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Most Popular Monster High Doll For Kids

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your kid, the most popular monster high doll will be a perfect choice

We have reviewed the top rated new monster high dolls for you so that you can make the best choice ever.


1. Monster High Frights, Camera, Action! Elissabat Doll


Your girl can recreate her favorite moments with this cheap queen of the scream monster doll. It’s the one of the most popular monster high doll on the market.


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Elissabat doll comes dressed in a modern corseted outfit ready to take up any challenge. And with a ‘heart driven vampire’, this doll makes an enchanting actress and the star of the silver scream.

This doll also captivates with her hem of sheer ruffle layers, lace-up bodice, and sleek high neck. And with a signature-style brush, this Elissabet doll is ready for the creeparazi.

Notably, it also comes with her most recent monster high doll videos and the trophy she won. You can’t tear your eyes away from her.

Your girl will love the monster play by styling her gore-geous purple hair using the signature style brush.

Elissabat doll features tall black boots and a pink bangle for a riveting performance, and the sleeve part of her dress can come off separately.


The doll right arm don’t fit into her sockets.

2. Monster High Boo York, Boo York Gala Ghoulfriends Luna Mothews Doll


The ghoulfriend went to the Boo York City to witness the passing of the crystal comet. For this reason, she comes in a flowesome fashion.



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Looking totally from another world! She shines with dazzling elements. She looks beautiful, in her gore-geous gala wear and her body display great insect-like details making her one of the most popular monster high doll.

It is flight-friendly, thanks to her sleek black leggings. On top of this, it features out of this world accessories perfect for the season event.

In other words, she is perfect if you are choosy with monster high dolls. Which you can customize it to the tunes of your freaky fabulousness; just use the included doll hairbrush.


The doll does not stand on its own

3. Monster High Jane Boolittle Doll


Jane boolittle doll comes with an amazing to-die-for walking stick that does the double duty, a walking stick, and a pen.



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Equally, her scary cute sidekick and the pet voodoo sloth are versatile, and they double as a backpack.

When it comes to keeping your secret, this daughter of the mad scientist Doctor Boolittle knows how to do it.

Together with that, she’s a great listener, her life in the jungle with other beast friends contributed significantly to her listening ability.

She is amazing, and her outfit is creatively and uniquely done. It Comes with Mons terrific accessories including a doctor inspired purse and a statement jewelry.

And like other popular monster high dolls, a character-specific diary is included.


The doll has claw hands

4. Monster High Haunted Student Spirits Kiyomi Haunterly Doll


It hijinks at haunted high to rescue the spectra vondergeist from a lifetime detention chains. And Kiyomi Haunterly in her iconic outfits, she gives you a sickeningly sweet look.


most popular monster high doll



She also comes with freaky fabulous accessories like a belt of pink dangling chains, purple collar necklace, a pink chain of bangles and spectacular pink bag.

You can customize your freaky fabulousness using the included hairbrush and character diary just like with most other monster high dolls.

In the monster high haunted movie, this doll will float with monster high ghouls into a frightful horror show.

Then, her pose-ability is good. She will look as if she’s floating when posed in the translucent.


The doll has thick hair

5. Monster High Freaky Fusion Neighthan Rot Doll


In a freaky twist of adventure, some of its monster high ghouls are fused together in dramatic ways giving it a fabulous look. Its ghouls are incredible, and this makes it one of the best monster high dolls.


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The monster fusion introduces hybrid monsters, and in their outfit, this doll looks cool for kids above 6 years.

Also it comes with a doll stand, signature brush, and a humorous fusion diary. The personalized diary provides cool insights to the clashing dual personalities.

The doll offers freaky flaws along fabulous and killer style. Again, it features to die accessories like killer yellow kicks and a matching hat that complete the scary cool look of this doll.

In a unique way, the bright colors are best for camouflaging.


The doll is goofy

6. Monster High Boo York, Boo York City Schemes Catty Noir Doll


It is an amazing monster high new doll! And her monster high ghouls head to the Boo York City where the frights are more frightful.


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To explore your freaky fabulousness, it comes with a doll stand and a doll hairbrush so that you can style her for display.

This high doll comes with totally awesome fashions featuring a killer look with to-die-for elements which makes her look gorgeous.

Besides, this high doll allows you to find your own freaky fabulousness. For instance, you can take out the Catty Noir for a night.

In her outfit this daughter of werecats is amazing. It meows in purple and silver dress and otherworldly accessories including a cat’s ear-decorated headband, silvery necklace and bright blue shoes and matching blue handbag that stands out!


The doll has delicate hand and tail

7. Monster High Haunted Student Spirits River Styxx Doll


This Monster High Haunted Student Spirits River Styxx Doll knows how to make friends and save the Spectra Vondergeist from the lifetime detention chains.


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So even when things take a dramatic turn, you’ll still enjoy the play. Moreover, this Styxx allow you to flaunt your own freaky fabulousness which is perfect for kids.

This  is one of the most popular monster high dolls and looks hauntingly beautiful, and her outfit features chain details. When posed in their translucent, the chain links stands out for a gorgeous display of a floating doll.

A hairbrush is also included so you can style her candy-colored hair to add to the frights.

This doll comes with freaky fabulous accessories. All are to-die-for! Which includes dangling purple chains, pink necklace, blue chain bangle and translucent blue boots.

She is like a real monster. Her bones are visible through her metallic purple skin. It is one of the funniest monster high new dolls.


Her hair bothers a lot

8. Monster High Haunted Student Spirits Porter Geiss Doll


This Monster High Haunted Student Spirits Porter Geiss Doll is a friendly doll, and just when things turn dramatic in the monster high haunted movie, the ghouls will make new friends and save the Spectra Vondergeist from the lifetime detention chains.


monster high boy dolls



The son of a pottergeist comes dressed in a hauntingly beautiful outfit of a cool colored shirt and gray shorts.

That’s not all; this doll paints the town dead with its ghostly spray paint cans. Together with this, are the enclosed diaries about the lives of these fabulous ghosts.

It makes a decent cool pose in their translucent, for a hauntingly beautiful display. Actually look like floating.

Again the dolls come with Monsterrific flaws, and your kid will love flaunting own freaky fabulousness.

Just like other new monster high dolls, this porter doll features fabulous accessories .Think of silvery dangling chains, silvery wrist cuff, and translucent blue kicks.


This doll has messy hair

9. Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Glowsome Ghoulfish Toralei Doll


Inspired by sea creatures, the Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Glowsome Ghoulfish Toralei Doll is one of this new monster high doll are fish-i-fied for an underwater adventure.


new monster high dolls 2022


They travel down under deep water blending elements of their family in the sea. Also, this monster high doll glows on the tail and outfit when in the dark.

It is hard to turn eyes out of the glow in the dark accents.

Moreover, the monster high ghouls bring a sea-sational style, which looks freaky fabulous. Interestingly, the ghouls of this monster will dive into an adventure so your kid can explore the freaky flaws of this monster.


The doll loses her tail easily

10. Monster High Boo York, Boo York Gala Ghoulfriends Mouscedes King Doll


The Monster High Boo York, Boo York Gala Ghoulfriends Mouscedes King Doll ghouls head to the big city to witness the passing of the big comet.



monster high new movie


There is enough drama at Boo York, fun is fang-tabulous, frights are extra frightful and fashions are flawless! And the amazing accessories are for another world event.

This mouscedes king doll looks totally out of this world her gore-groups outfit. Its flawless fashion and killer style also puts her in the spotlight.

Her pretty dress with sparkly shoulders, gold foil skirt and the sheer black under layer makes her look like a princess.

Most monster high new dolls allow your kid to explore their own freaky fabulousness. And this king doll is not an exception.

Just use the included hairbrush to style the doll and let your imaginations take off. You can also recreate scenes or tell a new story. The character diary lets you capture the Mons terrific moments.


A Buying Guide For The Best Most Popular Monster High Doll For Kids


With a wide selection of monster high dolls in the market, finding the best doll for your little one can be overwhelming.

However, the selection can be much easier if you know what you’re looking for since all new monster high dolls are designed to suit the different developmental stages of your kid.

Below are some of the factors that you need to consider while buying the most popular monster high doll.

So these few tips can help you reignite fun moments into your little one’s playtime.

  • Know Your Kinds Needs

Different developmental stages haves with different needs. The best monster high doll is one that will satisfy his/her needs.

Make sure the monster high doll is not so complex for the baby so that their can make most of their playtime of course, all developmental stages have specific needs.

  • Check On Quality

If you’re not careful, you may end up buying a doll whose quality is poor. For instance, the hair can be too thick, and some accessories may come out.

Remember kids are always careless, so if you buy a poor quality doll. The chances are high that you’ll be back on the market the coming week and of course, no parent would love this!

  • Know Your Budget

You don’t have to break your bank going for monster high dolls names. Do your research and concentrate more on your kid’s needs.

In the end, you’ll come across a monster high doll that is inexpensive and still a great performer.


Every parent wants to make her child ever happy! As it has been noted above, there is no doubt that the most popular monster high doll can triple the fun.

In as much as there are countless ways to bring fun to her, getting the best in the monster high dolls list is not an easy task.

And reading reviews like these can be a great way to clear your doubt. On top of this, you can do a little research on the new monster high dolls.