recliners for large man

Best Recliner For Large Person.

Are you a big man or woman, and you are always scared that the recliner may crash down or break when you are getting up?

Unless you have one of those best recliner for large person this embarrassment will always be imminent.

The best recliners for big people are made of heavy duty material so they can withstand between 400 to 500 pounds without breaking.

These kinds of heavy duty recliners also have very strong arms and they tilt forward to help the user get up with ease.

Best Big and Tall Man Recliner.

1. Easy Comfort LC-100 Infinite Position Lift Chair.

This Easy Comfort LC-100 is the best recliner for heavy men especially if you have trouble getting out of a chair or even sitting down.


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It features electric dual motors that helpsto move the chair from recline to standing position at the touch of a button and you can also recline it into many positions including flat in seconds.

LC-100 is designed for maximum comfort with padded roll arms, split T-style back and padded chaise seat and back.

The backrest and footrest are designed to work independently so you can adjust them to the position you are most comfortable with.

This recliner can handle up to 325 pounds and it has wide dimensions between the arms, height, width and overall depth to fit larger people.


  • The motions on this chair are very slow.

2. Omni Pow’r Full Lay-Out Lift Chair.

Omni Pow’r Full Lay-Out Lift Chair is made with an ultra-tough steel support system that includes metal mending plates instead of staple so it’s strong, durable and can handle up to 450 pounds.


This is one of the best recliners for large people as there is ample room between the arms and it is 21 inches off the ground and 21 inches deep.

However, it is the comfort of this chair that doesn’t go unnoticed because it has comfort chaise seating, plush pad roll arms and the fabric is a combination of cotton, polyester and acrylic so it’s pretty soft.

The recliner can elevate and recline into multiple positions and there is a convenient side pocket to store the remote, magazine or anything else.

Omni Pow’r features easy to use hand controls and emergency power assistance so it’s also ideal for sick, disabled or old individuals.


  • You cannot raise the footrest independently from the recline function or vice versa.

3. Leather Power Lift Full Lay-Out Chaise Recliner.

This Vintage Leather Power lift big mans recliner may not be the most attractive chair you have ever seen but it’s definitely one of the strongest in the market.

The chair features heavy 8-gauge sinuous steel springs in the seat which makes it very flexible and strong.

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This vintage recliner from Catnapper is very comfortable thanks to the chaise pad seat, stylish padded arms and full lay-out recline feature.

The fact that it’s made of top grain leather makes it more classy and easy to maintain because you can just wipe clean every single day.

This recliner comes fully assembled and it has noiseless sure-lock spring clips and the strongest seat box ever to ensure durability and reliability for anyone below 350pounds.


  • The space between the arms is narrow.

4. Stallion Comfort King Chaise Wallsaver Recliner.

This stallion Comfort King Chaise is one of the most comfortable recliners for heavy weight people as it is well padded all round.

The chair has a very tall backrest and when you recline it all the way down, it measures and feels the same as a king size mattress.


Stallion recliner features a steel frame that is able to handle up to 500lbs.

The space between the arms is big enough for any large person and the seat is comfortable and deep not to mention the sturdy strong arms that provide support when you need to get up.

This recliner is among the few recliners for fat people that boast having a wall saver feature so that when you have the seat against a wall in a small room it is able to shift forward if you need to recline instead of smashing onto the wall.


  • The chair lacks a lift function to help you get up with ease.

5. Mega Motion  3 Position Heavy Duty Big Lift Lounge Recliner.

This amazing big man recliner chair is well crafted from high quality hardwood thus guaranteed durability and it’s equipped with a heavy duty steel lift mechanism that enhances movements.

Anyone who has trouble standing up from a chair or sitting down will find this Mega Motions best big man recliner very useful thanks to the lift function.

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This best big man recliner has an electric motor to enhance smooth transition from recline to a standing position and has amazing and convenient side pockets that allows you store your remote.

It is a three position lift chair so you can have partial recline, closed and a full recline thus its very convenient.

For comfort, this chair is designed with chaise seat from head to toe and with a push of a button you get your chair to rise or recline with no much effort.

The awesome chair comes with a free integrated battery as a backup and for emergency purposes.


  • Beware the headrest is not adjustable.

6. Lane Furniture Stallion Recliner

This awesome recliner will make you feel like a king or queen right in your sitting room as it’s tailored with style and designed to offer you extreme comfort in your home.

Lane Furniture Stallion best big man recliner is made from kiln dried hardwood and has beautiful well-crafted hardwood frame with mortise and tenon.

Lazy boy big and tall recliners


The Stallion recliner has heavily padded seat and back cushion that offers maximum comfort and beautifully curved rolled arms enhancing the traditional style.

The high tension areas are reinforced and it allows you to have several reclining positions that help you relax your body.

The chair is perfect for tall and heavy individuals and it’s designed to accommodate a total weigh of 350lbs.

Though this chair does not stretch out to lay down flat, it still leans back well enough for you to fall asleep.


  • There are complaints that pulling the level is quite hard and you need to use force.

7. Flash Furniture Big and Tall Capacity Leather Recliner.

Flash Furniture AM-9930-8550-GG is the best recliner for big and tall man as it has a very wide seat and back while the backrest is pretty tall.

On top of being able to accommodate 350 pounds comfortably, this chair adds some unique aesthetic appeal to your lounge because it’s made of shiny leather.

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After a long day at work, you need large man recliners that you can relax on and this Flash Furniture recliner offers just that.

With well-padded seat, comfortable armrests and quick pull lever to recline to whatever position you want.

The chair has good neck and lumbar support so you can nap, watch TV or just drift away in your thoughts comfortably.

This chair is easy to maintain as you just need to wipe the beautiful espresso leather and it will serve you for a long time thanks to the strong steel frame.


Buying Guide For The Best Recliner For Large Person.

Modern best big man recliners come in all shapes and sizes and also offer a variety of features.

If you want to get the best recliners for big people, here is what you should look for;

  • Your Specific Needs:

While most people may want a recliner to relax after work, recliners for heavy weight are often bought for people with special needs such as mobility, bad back and obesity.

If you are not having any mobility or weight issues, then a simple modern recliner will do but anyone who needs help to sit or get up from the chair must have a mechanical or electric lift chair for assistance.

  • Safety:

Keeping in mind that there are other people and pets in the house, the best recliners heavy people to buy must not have space between the footrest and the seat otherwise kids and pets can get caught in there.

For your own safety also, there should also not be space between the seat and the lever so that your fingers don’t get stuck.

  • Comfort:

Make sure to sit on the recliner to inspect comfort features. The best recliners for heavy man must have ample cushioning, head and neck support and the proper dimensions.

Your legs should be able to touch the ground when the chair is upright and there should be no bumpy or hard parts on the backrest.

Check that the footrest is adjustable and the fabric is soft and breathable enough for your skin.

  • Material:

While leather and vinyl look good, such heavyduty recliners big man tend to be more expensive not to mention you will sweat if it’s hot.

The best materials for a recliner are wool, cotton and polyester because they are durable, affordable and stain resistant.

  • Capacity:

The best recliners for heavy man should be able to handle your weight and more and be made with a heavy duty frame so it can serve you for a long time.


The best way to test the best recliner for large person for quality is obviously by sitting on them but if you are buying online, be sure to check for all the above features and read other peoples reviews beforehand.