Beach Wagon For Kids | Best Beach Wagon.

Choosing the right beach wagon for kids can be a daunting task especially if it is your first time.
In this post, I’ll expose to you various top rated kids beach wagon and by the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision”.

Are you preparing to have the fullest summer of all time with your kids this time around? Having the best beach wagons for kids will definitely give you an easy time.

Summer at the beach draws most of the comfortable and coolest beach wagons for kids. I have seen many parents inquiring about the best wagon for beach.

In this review, I will provide you with the popular beach wagons for kids so that you can make an informed choice when settling for that one coolest kids beach wagon.

There are different beach wagons for kids from the fantastic Radio Flyer load wagon to themed foldable wagons.

Let’s look at different alternatives to consider when purchasing the best kids beach wagon.

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1. Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon – All-Purpose Wagon


Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon is one of the most popular beach wagons for kids. The universally favorite little red wagon has top-notch specification and is made for kids between 18 months to 10 years.

This kids beach wagon measures 44 x 20.5 x 21 inches and weighs 33.1 pounds

You can comfortably stack it up with boogie sheets, snacks and beverages for a taxing day at the beach, and carry your kids safely. It’s a great option especially if your kids hates to ride in a stroller.


best beach wagon for toddlers



Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon is also a better option for beach, picnics and more rough terrain.

It has removable wooden sides for ultimate flexibility, 10-Inch rugged air tires provide a smooth, comfortable ride on any terrain and the extra-long handle folds under for easy storage.

It has a smooth, extra-large body and sides designed from natural wood, no-pinch ball joint

This beach wagon for kids has a handle that folds under the wagon and wooden sides can be removed for easy storage

It has Rubber tires that can be filled with air make for a smooth and quite ride

How to Assemble Video Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon video

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2. Foldable Wagons – Kids Beach Wagon


If your family visits the beach less frequently, you might need a more compact foldable or collapsible beach wagon for kids. This will give you easy transportation to the beach as the wagon can be packed in the car comfortably.

What are foldable wagons for kids?

Beach wagons for kids occur in different designs; there are those that are collapsible and those that are not collapsible. Now, what is a collapsible beach wagon? It is a beach wagon for kids that can be folded up when not in use to a fraction of its size.

Collapsible beach wagons are made from a durable fabric. There are some advantages you can enjoy by having a foldable beach wagon.

First, they can be folded up with some folding up to one-eighth its size; this makes transportation and storage easy.


easygowagon folding collapsible utility wagon

The tough fabric that makes the body of the wagon is extremely durable and cleaning it is just but a breeze. They come with a removable sunshade; therefore, your children will be protected from the harmful UV rays during those sunny days.

Besides, most of them come with special features like built-in cup holders where you can bring snacks and drinks for your children along for the ride.

Now have a look at these two beach wagons for kids that you can buy.

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3. EasyGoWagon Folding Collapsible Utility Wagon.

This lightweight EasyGoWagon is the most portable in the market and comes with a smart design.

It can be folded up to an eighth of its size; this makes it easy for transportation and saves space storage. Different colors are also availablebeach wagon for kids


It comes with a removable shade cover, so both your kid and other items are shielded from the scorching sunshine.

More so, the retractable poles for this canopy can be adjusted to provide angled coverage. It indeed a great wagon, its construction is superb!

Unlike other wagons, this EasyGoWagon is extremely easy to set up and takedown, just like the portable playpens that you push down to set up and pull up on the center to collapse. It is a popular collapsible wagon for kids.

This wagon easily transportable, if your car has a standard trunk, this wagon will fit there when folded. You can also hook it in your garage or closet.

It is a spacious wagon, and your four kids will comfortably sit in the wagon. In addition, the extra cup holders and the large basket that comes in handy will offer more storage space. you can even carry your beach tent for kids and other accessories with you.

Amazingly, it has a responsive steering wheel which makes it very easy to maneuver a turn. Also comes with heavy duty wheels with a wide base for increased stability. No more hassles in hauling your wagon!

It is a great beach wagon for kids especially for those hot days, people will be amazed at its unique design, and many are the times they will ask you where you got it.
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4. Radio Flyer Kid’s Ultimate EZ The Best Folding Wagon Ride On.



Radio flyer did it best in designing this foldable wagon to offer more comfy. Your two children between 1-6 years old will sit in this wagon comfortably.

It is exceptionally comfy and comes with two padded seats that are well contoured. In addition, they feature a backrest that prevents lower back pain.wagons for toddlers to pull


This wagon is foldable into a compact unit, and this makes transportation and storage easier. It features telescoping handle that makes your wagon is maneuverable as you expect. You can take it anywhere you want!

This kid’s wagon is made of DuracleanTM fabric that is highly durable and easy to clean. When cleaning you just need to wipe it down. What a breeze? It is a great beach wagon for kids.

The design of this Radio Flyer Ultimate wagon includes a removable UV protection canopy. This prevents the harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching your children. It is one of the best for those hot days.

It is a great wagon, and your kids don’t have to worry where to keep their snacks and drinks. This wagon comes with four cup holders, two in the front and two at the back.

Safety for your children is prioritized in this Radio Flyer wagon as it comes with seat belts. Furthermore, it is incredibly easy, simple and fast to assemble. The pull handle is adjustable to suit users with varied heights.

Despite the few tweaks from dissatisfied buyers, this foldable wagon for kids could be a 5-star brand. But it is still a good choice for parents who put protection and convenience first.

Radio flyer Kid’s Wagon Video Review

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Other Collapsible Beach Wagons for Kids that You can Consider



1. Sandusky Folding Beach Wagon


beach wagon for toddlers


The enormous wheeled Sandusky Folding Beach Wagon has a weight limit of 150 pounds. It will give you any easy time while maneuvering around the sandy beach.

2. Blue Mac Sports collapsible Folding Utility Wagon.


beach wagon with big wheels


This kids beach wagon folds up well yet doesn’t float as easily on the sand as a sturdier wagon would. The Utility Wagon folds to only 8″ thick

The wagon’s folding feature provides for easy storage in closet, on the wall or in car

It is made of durable 600D polyester fabric for easy cleaning and has a sturdy steel frame

Weighs 22.5 lbs measuring 35.5″L x 20.2″W x 22.5″H.

There are other beach wagon for kids out there. Make sure you check some of the customers’ reviews before settling for any.

This will give you the true response from those who are already using the kids beach wagon. All the best as you look for the best beach wagon!

What To Look For When Buying Best Beach Wagon For Kids


If you want to settle for a good beach wagon, that will meet your requirements. Here are some things you can look for.

  • Capacity:

Wagons come in different sizes (compact, midsize and large) choose the one that suits your requirements.

  • Quality of the material:

Folding wagons are available in either metal or tough fabric. Whichever option you take it is still versatile for sandy beaches and much more.

Metal folding wagons offer adjustable panels to convert your wagon from a basket to a platform. On the other hand, fabric utility wagons fold up to a fraction of their size.

  • Convenience:

Having a foldable wagon with plenty of room for your children and other items is ideal. It should still fold up to a fraction of its original size for easy storage or transportation.

  • Adjustability;

A good beach wagon should have adjustable handle heights. This makes it easy to pull the load at their arm length comfortably and effortlessly.

  • Easy set-up:

The right wagon is easy, simple and first to set up and bring down.

  • Canopy:

Along the beach the sun is scorching. Your children need protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. Therefore, a good wagon should have a detachable canopy.

A good wagon should be capable of sand and dirt maneuvering. Heavy duty wheels are durable for navigating over rugged terrains effortlessly.

  • Safety:

Baby wagons should be safe enough. Consider, stability and safety belts.

Other features to consider include, storage pockets where your kids can store their drinks and snacks. Also, consider the price especially if you have a constrained budget. There are cheaper wagons that give above average performance.

Maintenance of Foldable Wagon For Kids.


  • Tighten all loose parts, especially on the wheels, should be tightened.
  • Grease the axle, this ensures smooth navigation
  • Clean the fabric to remain in good condition
  • Store your wagon under shade after every use.

Getting to make up your mind on the right beach wagon for kids can be mind-boggling.

But with a good reference you can never go wrong, there are others wagons you can check in order to settle for the best wagon for kids.

Best Wagon For Kids Safety Tips


Kids love the wagons they ride in for it makes them feel like they are actually in the real thing.

Wagons have been used over a long period of years, in which they have been adopted to be the best beach wagon for kids to ride in.

There are so many models of the kids wagons which are the best for your child to ride in, but not all of them can be able to keep the safety of the ride 100%. In fact, safety is not guaranteed 100% by anything in this world.

Even the air we breathe sometimes has pathogens. This is why you need to keep the safety of the child tip notch when riding the wagon.

Here are some of the few things you need to observe when the wagon is in use:

  • Strap The Child.

If possible, you should strap the child in order to prevent him/ her from toppling over when the wagon makes an unnecessary stop. The best wagons for kids usually do not make any of these stops but once they do, there must be something serious stopping the motion.

That is the time you forget all the good inertia has brought to this world and start cursing it, so it is better to avoid such scenarios.

  • Low Speed.

Necessitate the need of low speed when two of the children are the ones playing with the wagon. The wagons may not be ideal for child use in a sloppy area.

An inclined area can attract a high acceleration level in which none of the kids may not be able to control.

If you are in a sloppy area, then it’s best that you help the children ride through the hill without accidents.

  • Check For Defects Every Time.

The best wagons for kids are the same as cars; they need to be checked for any defective part that may destabilize the wagon while in motion and displace the child from the original position of sitting.

If you do not have enough time to make the checkups daily, you should try to find some time within the week or month to check up on the wagon.

There have been some cases of children falling off the wagons, even the best wagons for kids, when the wagons are never checked.

  • Start From The Store.

You need to be sure that you are not getting yourself into some crazy mess once you purchase the wagon.

Go for the wagons that are extra tough but comfortable for the child.

Remember, it is a child’s machine, any inclusion of hard and uncomfortable items in the structure of the wagon may prove to be a totally new problem.

The child will be moving here and there trying to find a good spot to sit on which is nonexistent in the current state of the wagon.

  • Take responsibility.

You should not let your child use the wagon while unattended.

Some parents have been using the best beach wagons for kids for long and the only time that they ever had any incidents involving the wagons was when the children ride on their own.

You need to keep the child on a leash even when you use the best beach wagon for kids for these purposes.

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