Best Ice Pack After Knee Surgery – Ice Packs For Knees.

Taking that life often hits us with small bumps and cuts here and there.

A bag of frozen peas will not help much, if you have a major surgery like on your knee or elbow and that is why the best ice pack after knee surgery is important.

The best ice packs will cover all around your knee or hand and reduce the pain as well as swelling even though you are still on pain medication.

Unlike ice bags from your house, these cold packs for knees are wrapped around your leg so you don’t need to hold them and they can stay there all day long.


The Best Ice Packs For Knee Pain


1.Shock Doctor ICE Recovery Compression Knee Wrap.


This cold knee wrap is designed with amazing adjustable straps that enhance comfort and they can be used for both ICE and heat therapy.


Best Ice Pack After Knee Surgery


The Shock Doctor Ice wrap for knee is made from four way stretch materials that protect your skin from dampness and guarantee comfort and durability.

The best ice pack after knee surgery has easy to access Lycra gel pack pockets that enhance convenience and comfort as you can get your gel with ease.

It has awesome adjustable straps with Z-grip closures thus making it very easy to compress and comfortably fit your knee.

This wrap offers penetrating therapy that helps reduce pain and swelling as it offers gentle compressions around the knee and it comes with reusable gel packs that fully surround the knee.

These wraps are designed to cover 360 degrees on your knee making it the most complete icing solution for knee strains, sprains and tendonitis.


  • The Velcro straps are awkward and it takes a while to adjust them.

2.Polar Ice Large Knee Wrap /Cold Therapy Ice Pack / Wearable Ice Pack.

If you are looking for amazing ice packs for knee that will help you during your recovery then you need the Polar Ice Large Knee Wrap as it will provide the best cold therapy required for post-surgery rehabilitation. With this knee wrap you are guaranteed a long lasting knee cold therapy.

Best Ice Packs For Knees


It has encapsulated ice packs that can be filled with purified water which is encased in soft fleece material that insulates the skin to prevent frost bite.

This beautiful best ice pack after knee surgery comes in amazing colors and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to reduce pain or control edema.

These cold wraps for knees have easily adjustable hooks and loop closure straps that enhance comfort as they help minimize migration of ice wrap when in use. They are very easy to use and last for more than 30 minutes making it convenient for you.


  • The wrap has very small pillows thus providing minimum cold.

3. Elasto Gel, Hot/Cold Wrap.

The Elasto Gel is perfectly designed to give you comfort and has an advantages as it offers both cold and hot therapy.

The wraps are the best gel ice packs for knees as they are made from a four way stretched material that allows maximum conformity thus guarantees skin protection and comfort.

Best Ice Packs


They are made with high flexible glycerin gel that protects your fragile skin and it stays soft for long even when frozen. It is very easy to use and it is designed in a way that you can use it for your ankle, arm and elbow.

The wrap has awesome hooks and loop straps that are convenient as they help the ice stay intact and they are removable and easy to wash.

It is very convenient as it is microwavable and it can be reused making it worthy of every penny.


  • Beware as it does not stay cold for long.

4. Elbow / Knee Brace Support with Flexible Reusable Gel Ice Pack for Hot and Cold Therapy.

If you are looking for the best ice packs for that will help you with the post-surgery rehabilitation and enhance your knee recovery then you need the Elbow knee wrap.

It is made from stretchable neoprene, nylon and polyester all this guarantee durability and comfort.

Best Ice Pack After Knee Surgery


This best ice pack after knee surgery comes with a non-toxic reusable gel ice pack that is perfect for hot or cold therapy and its designed as an adjustable one size fit all brace making it suitable for both knee and elbow use.

The wrap has strong Velcro closures that help tighten and secure the knee in place. It has a circular opening at the front that promotes proper motion and reduces pressure on the joints.


  • There have been complaints that it does not support your knee properly.

5. O2 Cold and Compression Knee Wrap

Surgery can a little bit painful while you recover thus you require a knee wrap that will help in reducing the pain and swelling.

This O2 Cold and Compression Knee Wrap allows you to elevate your knee and ice at the same time thus making it convenient for you.

Best Ice Packs For Knees


The best ice pack after knee surgery has a removable gel pack that allows you to easily clean it and makes it easy to refreeze.

The gel pack is designed with an air pump and compressed air that allows the brace and gel to perfectly conform to your knee.

The Compression Knee Wrap comes with an air tube, ice pack and bulb for pumping that has an on and off valve for easy use.

It has strong straps and Velcro that helps your knee remains sturdy thus maximizing your movement.


  • Beware the wrap tends to get very cold and if you use for a long period it can damage your incisions and skin.

6. Ice / Heat Therapy Wrap For Left / Right Knees.

If you are looking for a knee wrap that is built with comfort and for precise functionality then you need the Ice / Heat Therapy Wrap as it has been designed by a physical therapy professionals.

The wrap is designed to reduce pain and prevent further joint and muscle inflammation.

Best Ice Packs


This amazing wrap is made from thick, uniform composition that is similar to cushioned elastic and it is FDA registered and chemical free.

The best ice pack after knee surgery comes with uniquely designed heat and ice packs that can be adjusted and positioned anywhere in the wrap for targeted relief.

The wrap around ice pack comes in different sizes thus no one is left out and they have two reusable therapy gel packs that can be either heated or frozen to treat a knee injury.


  • The gel inside each pack also moves about thus making you very uncomfortable.

7. Pro-Tec Athletics Hot/Cold Wrap for Knee and Ankle.

The Pro-Tec Athletics knee and ankle wrap is the perfect wrap to help you keep the pain in check as it has hot or cold gel packs wraps that helps treat swelling, lower back pains and arthritis pain.

It is very easy to use as it is microwaveable and freezer safe.

Best Ice Pack After Knee Surgery


The wrap uses an advanced gel technology that retains heat or cold longer making it possible to provide penetrating relief.

This wrap is multipurpose as it can help treat symptoms of Lordosis , Hermiated disc and other similar conditions.

It has three dual strapping system that effectively compresses the entire targeted area evenly thus speeding up the healing process.

This ice pack for knee provides long hours of cold and hot therapy thus you can use it throughout the night.


  • There are complaints that the gel cells become very hard when frozen thus creating discomfort.

Buying Guide For Best Ice Pack After Knee Surgery .

If you have the misfortune of using more than one ice pack for knee surgery, you will realize that some are more effective and efficient than others.

This buying guide as well as the knee ice wrap reviews will help you know what qualities one should look for to get the best ice pack after knee surgery;

  • Ability to Maintain Heat or Cold:

If you have a serious injury or operation, the last thing you need is to be moving up and down changing the ice.

The best ice wrap for knee should be able to retain the desired coolness for a whole day so that you will only need to replace the pack once a day.

  • Ease of Use:

Most knee wraps are used at home by people who are not medical professional so the wrap must be easy to put on, adjust if need be and remove.

It’s also important for the best knee ice wrap to be easy to clean, refill and refreeze so that you can maintain proper temperature and hygiene.

  • Comfort:

Seeing that the operated or injured area is already tender and painful, the wrap should be extremely comfortable and soft on the skin to avoid causing more pain.

Ideally the ice pack should be adjustable so you can start with the largest size when the knee is swollen and adjust downwards as the swelling goes down.

  • Versatile:

If possible, choose a wrap that can be both an ice pack and a heat pack because not all conditions can be sorted by ice. The best ice wrap after knee surgery should also be something you can use on any injured limb and not just the knee.

  • Durability:

The best ice wrap for knee should be made of high quality material that can withstand daily use without wearing out.


It’s important to use the best ice pack after knee surgery to reduce pain and edema. However, one must also ensure they go through physical therapy so that the knee or leg can remain mobile and recover quickly.