Best Loft Bed With Stairs

What’s The Best Loft Bed With Stairs For Kids?

Hey, wondering how to maximize your bedroom space? Well, you better consider loft bed with stairs as they are best for space saving and convenience.

If you have kids, a toddler loft bed with stairs is a great investment you can have in your house.

Since children are known to be playful, these loft beds for teens provides them a larger play area.  Additionally, these children’s loft beds with stairs provides safety as your kid climbs up to bed.

In this post, we review some of the best loft beds with desk and stairs around for any parent to consider…

Best Kids Loft Beds With Stairs.

1. Twin Doll House Stair Step Loft.

Twin Doll House Stair Loft Bed With Steps is well built with quality materials to provide the ultimate comfort of all times.

This twin loft bed with stairs is spacious enough to fit twins or even a full mattress set.Best Bunk Beds With Stairs For Kids


This full-size loft bed with stairs comes with a clear manual which makes it easy to assemble. It will take less than 3 hours to put the whole unit together. Once it’s done, it looks gorgeous.

One of the remarkable features of this queen loft bed with stairs is its unique stairs. You can be rest assured that your little ones are safe and can hardly fall off the side. Even your one year old can safely go up and down the stairs.

Equally, this kid’s loft bed with stairs come with 4 spacious drawer chests and a magazine rack to provide storage for your kid’s stuff like socks.


It’s a little bit heavy to relocate.

2. Donco Junior Loft Bed With Stairs.

Of all things, Donco Kids Twin Study Loft with Stairs guarantees you that your kid’s homework will never be the same again.

It comes with a handy desk fitted at the lower level. Interestingly, it features a built-in staircase so that your kid can climb to the bed in a breeze after finishing his/her last math problem.Best Loft Bed With Stairs



If you are looking for the sturdiest loft bunk beds with stairs, this loft bed with desk could be your deal. It is well built to support the children as they pray on the bed.

Additionally, this kid’s loft bed with stairs is easy to assemble.  You don’t have to spend the whole day trying to put this loft bed with stairs together.

Its silver furnish makes it ideal for any kids room, and it is one of the best loft beds for girls.

3. DHP Junior Loft Bed.

Looking for the best loft bed with stairs plans? DHP Junior Loft Bunk bed is one of the best buys.

You will love its metallic frame design which makes it remain strong and solid for many years. The ladder is also metallic, and this makes it a lifetime bed for any child in your house.childrens loft beds with stairs


That’s not all if you’re not the plus size type you can snuggly sleep on this kids’ loft beds with stairs/ladder provided you don’t exceed the 200lbs weight limit.

Ideally, this junior loft bed with stairs features a space saving design which makes it fit well in smaller rooms.

Again this bunk is not too high nor too low. Therefore this low loft bed with stairs makes it convenient and safe for kids.

It is easy to assemble this bed, and two people are enough to get the bed ready in less than an hour.

4. Twin Over Full Modular Stairway Loft Bed With Chest.

Another great twin loft bed with stairs crafted for timeless comfort, thanks to the solid wood construction. Besides, the sturdy construction Twin Over Full Modular Stairway Loft Bed is mattress ready. full size loft bed with stairs


Each bunk comes with a slat foundation and therefore Bunkie boards are rendered useless in this staircase loft bed.

It is a great bed and as if that is not enough you can separate it into 2 separate beds. And like many other beds, this full modular loft bed has met both ASTM and CSPC safety standards. Again, the finishes of this bunk are child safe.

Uniquely, the ladder rungs of this loft bed are flat, and this gives your child a comfy and easy access to the top bed.


The chest and stairs are irreversible.

5. Canwood Mountaineer Loft Bed with Storage Tower.

If you love style and functions, Canwood Mountaineer Loft Bed is your perfect choice. This loft bed with storage comes with 5 spacious drawers and 3 shelves for storing all your child’s bunk beds with stairs


It is specially designed to maximize floor space and therefore perfect for smaller bedrooms. And beneath the bed, a child’s (up to 1 year) crib can fit. With a solid pine construction, this wooden loft bed seems sturdy.

Although mattresses are sold separately, a standard size twin mattress can comfortably fit in this loft bunk bed with stairs. It is mattress ready, so you may choose to use Bunkie boards or not to use them.

6. DHP Junior Loft With Storage Steps.

DHP Junior Loft Bed with Storage Steps is perfect for any kid’s room and your kids will love storing their toys in the steps.

There is a spacious room beneath the loft, and your kid will enjoy playing underneath. Climbing and down the bed is a breeze.toddler loft bed with stairs


It is made of quality materials, and the construction is durable. That is not all, like other loft bunk beds with stairs it is safe, and you can be rest assured that your child is safe on the bed.

As a matter of fact, you can never go wrong with the steps, and the guardrails provide extra security.

This kid’s loft bed accommodates one twin size mattress, and you can also sleep on the bed provided you doesn’t exceed 200lbs.

7. Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Loft Bed, Merlot.

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Loft Bed is a loft bed with stairs that have been tested and satisfied all of the consumer requirements.

The solid wood construction of this loft bed stairs looks great in guest’s bedroom while giving you many years of comfortable sleep.Best Loft Bed With Stairs


This loft bed comes with spacious storage options including a fully assembled drawer chest and bookshelf. It also comes mattress-ready with complete slat kits; however, the mattress is sold separately.

It is extra safe, and easy to put together. Above all, the bunk loft is detachable from the bottom full-size bed.

Again, the full-size loft bed has wheels so it can be moved out of the room when needed in another bedroom for guests.

8. Twin over Full Loft Bed in Merlot Finish.

Twin over Full Loft Bed is yet another mattress ready twin loft bed with stairs perfect for any child in your house.

Off all the features, the chest is outstanding as it is reversible. With a solid wood construction, this loft bed is worth the price.twin over full bunk beds stairs


The drawers and cubbies are spacious enough to store your items. Besides, its ladder is a great idea.

Not too straight like many others, you will climb down comfortably without over-stretching. Even your kids will easily access the top bunk.

Assembling this set is straightforward, and you can hardly go wrong with this purchase. The full-size bed has wheels which make it easy to move this white loft bed with stairs around.


The wheels don’t lock, so the bed rolls around.

Buying Guide for The Best Loft Bed With Stairs/Ladder.

The first thing to remember even before you start off your search for the best loft bed with stairs is the primary reasons for having the kid’s loft bed.

Again, also put into consideration the amount of space you have in your room, and who the users will be.

The following tips will provide you greater insights in finding the best loft beds with stairs on the market.

  • Loft Bed Space:

Space can be a limiting factor. Have a clue in your mind of the room where the bed will go in.

Make sure that the shape, configuration, and size of the loft bed will fit well in the bedroom. Also, think of your ceiling, is it high enough to accommodate the loft bed.

With this in mind, the best loft bed is one that leaves at least 60 cm between the top bunk and the ceiling.

  • Loft Bed Safety;

Considering all other things, choose a loft bed based on its safety features.  If the loft bed is for your child, this is one thing that cannot be overlooked.

Make sure it features guardrails, headboards, etc. to protect your children while on the bed. Also, don’t forget the ladder or the stairs. Make sure it is easy to climb up and down.

  • Loft Bed Materials;

Often loft beds are either made of wood or metal. However, both material has their pros and cons.

Loft beds with metallic frames are sturdier, lighter and take less space. On the other hand, wooden loft beds features more options like stairs, ladder and drawers.

Wooden beds are also more flimsy compared to metallic ones.

  • Price;

As a matter of fact, quality come first, but price determines the type and loft bed’s material to be bought.

Metal frames make cheap loft beds compared to wood. Weigh the advantages of each material and then decide what seems best for you.


We have finally come to the end of our post. Having reviewed different kids loft beds, we’ve no doubt that any of these loft bunk beds with stairs is a fantastic choice for parents.

They all look great, work well, and they will even last long until you kids outgrow them.

In either case, buying the best loft bed with stairs need not be that complex. It’s all about basics, know where to put it, and who will be using it and you’ll be done.

And with so many online options, you can never take long to find the ideal loft bunk bed with stairs for your kids.

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