Compact Car Seats For Infants

Best Compact Car Seats For Infants For Small Car.

If you have a very small car or you have two or three babies who must be carried on a car seat wherever you are traveling, then you need to consider compact car seats for infants .

A compact car seat is also perfect if the driver is too tall or if you have luggage and other passengers on-board because it doesn’t occupy too much space.

Though you might have to sacrifice some accessories that full size car seats come with, you will still get all the necessary requirements and have ample room in your car for other things.

Compact car seats are also lightweight making them easy to move from the car to stroller or another car.

Best Infant Car Seat For The Money.

1. Diono Radian RXT All-In-One Convertible Car Seat.

Are you a person who is always afraid to travel with your child for safety reasons?

This Diono Radian RXT All-In-One seat will put your mind at ease because its frame is full steel which makes it the safest car seat in the market.Compact Car Seats For Infants


This is an all-in-one car seat that will protect your child from birth in rear facing position, toddler age in forward position and even when they are in preschool thanks to the booster.

Safety is enhanced even further with the infant body support insert for newborns and reinforced sidewalls i case of impact.

Diono’s best convertible car seat for small cars is lined with EPS foam and has energy absorbing harness system for extra safety. You can fit three of these compact car seats in any mid-sized car and they fold flat for storage


It will take you sometime to figure out how to set up and use this car seat but once you learn it’s awesome.

2. Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat.

Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 is designed to occupy very little space in your car leaving ample space for storage and other passengers especially if the driver is convertible car seat for small car


It’s ideal for infants from 9 pounds in rear facing position to toddlers who are below 40 pounds in front facing position.

What makes Pria 70 to stand in the top 5 of the best compact cars eats is how comfortable and safe it is.

This car seat features air protect side impact protection and advanced air cushion system to protect your baby’s head no matter which direction the impact is coming from.

The fabric is self-wicking and easy to remove for cleaning so your baby is always comfortable and dry. It’s an easy to use compact toddler car seat with harness and headrest that you can adjust with one hand and reclines to three positions.


The fabric does wear off quickly especially if you wash a lot.

3. Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat.

For some years now, it is illegal to have a baby in your car without a car seat.

This Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat is the one you want to bring your child home from the hospital because it’s a rear-facing seat ideal for kids from 4 to 35 pounds.safest infant car seats


One of the reasons why this car seat is among the best infant car seat for small cars in the market is its weight; it is ultra-lightweight so you can carry it from one car to another easily as well as run across the airport without wearing your arm off.

This seat is compatible with all Graco Click Connect strollers and it has been crash tested vigorously to ensure your child is safe.

Graco SnugRide features Click Connect Technology that enables you to secure the seat into the car in one step and when you hear the click sound you know you have done it right.


Most kids will outgrow this seat very quickly because its small and the height is limited.

4. Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat.

Chicco NextFit is a top notch convertible car seat for compact car and it’s able to fit in a wider range of different convertible car seats 2017


The compact convertible car seat available in three different colors boasts the best safety features in the market including a 5-point harness system and two-Ride bubble levels to ensure you install the seat correctly.

This small convertible car seat can recline to 9 positions which is a first in the industry and it’s easy to use since you can adjust the harness and headrest with one hand.

The color scheme featured is not only beautiful but also helps to hide stains, wear and tear although the pad insert can be removed and machine washed.

Chicco NextFit’s best convertible Car Seat for small car also features a removable cup holder and integrated slide path that ensures you are able to switch from rear to front position more easily. The LATCH tightener is extremely easy to use.


This seat is very well padded which in turn makes it hot.

5. Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat.

If nothing else, what you will get from this Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat is the total assurance that your baby is as safe as it can be.safest convertible car seat 2017


The beautiful car seat features Safe Cell impact protection system that enables all components to work together for the safety of your child.

Safe Cell system includes side impact protection to shield your child from all sides, impact absorbing base and stabilizing steel frame to keep your baby protected in a safe shell.

This seat is for infants from birth to around 35 pounds in rear facing position and it goes well with any Britax stroller.

Since parenting can be a challenge in itself you don’t need your baby accessories making things harder; this Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat is easy to install thanks to the center-pull straps and quick lower LATCH connectors.


It’s a very heavy car seat and your baby will outgrow it very fast.

6. Graco SmartSeat All-in-One Car Seat.

It is no surprise that a lot of parents love baby accessories from Graco and with good reason since they are high quality and convertible car seat for small cars 2016


If you want a compact convertible car seat that will take your child from hospital all the way to pre-school, this Graco SmartSeat All-in-One Car Seat is the perfect choice.

The seat will protect your infant in rear facing position until they are almost 40 pounds when they go to forward facing position and then to the booster until they are about 100 pounds.

It features a steel-reinforced frame and car seat base that remains in the car to enhance strength and durability.

This is one of the easiest compact car seats for infants to install in the car thanks to the belt lock off, LATCH and stay-in-car base. There is an indicator on the seat to notify you when you install correctly and high quality harness system for safety.


The seat is heavy and wide so you can’t put more than one on the backseat.

Buying Guide For The Compact Car Seats For Infants.

Compact car seats for infants are a must have if you want your child to be safe and still have room left in your car.

Unfortunately, with so many brands making new models every day, it can be hard to choose the best compact convertible car seat for your most precious gift;

These features will guide you towards getting what you are looking for;

  • Ease of Use:

It can be pretty frustrating if you have to struggle every time to put your baby in the car seat and secure them safely.

The best car seat for small cars should be easy to put in and out of the car especially if you switch from one car to another or to a stroller and it should be lightweight.

The harness system should also be something that you can adjust or undo with one hand and everything else in the car seat must be easy to operate without any technical knowledge.

  • Safety:

All compact car seats for infants must meet government safety standards before they are sold to customers.

However, you should ensure the safety features make you feel confident that your child is very safe even if you have an accident God forbid.

Such safety features include an adjustable harness, steel frame, shock absorbing foam and an easy to use securing system.

The smallest convertible car seat must be crash tested by the manufacturer to ensure that your child is much protected.

  • Extra Features:

Compact car seats for infants lack a lot of extra features that come with full size car seats but you will still find some really amazing features.

The small toddler car seat should be convertible so you won’t have to keep buying new car seats as your child grows.

Ensure there is an infant insert to protect your newborn and keep them comfortable, reclining feature incase the baby wants to nap and if possible a seat that is compatible with several car bases and strollers.


Choosing the right compact car seats for infants comes down to your specific needs because they are all made to be safe and comfortable.

Always ensure you have secured it to the car properly and that your baby is comfortable before leaving.