loft bed with desk underneath

Best Loft Beds For Kids With Desk.

Is you children’s bedroom limited and you are planning the layout? You might want to consider loft beds for kids with desk.

Besides having an elevated bed which is every child’s dream, you will also have storage space for clothes, books and a study area for your child.

Though a loft bed is ideally one elevated bed, you can still have two bunk beds and a desk on the side so more children will have room to sleep.

There are several loft beds with desk designs out there made of metal or wood and it’s all about getting creative.

1. HP X-Loft Bunk Bed.

DHP X-Loft  is a cheap loft bed with desk and it’s made of metal for durability and strength. It’s a great space saving piece of furniture occupying a very small area.

Loft Beds For Kids With Desk


This loft bed features a front ladder to get to the upper bunk bed and guard rails to protect kids from falling. The bed can accommodate a twin mattress and it’s very strong.

Moreover, the best thing about this twin loft bed with desk is the space underneath the bed; there is a full desk that can handle a lot of books, laptop and other office items.

Beneath the desk you can install a bunch of drawers or shelves to store more books and even clothes so it’s very ideal for small rooms.


The bed is too high for some kids and the ladder can only be mounted on one side.

2. Coaster Fine Furniture 460023 Loft Bed with Workstation.

Coaster 460023 Loft Bed is one of the simplest and yet strongest loft bed with desk designs in the market with two built-in side ladders for easy access.

The loft bed is big enough to fit two people and can accommodate a twin mattress; it also features full length guardrails for safety reasonsloft beds with desk and stairs


Coaster Fine Furniture 460023 comes with a full desk to fit a computer, printer, books and other items and it also has a keyboard tray.

On top of the desk there is a large shelf to place extra books, decorative items and other study material.

This kid’s loft bed with desk is amazing at providing more storage space without taking up too much room in the house.

You can also add more drawers or selves underneath the desk if you require more storage items and it will still look slick.


The ladder can be a bit tough on bare feet.

3. Dorel Home Products Abode Full Size Loft Bed.

Adobe Loft Bed from Dorel Home Products is among the cheap loft beds with desk designed to save space in a room that is small.

It features a metal silver frame with black desk and black shelves for more storage.full size loft bed with desk


Unlike most bunk beds that come with one ladder, this one has two; one on the front and the other on the side for convenient access to the bed.

It’s very easy to assemble though the parts might be a bit heavy so two people will suffice.

The best feature about this loft bunk bed with desk is that it can handle a heavy person or two kids because it’s strong and sturdy.


The bed is too close to the ceiling and it shakes a bit when you are climbing.

4. Coaster Loft Bed Full Size Work Station.

If you want a metal loft bed with desk that is unique and contemporary in design, your best bet will be this Coaster Loft Bed Full Size Work bed with desk underneath


Coaster home Furnishings are known for making cheap loft beds with the hardest metal to enhance strength and durability and having a nice matte finish.

Coaster Loft Bed with desk underneath features a full size bed so it can sleep an adult or even two kids sharing. The desk is full size to provide ample working space for all your items like computer, TV, books and printer.

Beneath the bed and the desk, you have ample room where you can add more shelve or drawers without a problem.

With this slick design your bedroom will never look the same again and it’s absolutely space conscious.


The assembly instructions are lacking unless you keenly look at the diagram.

5. Donco Kids Low Study Loft.

For only 460 dollars, this Donco Kids Low Study Loft bed with desk and storage is an absolute steal with its amazing features.

People who have serious space issues will definitely love this loft bed that occupies very little space since the desk in hidden; your kid will only have to roll it out when needed and roll it back in.wooden loft bed with desk


Donco Kids Low Study Loft is made of solid pine so it’s very long lasting and you can get a variety of finishes. The bed is big enough for an adult and can handle a twin-sized mattress.

Besides the best features about this full loft bed with desk are the side drawers to store more study material and book shelves.

A built in ladder is conveniently placed at the end of the bed so there is more room for storage.


The wood is a little soft so you have to be extra careful when carrying and assembling.

6. Coaster Home Furnishings 460063 Transitional Bunk Bed.

Like all Coaster Home Furnishings kids loft beds with desk, this 460063 Transitional Bunk Bed has a simple design and hard wood to ensure durability.

It is fairly easy to assemble especially if you are two and the price is loft beds with desk


Apart from the beautiful Cappuccino finish, this wooden loft bed with desk looks absolutely beautiful with a full size bed for an adult and a very sturdy side ladder.

The desk space is very big so you can fit all your study items on top including computer, printer and books.

Coaster Home Furnishings 460063 full size loft bed with desk underneath provides a lot of storage space thanks to the drawers and you can add even more under the bed.

The package comes in several large boxes and protected with Styrofoam so they arrive in good condition.


The screws are very poor quality so you might have to buy your own.

7. Charleston Storage Loft Bed with Desk.

If you have a little girl who needs a white loft bed with desk, they will fall in love with this Charleston Storage junior Loft Bed with stairs and Desk.Best Loft Beds For Kids With Desk


The bed stands very low from the ground so they won be scared to climb up high and there is no empty space between the floor and the bed.

This loft bed features a concealed desk that rolls out when needed, 3 spacious drawers and open shelves for extra storage.

The bed is not full size but it has full-length guard rails for safety and fits a twin mattress.

Right in front of the shelves there is a sturdy steel ladder to climb into the bed and it completes this piece of furniture with style and elegance.

Charleston Storage Loft Bed with Desk has everything you need in a room including cabinets, shelves, drawers and bed but it occupies a very small space.


Some parts arrive broken due to shipment mishandling and assembling this bed is quite hard.

Buying Guide for the Best Loft Beds for Kids with Desk.

While shopping for the best loft beds for kids with desk, one has to be careful because this is a very expensive investment.

The chances of your child rejecting it are also high which means it’s important to shop with them and see what they like.

Other features to look for include;

  • Height:

While buying loft beds for kids with desk, you need to consider the fact that most children are scared of heights and if they are not, it’s not safe for them to be so far above ground.

Try a loft bed that is short meaning only a few steps will be required to get to the bed.

  • Safety:

Still on the height issue, loft beds with desk and storage are usually on top of nothing else except maybe a desk.

The ladder must be every sturdy to ensure the kid doesn’t fall while climbing; if possible buy one that has stairs instead of ladder.

The bed should not be very near the ceiling or the bulb because kids are mischievous and its dangerous and there should be all around guard rails to protect them when they sleep.

The best children’s loft beds with stairs must be stable and strong so your kids won’t break it or fall off when playing.

  • Space efficiency:

Most loft beds for kids with desk have ample storage space for books and computer but if you can find one that has extra drawers and shelves, the better.

The best loft bed with desk should occupy little space in a room and still offer everything required including beds, desk and drawers.

  • Flexible and versatile:

People buy a full size loft bed with desk to save on space so the best loft bed should best flexible as possible to meet every need for a kid.

Beds with a roll-out desk and stairs that also double up as drawers are the best because space is saved while still providing great furniture at the same time.


With so many types and brands of loft beds for kids with desk, you can get your dream bed for a reasonable price if you just shop around with patience and do your research well before hand.

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