best outdoor wireless bluetooth speakers

Coolest Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers.

Whether you are having a beach party, throwing an outdoor event or just simply gardening; you need portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers to deliver music as we all like it.

Great music is not just entertaining but it can soothe your heart and get you through a hard day.

The best outdoor Bluetooth speakers should be easily portable and wireless so it’s easy for you to go with it outside the house but most of all it should be loud and clear.

It should also be water and drop resistant because most outdoor events happen near water, beer and soil.

While there are literally thousands of great outdoor Bluetooth speakers, only a few can without a doubt meet the above conditions.

Our outdoor Bluetooth speaker reviews features the five most durable, loud, and best portable outdoor speakers available in the market at an affordable cost;

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Best Outdoor Bluetooth Wireless Speakers.

1. UE BOOM 2 Phantom Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker.

UE BOOM 2 Phantom is a powerful wireless speaker that will blow your ears away with its loud, deep bass.

Whether you are at home, in a stadium or in the wild somewhere, this 360-degree speaker will give a big sound from all directions no matter the weather.Portable outdoor bluetooth speakers


While all you need to do is tap the speaker to turn it on, control volume and change songs, this UE BOOM 2 also has Siri+ Google Now voice integration to enable you to use your voice instead of your hands to give commands.

It has a rechargeable battery that lasts an average of 15 hours depending on settings and environmental conditions.

UE BOOM 2 is one of the best shockproof and waterproof speakers designed for optimum fun and adventure because it can stay in water for thirty minutes without damage.

This speaker has a companion app where regular features are added every day and it can be used together with another UE speaker to get double the fun.

Considering how strong and rugged it is, this portable speaker is bound to last a long time.


UE BOOM 2 is a bit pricey for such a small speaker.

2. BRAVEN BRV-X Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

The best Bluetooth outdoor speakers are full of great features and no speaker has better features than the BRAVEN BRV-X Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

This ultra-rugged speaker has shockproof rubber interior and an IPX7 waterproof exterior to ensure it withstands water, mud and drops.

This magnificent speaker is all about capacity with a built-in noise cancelling microphone so you can receive phone calls hands free and a portable power bank to charge all your mobile devices and keep the party goingbest outdoor wireless bluetooth speakers.


The BRAVEN BRV-X offers you 12 good hours of booming music and you can choose between outdoor and indoor modes to control the intensity of the bass.

Two BRAVEN BRV-X speakers can be paired together to get the ultimate left and right sound experience.

Whether you are camping, swimming or having a crazy party, this speaker is made with a rugged exterior that has an impact resistant frame to reduce the chances of getting damaged by weather or drops.

BRAVEN BRV-X is a portable speaker but it’s not too small to compromise the power and sound. It gives a clear, crisp and loud sound without compromising its 100 meters range from any Bluetooth devices.


Braven has horrible customer service and after sale services but you can replace or return the unit at amazon.

3. JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

JBL Charge 3 gray and rugged speaker can wirelessly connect to three Bluetooth devices at the same time and play booming music with turns.

Its rechargeable Li-ion battery gives you a fantastic playtime of up to 20 hours while charging phones, tablets and any other USB devices.

JBL Charge 3 is a completely waterproof speaker that can withstand water for up to thirty minutes.

best water resistant bluetooth speaker


The noise and echo-cancelling speaker phone on this speaker allows you to receive calls clearly with the touch of a button.

For those who want that extreme party experience, multiple JBL Connect speakers can be connected to play together.

You can take this speaker to all your crazy adventures without damage thanks to the durable fabric material and rugged rubber housing.

JBL Charge 3 has the most powerful bass because of the dual external passive radiators that makes one speaker enough to fill a room.

Though this speaker is really small and portable, you can actually feel, hear and see the bass and treble.


JBL Charge 3 has limited features on its companion app and it does not have a strap or handle to aid in portability.

 It also comes in limited colors and mostly gray which can be pretty boring.

4. Trendwoo Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker.

Trendwoo Outdoor Bluetooth Portable Speaker is one of the most beautiful outdoor speakers in the market and it has been rated in the top ten best speakers several times.

It is great for swimming pool parties, hiking, beach and sporting because it has IPX4 waterproof level and a tough touch friendly silicone outdoor wireless bluetooth speakers


With a playtime of up to 15hours, you can have an all-night party without charging the powerful 4000mAh lithium battery.

This speaker also multi-tasks as a charger for your mobile devices using a micro USB cable and it can charge devices for a good three hours.

Trendwoo Outdoor Speaker gives amazing sound with excellent clarity and it’s able to separate the sound from the instruments.

Though it does not have a powerful bass, this speaker is still very loud and it does not compromise on clarity and quality.

There is a built-in mic support that makes hands free phone calls a breeze and an amazing Bluetooth connection range of up to 33feet.

If you want a speaker that is easily portable, aesthetically pleasing and powerful, this Trendwoo Outdoor speaker is the right choice.

Trendwoo Outdoor Portable Speaker is one of the most affordable speakers available and it comes with an 18months warranty agreement.


Despite this Trendwoo being a tube speaker, it only gives sound from one direction and all the other sides sound muffled.

5. FUGOO Sport XL – Portable Rugged Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

FUGGO is a world renowned company famous for the greatest electronics and outdoor speakers.

This 360-degree FUGOO Sport XL Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is no exception because it comes with 8 symmetrically positioned drivers to give you the best highs, deep lows and midrange punches in all occasions.

At 97decibels, this speaker is able to fill a big room with sound from its 4 tweeters, 2 passive radiators and 2 sun rugged bluetooth speakers


It’s an amazing swimming and beach speaker because its 100percent waterproof.

The IP67 rating enables this speaker to withstand staying under water for up to 30 minutes although it’s light enough to float.

FUGOO Sport XL has the best battery life of 35 hours meaning you can travel for two days with music without charging it.

Its quick charge battery also doubles up as a phone and tablet charger because there is an included USB port in the package.

Not many outdoor speakers are as technologically advanced as this FUGOO Sport XL with Its built-in duplex speaker phone to make hands free phone calls easy and the ability to connect with Apple Siri and Android Google Now.

It is also dustproof, shockproof and mud proof to ensure it lasts long and serves you in all adventures.


It has limited color choices and Fuggo could have included a handle or strap to make portability easier.

Buying Guide For Best Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers.

The only way to test portable outdoor speakers before buying is by actually listening to a few with different types of music. The test should look at sound clarity, power, and volume, ease of use and construction design.

Other considerations include;

  • Damage Resistance:

Most best outdoor portable speakers are used near liquids and they are prone to accidental falls every now and then.

The best rugged Bluetooth speakers must be splash proof if not completely water resistant and must be able to withstand several drops without suffering structural or performance damage.

  • Sound Quality:

The sound coming out of that outdoor speaker should be high quality no matter how low or high the volume is.

Good portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers should not be prone to signal interruptions or audio distortions but more than that it must be clear and loud to beat all other outdoor noises.

  • Functionality:

The best outdoor wireless Bluetooth speakers must have many controls and functions besides playing music.

It should allow you to control song playback, volume, answer calls and even use siri.

  • Portability:

The best Bluetooth speaker for outdoors should be small, lightweight and easy to carry with your bare hands or a nice back pack without struggle.

A rugged construction, carrying strap and a handle also help with portability.

  • Compatibility:

It’s very important that any portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers be compatible with most mobile devices that use android and ios.

  • Capacity:

Most portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers use batteries as their power source.

Whether a speaker uses rechargeable or disposable batteries, it should give you service for at least a few hours without powering down.

Besides having long lasting batteries, the best Bluetooth outdoor speakers also charge mobile devices and do other stuff when connected with various mobile apps.

It should also have the ability to play music independent of a mobile device usually by use of a microSD card slot.


Whether you need a waterproof speaker to use inside the pool or a relatively bigger boom box for an event, best portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers come in all sizes that can fit in a cup holder to a car hood.

The idea is to pick one that suits your needs and meets most of the important factors in the buying guide.