorded and analyzed to give you more accurate information about your health and progress.

Fitbit is the biggest brand when it comes to fitness smart watches and their trackers are energy-efficient, classy and compatible with iphones.

Garmin is the second biggest brand of fitness smart watches with GPS and its Vivosmart and Vivoactive wearables let you pick the activity you want to do such as running or cycling.

7.     Pebble

The world war between Apple and Android smart watches came after Pebble was introduced to the market.

Though the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel watches are quite costly, they come with exquisite finishes that will put you at the top of your game.

Pebble watch screen features a color e-ink-like display and retains charge for seven straight days. The Pebble OS is pretty easy to use, works with iphones and accommodates things like GPS.

Why Do You Need A Smart Watch?

The average cost of the best smart watch right now is $250 and that is if you only want basic features.

Apart from being so damn expensive, even the best smart watch for android is very unattractive and must be charged almost daily.

This leaves many people asking, do i really need a smart watch when i already have a smart phone?

Well, the answer is yes. Here is a look at some of the reasons why the best buy smart watch is necessary even when you have the coolest phone;

Notifications When Moving

Imagine you are cycling, driving or just taking your morning run and you can hear your phone ringing or beeping.

As a human being in this generation you are obviously tempted to stop and look at that notification on your phone and maybe even respond.

Unfortunately, that is dangerous especially if you are driving or cycling so you can’t do that. With the best android smart watch on your wrist, you can see your notifications without taking out your phone.

The truth is that most notifications don’t actually require any action but your curiosity will be satisfied once you see what it is.

Easier Navigation

Let’s take the example of diving or cycling once again. Unless your car or bike came suited with GPS capabilities, it is quite expensive to have one installed.

A smart watch will come in handy in times when you are not really sure of the direction because of the GPS capability that will direct you the right way.

The great thing about a smart watch GPS is that it’s not complicated like Google maps and all you have to do is follow the notifications.

Health And Fitness

Originally, the best cheap smartwatch for android focused solely on fitness and keeping track of your health.

Though the features have improved tremendously, a smart watch still has the ability to track your fitness progress and motivate you to keep fit, exercise and eat right.

Instead of those unsightly Fitbit bands, you can use a good smart watch to track your fitness and have the data on your phone or computer.


A smart watch with inbuilt connectivity like the HereO watch allows you to track your child or an elderly at all times when they are not with you.

It’s very important to know if your loved ones are okay wherever they are especially if they are prone to danger or getting lost.

Elderly people can also track their heart rate when working out so they don’t over exert themselves.


The convenience that comes with reminders popping up on your wrist watch, voice commands to Google search and texts and of course being able to control your TV, radio and music without a remote is just uncanny.

Everything you can get from your smart phone you can get it conveniently from your wrist watch which means you can actually leave the phone at home some times.

Top Smartwatch On The Market – What Features To Look For?

Apart from big companies like Samsung and Apple, every watchmaker in the planet is trying to make their own smart watch to stay competitive.

This means that smart watches will have better features than ever before because of the stiff competition.

The question however is, how do you choose the best smart watch when there are so many types and brands in the market? Here are some of the features to look for;

  1. Compatibility

Your smart watch must be compatible with your smart phone unless it is a standalone watch.

It’s important to know that Apple smart watches are only compatible with iphones while most Android smart watches work better with a phone of the same brand like Samsung.

  1. Purpose

Why do you need a smart watch? Some people buy a smart watch because it looks cool and flashy while others need it for fitness purposes.

Others want the convenience and everybody has a reason why they buy a smart watch.

If your reason is fitness, you must ensure it comes with a heart rate sensor and GPS to help you when you are running or cycling.

On the other hand if you want something fashionable, you can go with slimmer and more discreet watches like Apple or Samsung Gear.

  1. Battery life

Nobody wants to charge their watch every few hours and so you must ensure you pick a smart watch that has longer battery life.

This is even more necessary for people who need the smart watch for fitness purposes because you want the watch to monitor your body the whole day without being charged.

  1. Features

There are two types of smart watches according to most people; watches that look good and watches that perform.

Unfortunately, currently the two features don’t go together. For instance, the Apple smart watch is pretty cool to look at and it is a fashion statement.

However, it is limited in terms of features and it’s only compatible with Iphones.

Samsung Gear on the other hand is full of fabulous features like WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity, water resistance, 4G connectivity, GPS, music and it can make calls and make payments.

This watch also features apps like Uber and Sportify on your wrist and it’s so affordable but it is bulky and not attractive at all.

  1. Comfort

If you are going to wear the watch for a whole day, it must be comfortable on your wrist. The best way to find out how a watch feels on your arm is to wear it and try it out.

You can also read customers reviews and try to find out the size, weight and feel of the watch. Ideally you don’t want a watch that is too bulky and heavy.

Apple smart watches are customizable and you can replace the band and the face with better ones but it’s costly.


The best smartwatch for you doesn’t have to be Apple, Samsung or any other fancy watches.

The rule of thumb is to choose a watch that you are comfortable with in terms of features, price and make so you don’t get buyers remorse.

Nowadays with the whopping advance of  technology most of the brands can produce great smartwatches that have most of the feature we need for daily use.

Just don’t forget to keep reading reviews and make a careful research so you won’t be disappointed with your new watch.

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