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Best Night Light Projector For Babies.

Having the night light projector for babies will not only entertain your baby but also sooth it to sleep without a hustle.

Getting your baby to sleep is a problem faced by many parents like you, and if you’re having sleepless nights and wondering what to do with your kid who sleeps inconsistently.

No worry because this post is just for you!


Editor’s Rank Image Name & Link Details
Top Ranking Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light. Weight: 12 ounces
3 A Batteries Required.
Second Ranking Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Projection. Weight: 1 pound
3 AA Batteries Required.
Third Ranking myBaby Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and Projector. Weight: 1.7 pounds
No Batteries Required
Fourth Ranking Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System. Weight: 1 pound
No Batteries Required


Besides, if you are determined to avoid night troubles, a baby light projector will help provide a more consistent sleeping pattern for your baby and make your night less tiresome.

Investing in the best nightlight for nursery is a great decision, and settling for the best quality will give you the much-needed peace of mind and soothe your baby to sleep.

However, with innumerable baby projector light shows on the market, it is puzzling to identify the best one.

We decided to examine, rate and review different nursery projector light shows, to leave you well informed about these spectacular soothing gadgets.

1.  Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System


If you are looking for a soothing nursery projector, to help soothe your baby to sleep you may consider this voice-activated Nursery Projector by Munchkin.



Night Light Projector For Babies


  • Coming with great features, this nursery projector comes in 4-different soothing sounds including ocean, heartbeat, white noise, and rain.The best part is that they are all interchangeable!
  • Besides, it comes with 3-lullabies including Rock-a-Bye, Hush Little Baby, and Brahms lullaby.
  • Also features 3-Mozart songs including Mozart lullaby, Twinkly Twinkle, and Eine Kleine Nachtmusik all, which create an ideal sleep environment for your baby.
  • In its 3 projections, you will find 3 soothing images including Soothing Sea, Calming Rainforest, and Sleepy Sky.
  • The lens also rotates to project the dreamy images onto the wall or the ceiling, and this helps drift your baby off to the dreamland.
  • More so, the nightlight provides a soft glow ideal for both nighttime check-ins and diaper changes.

Dear mom without Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System, you can’t miss promoting a serene sleep environment for your baby.

It is easy to use and just with a touch of a few buttons; you can effortlessly customize your system to suit your baby’s needs. Think of a timer and volume controls!


  • However, most customers complain that this nursery projector will stop spinning on the wall a few months, the speaker will break, or it will randomly turn off after about 30 seconds.
  • If your baby is conditioned to sleep with the sound and projector, then you will keep buying this product repeatedly making it costlier.

Despite the few drawbacks, this nursery won our award in promoting an ideal sleep environment for the baby. It is one of the best nightlight for toddler to buy.

2.  Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light, Turtle


It is the first plush constellation nightlight on the market. If you are looking for a nursery light show that will transform your nursery and bedroom into a starry sanctuary, comforting and calming your babies to sleep, you can consider this baby projector light show.



Baby Ceiling Projector Lights



This Twilight Turtle projects its magical constellation of stars on the bedroom walls or ceiling in three options.

From its plastic shell, this Twilight Turtle illuminates like a nightlight this helps ease your baby’s fear of the dark.

It is an interactive and educational toy featuring 8 actual constellations included but not limited to “The Big Dipper” all embedded in the star pattern.

You can sit with your darlings and try to identify the major constellations with the help of the clearly illustrated guide.

With this Twilight Turtle bedtime is total fun for babies of all ages. Think of its 3-soothing color options green, blue, and amber that creates magical and soothing environments!

Also, comes with a 45 minute timer that ensures complete darkness during your baby’s deep sleep.


We found customers complaining that this nightlight is small in size, and the quality is poor.

The soft part of the night light is not fully glued to the hard plastic shell you will get it already falling.

In addition, the amber stars will only work if you have very dark walls. Others complain that this product is overpriced.

3.  Ohuhu Color Changing Led Night Light Lamp


Children need an enjoyable and relaxing bedtime experience. If you need a nursery projector light show to soothe and comfort babies to sleep, you can consider having this nightlight for your nursery.


Best Baby Light Show



Coming with removable hemispherical cover, this Ohuhu Night Light Projector projects realistic Aurora and nebular light on your walls or ceiling.

It is also perfect for adults to create a romantic, calming and cosy atmosphere to achieve both physical and mental relaxation in the bedroom, living room or any other area.

It also comes with 8-projection modes and a multicolour option that allow you to choose which colour you need according to your moods swifts. Also comes with a built-in speaker and adjustable volume function.

Amazingly, you can plug in your iPod, iPhone or other device and play relaxing, meditation and lullaby music through the projector while watching the patterns at night. It never gets better than this!

This relaxing nursery light show automatically turns off if there is no operation within 1-hour; therefore, you can carry it to bed as it will shut down on its own. You will find it very convenient in kid’s bedroom.


We found few complaints from customers who had already used this nursery projector saying that the fidelity of the speaker is not very good but only perfect for water noise.

Others say that the light spreads a lot creating some inconveniences.

With its many features, we found this nursery light show incredibly soothing. You may try it and share your experience with us.

4.  Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Soother


Do you want to create a magical and tranquil environment for your little ones at bedtime? You may settle on this soft plush companion. It is very convenient for children in all ages.



Best Baby Projector Light Show



This soother elephant helps you calm your baby with its soothing selection of lullabies- 5 meditative songs and nature sounds that will help calm your baby.  The starry sky display will help relax and soothe your baby to sleep.

It comes with 3-level volume control, which helps you to adjust to suit your preferred tone.

This soothing elephant comes with a 15, 30, and 45-minute auto turn-off. You can set your desired time, and this makes it very convenient for in kid’s nursery as it ensures complete darkness in the room during your kid’s deep sleep.

You can also, set your slumber buddies to play a rhythmic light show or relaxing individual colors.

Having slumber buddies in your bedroom help soothe your baby to sleep and also help older kids overcome the fear of the dark.


Parents who had earlier used these slumber buddies complain about the volume controls. This relaxing night light projector only has a choice of loud, medium or off. To them, soft would be a nice option.

The external buttons are not easy to read even in the broad daylight. It is a total mess at night, as you need to memorize the buttons for you to operate in the darkness.

It is one of the best baby night light projectors. Rest is easy with slumber buddies, its combination of Calming starry sky display and natural sounds help relax and soothe baby to sleep.

5.  OxyLED BN01 LED Baby Kids Night Light, Toddler Nightlight With Voice Light Sensor


Coming in 3-energy efficient LEDs, this rainbow nightlight illuminates soft light to soothe your kids to sleep and overcome the fear of darkness. It is among the best night light projector for babies.



Baby Ceiling Projector



You will find yourself loving this nightlight because no batteries are required; you just need to plug a wall power outlet to get it powered.

With a voice and Light Sensor Control, this mini rainbow night-light turns off automatically when brightness is below 5lux and sounds greater than 60dB is detected.

Buying Guide For the Best Baby Light Projector.

What’s A Night Light?


A night light is a light designed to illuminate the room at night with a soft glow but not so bright light to prevent sleep. A night light projector works by projecting images and objects all over the nursery.

This has an effect of entertaining and soothing your baby as he or she falls asleep. When it comes to bedtime, having the best baby night light projector brings many benefits to both you and your baby.

Advantages of Best Baby Projector Night Light


  • Soothes to sleep
  • Relax and comfort kids afraid of the dark
  • Illuminate the changing table for diaper changes
  • Convenient to check on your child without disturbance
  • Cheaper to run than ceiling lights

Buying Criteria For The Best Night Light Projector For Babies


With so many night-lights available in the market, choosing the best one can be daunting. Here is a small guide to help you choose the right nursery light show for your baby.

  • Location Of Your Power Outlet

When buying a night light projector, keep in mind your baby’s room layout.

Where are the sockets located? Is the socket close to the bed or far from your baby crib?

The location may either make the light either too bright or too dim for your baby. Either way, you can consider buying a portable night light.

  • Color Of The Night Light:

When buying the night light it’s advisable that you settle for the one giving off red or orange colors. These lights are soothing hence will give your baby will have better sleep. Avoid blue and white night-lights as these colors enhance attention and reaction time.

  • Timer:

A night light with a timer is obviously better than one without. A timer will switch off the right at a predetermined time hence saving you the energy and even electricity.

  • Brightness:

A night light is meant to gently illuminate the baby room and give a soothing effect. A bright one can make the baby restless and not sleep at all.

  • Price:

This will depend on your budget.

  • Size:

There are big night light projectors and small ones to consider

Having read these on-point reviews on the top rated five baby projector light shows, we hope that you can now make the right decision on the best night light projector for babies.