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Best Small Room Portable Air Conditioner.

A small room portable air conditioner is a must have for this summer season…

Imagine feeling like you are rocked in an oven, that discomfort that makes you inactive and clammy…

Nobody wants to be in such a situation and a small portable air conditioner is your best solution…

It is unfortunate that most rental rooms and small apartments don’t have a central cooling unit and if they do it can be pretty costly for you to run it.

 With summer heat and humidity being so near, a small room portable air conditioner will be everyone’s best friend to keep the room cool and dry all night long.

Unlike window, spilt and central HVAC, a small portable air conditioner is cheap to maintain as it doesn’t work extra hard to cool the entire house and you can easily move it from room and even to your RV.

They are easy to install and will also dehumidify the room to get rid of moisture and allergens.

What Is The Best Portable Air Conditioner For a Small Room?

1. Honeywell MN10CESWW 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner With Remote Control.

The Honeywell MN10CESWW is a sleek white portable room ac that boasts 10,000 BTU to bring extreme coolness in a 300-350 sq-ft room.Small Room Portable Air Conditioner


However, its biggest attraction is that it has an auto-evaporation design so you won’t have to keep emptying a drip bucket.

This small room portable air conditioner performs nonstop without any problems and has a 24 hour automatic timer to save on energy.

 It also features a dehumidifier that gets rid of up to 68 points of moisture in a day whether you turn on that mode or not.

This model has an easy to use LCD display where you can easily control speed, mode and timer. It’s easy to install, easy to use and occupies a very small space on your window or table.


The window vent hose is too short.

2. Whynter ARC-14SH 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner With Heater.

If you are looking for the best portable ac that can cool and heat your room when need be, this Whynter ARC-14SH Portable Air Conditioner is your ultimate portable air conditioner


 It’s a small and lightweight package that delivers 14,000BTU cooling capacity and 13,000 BTU heating capacity.

Whynter ARC-14SH is capable of cooling a room of up to 500 sq-ft and it has an auto-drain mechanism to spare you of the headache of draining a drip bucket daily.

 It also features a fully digital display to control temperature, speed and modes as well as set the 24 hour timer.

Other great features of this small portable ac unit include a remote control, activated carbon air filter to remove odors and smoke in your house and 101 pints a day dehumidifying ability.

It also has an auto-restart feature in case of power outage and a classy plastic window kit.


It can get a little noisy especially if nothing else is on.

3. Honeywell MN12CES 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control.

Honeywell MN12CES Portable Air Conditioner is an impressive small room portable air conditioner that delivers 12,000 BTU in a 300 to 400 sq-ft room.small portable air conditioner


 Though it seems a bit too big, it’s equipped with caster wheels and a nice handle to make moving from one room to another easy.

Honeywell’s best portable air conditioner also works as a dehumidifier at 70 pints per hour and it requires no bucket to get rid of the excess water.

 It features a digital LCD display that is easy to use when you need to control anything and also comes with a convenient remote control.

The unit is extremely easy to install and comes with a great exhaust hose and window venting kit. Other features include a 24 hour timer and protective cover for safety.


The unit could be a little smaller to save on space.

4. SPT 8,000BTU Single Hose Portable AC.

SPT 8,000BTU Portable AC is a single hose portable air conditioner for small room that delivers 8,000 BTU to cool a small room.  It has a self-evaporating system to prolong its performance and spare you the draining duties.small room portable air conditioner


This stand alone air conditioner features a very easy to use digital temperature display, thermostat but it and remote control for convenience.

 It has 2- fan speed and you can choose between continuous operation and setting the 24 hour timer to save energy.

As if that wasn’t enough, the SPT 8,000BTU has a dehumidifier that functions automatically when you turn on the AC and washable air filters to keep the air clean.

 It’s easy to install and has a fire resistant housing for safety.


The unit is big in size and can get very noisy especially when cooling.

5. Koldfront 12,000 BTU Room Portable Air Conditioner.

Koldfront 12,000 Air Conditioner is one of the oldest brands in the market that has continued to impress in quality and small room air conditioner


It is capable of giving 12,000 BTU to cool a small room probably less than 400 sq.ft.

This is among the best small room air conditioner unit that will not only cool your room but also get rid of the excess moisture.

Koldfront 12,000 has a digital thermostat, remote control and a built in timer that you can set the hours you want to to save energy.

Though this unit is a great dehumidifier, it comes with a direct drain option to ensure you never have to drain a drip bucket.

 It has 3-speed functions, automatic restart and it’s extremely easy to install.


The size is a bit big especially if you have a small room.

6. Global Air NPA1-08C 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner.

If you have a really small room that needs some air conditioning, this Global Air NPA1-08C Air Conditioner is the most ideal choice you can have.quietest portable air conditioner


 It is capable of giving 8,000 BTU to cool up to 200 sq. ft and has a dehumidifier that will get rid of 2.0 pints of moisture per hour.

This unit has a 2-speed adjustable cooling fan and it can be directed to 4 ways to distribute air evenly throughout the room.

 It’s a sleek air conditioning unit that is packed with easy to use digital controls and a remote control for your convenience.

If you don’t need the room to be cooled throughout the day, you can set the timer to go off after a few hours to save energy.

Global Air NPA1-08C also has a washable air filter to clean your air but it works best if vented to the outside using the window installation kit.


It’s noisy and cannot cool and dehumidify at the same time.

7. Frigidaire FRA053PU1 5,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner.

Frigidaire FRA053PU1 is acheap portable air conditioner under 200 ideal for a small room not exceeding 290sq.ft.  It offers 5000 BTU cooling capacity and has a swing air direction control.small room portable air conditioner


However, what sets this quietest portable air conditioner apart is the fact that it has an antimicrobial filter to reduce bacteria, odors and other allergens in the air.

It has three speeds for cooling and the fan depending on how hot it is.

Frigidaire FRA053PU1 is a very affordable unit that boasts an array of digital controls and a very handy remote.

 It’s an energy efficient unit that is easy to set up and comes with a complete window venting kit and hose.

The unit has caster wheels and side handles to make portability easier and it restarts automatically when power is back.


500 BTU is not enough cooling capacity especially in summer.

Buying Guide For The Best Small Room Portable Air Conditioner.

Though one might be tempted to pick sleek and small portable air conditioners, it is not wise to just walk into a store and walk out with any model.

 These air conditioner reviews and buying guide will help you get value for your money and enjoy a long-lasting cooling effect;

  • Cooling Capacity:

Cooling, being the main agenda behind the best portable air conditioners must be high and fast. This is measured by BTU per hour and the higher this number is the better.

Ideally, the lowest BTU should be 8000 for a 200 sq.ft room and the bigger the room the higher the BTU should be.

 Other factors to consider include the temperature of where you live, the height between the floor and ceiling and of how crowded the room is.

  • Energy Efficiency:

Today it is very important to conserve energy not just for our pockets but also because it’s good for the environment.

The best small portable ac units have the highest Energy Efficient Rating or EER.

For you to know how much power the unit will be consuming, just take the BTU and divide it with EER to get the wattage used.

  • Size and Weight:

The whole idea behind a small room portable air conditioner is that it’s easily portable hence it has to be small, compact and lightweight. If that is not the case, caster wheels and side handles will come in handy.

  • Installation and Maintenance:

The best thing is to choose a unit that does not require much maintenance to run and is easy to install because not everyone is a technician.

 Units that have self-evaporating system and a washable filter are the best to reduce your work and prolong the lifetime of the unit.

  • Noise Level

while choosing the an air conditioner, its wise to consider the noise levels by confirming the decibel (dB) rating. Go for one of the best quietest portable air conditioners on the market.


While a small room portable air conditioner will bring you luxury and comfort in your home or office, it must be well taken care of to work well.

It’s also important to take safety precautions regarding electric wires and children to avoid accidents and tragedies.