Best cabin tents for families

These Are The Best Cabin Tents For Families Outdoor Fun.

To help you choose the Best family cabin tents , we have researched the top 3 best cabin tents, which are super to give you and your family a merry and out of this world experience.

Nothing can go wrong when you have all the gear you need for camping and one of the best cabin tents for families giving you shelter throughout the day.

Camping is a good way of bonding yourself with nature.

If you are planning to camp out for the night with your family, you need a cabin tent in order to call that camping occasion fun and successful.

Children can play safely in the cabin tents and hence you will not have to worry about them picking up dirt outside the tent.

A good tent will also provide safety to your family and give you a blissful camping moment.

You also get to enjoy the wonderful scenery nature has to offer while you shelter yourself from the sun and or wind.

Let’s now see which top rated tents for family camping will give your family the ultimate camping experience.

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Best Family Camping Cabin Tents On The Market.

1.  Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (14’x10′)|Best Family Tent For The Money.

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent is made of 150d polyester fabric. This type of fabric is not only super smooth, but is also tough and rare to tear.

Best cabin tents for familiesCHECK CURRENT PRICE

That’s the kind of fabric you need when you’ll have kinds running around the tent.

This fabric is not locally made in the manufacturer’s country.

It is imported from the manufacturers of the finest fabric in the world to make the tent one of the best cabin tents for families.

This Coleman tent also has a couple of translucent openings on each side of the tent.

This ensures that the tent does not deprive you of the beautiful view of the outside whether it is during the day or night.

These openings also keep away bugs. They are large enough for you to view a wide area of your environment and to pass through, but once the first layer is zipped up, no bug can squeeze itself through.

You will therefore sleep soundly in the night without having to slap bugs off your face.

The tent is also weather proof. Using WeatherTec’s tech, every side of the tent is waterproofed and the bottom part of the tent is welded.

So, come rain come shine, everything is going to be fine.

The bottom part of the tent is extended upwards on one half of the tent to slant down to one level on the other half.

The reason it is made this way, is to cater to leveled ground on hilly places.

Leveled ground on hilly places always has raised earth on one side of the ground. Most of the best cabin tents are made using these criteria.

The color of the bottom part of the tent is also made to harmonize with the grounds color.

The tent is spacious enough to fit your whole family perfectly. The space inside is enough to fit two queen airbeds and leave out a huge aisle for you to place camping stuff.


Some reviews from customers’ state that not all the windows of the tent close all the way round.

Some of the windows leave out a space on the top part of the tent, which is not good in case a windstorm hits or some determined bugs find the spot to pass through.

You will also have to invest your time in taking the tent up or down every time you take it to a camping occasion.

The time spent in setting up the tent is relatively longer than the time you would take on other tents.

2.  Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent|Best Large Family Tent.

What makes Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent one of the best family cabin tents, is the spacious room it has inside.

best cabin tents for familiesCHECK CURRENT PRICE

The tent has an ample space inside to fit eight people. Its dimensions measure 17 by 10 feet with a 72-inch center height.

Some family members might need their privacy while in the tent. That is why this tent comes with room dividers to allow you to partition rooms.

The tent also uses the Coleman WeatherTec system.

This system is a guarantee you are going to stay dry even in the wet seasons of the year, so do not let a dull weather keep you from attending a vacation you have been planning for days.

Setting up the tent in your camping trips will be as easy as pie.

The setup formation does not take long and hence will leave you enough time to enjoy the rest of the day without a headache.

The tent has an easy to follow assembly instructions manual and anything different from the other is stored separately in order for you to find them easily when you are assembling the tent.

This method of storage also makes it easy to disassemble the tent and is used on the top rated tents for family camping.

A ventilation system is also one of the features of the tent. It is made using theVariflo adjustable venting system and has a cool-airport to help in the air conditioning of the tent.

If that is not enough, here is another feature that tops this tent in the best cabin tents for families list; a shade.

Best rated family tents The tent has an extension on the upper part off the door to ensure that you are protected from the scorching sun while you feel the cool breeze of the wind at the doorstep.


The massive size of the tent makes it hard for you to find a place where you can set it perfectly. You will have an even worse experience trying to set it up on a hilly place.

Some customer reviews also state that the tent is not as water proof as it needs to be.

Seams trickle in water during a thunder storm hence makes this tent unsuitable to use during harsh weather conditions.

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3.  Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent|Best Tent For Camping.

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent also proves to one of the best family tent for the money. The tent has a huge partition that can fit eight people and a screen room.

Top rated tents for family camping CHECK CURRENT PRICE

You can decide to use the screen room to enjoy the wonderful view nature has to offer while you are kept safe from the sun’s scorching rays.

If the view and natures freshness has become your addiction, you can even decide to sleep in the screen room.

The fabric in the screen room is a guarantee that you will be in a bug free zone provided the door is closed.

The tent’s fabric is also capable of keeping you safe from effects of adverse weather changes.

It is made from polyester that does not give in easily to adverse weather conditions.

To top off the tent’s hostile weather security system, the polyester fabric is coated with polyurethane.

Winds are known to blow away unattended tents or even take them down, especially when the campers are far.

You do not have to worry about this happening with the Wenzel tent.

The weather will have to somehow cook up a hurricane to bring it down because the corners of the tent are double stacked to strengthen it.

The ample space in the tent allows you to conduct some indoor game activities that require some space.

The tent’s dimensions measure 16 x 6.5 x 11 feet (W x H x D) and it weighs roughly 12 kilos when dry.

After you roll it up, it becomes compact and hence you can be able to fit it snug in your car.

The design of the tent is child friendly. Children can play in the screened part of the tent during the day to keep them from getting in contact with germs from dirt outside; making this one of the top rated tents for family camping.


The tent’s massive size makes it difficult for you to stay warm in the night.

Most of your heat is lost into the atmosphere through the open roof and vast air space between you and the tent.

Strong winds can take town some corners of the tent.

You will have to spend more time outside in the harsh weather trying to fix the tent instead of cozying in it waiting for the winds to subside.

The weight of the cabin tent will not allow you to carry it far by hand.

If you are going into the woods where vehicles cannot go through, you have to be ready for some heavy exercise.

Buying Guide For The Best Cabin Tents For Families.

Cabin tents have some common features that you cannot miss. You can try to check out the recommended online, but that will not be enough if you do not have a keen eye.

Here we have highlighted some of the key features that you have to consider before settling for any cabin tent for your family.

  • Height

You should look for tents you can stand up in comfortably. Short tents are usually discomforting and can ruin your camping experience.

You need that tent in which you can walk freely without bending over.

  • Size

Always go for the tent that fits your family’s number perfectly.Best family tent for the money

Small tents are usually discomforting because you will have to squeeze each other while huge tents are usually cold during the nights.

Pick the perfect size that will leave your family comfortable and enjoy the happy moments.

  • Weatherproof Features

The best cabin tents for families should be able to shield all of you from the rain.

You should get the ones that are fully tested to be 100% waterproof. You don’t have to worry about the rain!

  • Stability

Find the best-rated family tents that will be able to hold their positions when winds take over the atmosphere.

The weather outside is likely to have windy intervals during the day and night.

This will be determined by the structural design of the cabin tent, how the tent is set up among other factors.

There you have it. Having given you enough information about the best cabin tents for families, you can now choose your best and go camping!

Which family Cabin Tent did you like? leave your comment below ?.