Best Ice Machine For Knee Replacement Surgery.

Knee replacement surgeries are a little bit complicated and after the surgery you will experience a lot of pain thus you require the best ice machine for knee replacement surgery to reduce that pain.

You require a knee ice machine that will offer support and last throughout the night giving you a good cold therapy.

The best cold therapy machine should be able to reduce the recovery time, reduce swelling and also decrease pain pills dependence.

The ice machines are supposed to be very quiet and easy to use thus ensuring that you rest properly.

Polar Products Active Ice Therapy System 2.0 with Knee Compression Wrap

Polar Products Active Ice Therapy System 2.0 with Knee Compression Wrap

Active Ice Universal System 2.0 with 9 Quart Cooler

Active Ice Universal System 2.0 with 9 Quart Cooler (Knee Compression Wrap)

Shock Doctor Ice Recovery Compression Knee Wrap

Shock Doctor Ice Recovery Compression Knee Wrap, Black, Large/X-Large

Knee Soft Brace Ice Pack

Knee Soft Brace Ice Pack + Compression Cold Therapy 360º knee Ice Wrap.

Polar Ice Large Knee Wrap Cold Therapy Wearable Ice Pack

Polar Ice Large Knee Wrap Cold Therapy Wearable Ice Pack.



Best Post Surgery Ice Machine.

1. Polar Products Active Ice® Therapy System with Knee Compression Wrap.

The Polar Products Active Ice machine for after surgery will guarantee less recovery time as it delivers localized comfortable therapy to a patient either at home or in the hospital.

It has a soft cotton backing that absorbs moisture and helps protect your skin during the recovery time.

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The therapy system uses a motorized pump that circulates cold water from the cooler to the universal bladder thus the target area is kept as cool as possible.

It has three elastic straps with hooks and loops tabs that comfortably hold the wrap on the knee.

This ice machine for post surgery can be used to give comfort to your knee or as a portable drug-free relief when you are having serious discomfort or pain.

It is designed to control condensation and providing gentle adjustable compressions thus it’s worth every penny.


  • There are complaints that it is very loud thus not easy to sleep when it’s on.

2. Ossur Kit Cold Rush US with Knee Pad.

If you need an effective and soothing post-operation treatment then you need to get the Ossur Kit Cold Rush as it provides consistent cooling and good compressions even on high elevations.


It is a multipurpose post surgery ice machine as it can deliver cold therapy to your hip, ankle, shoulder and back.

This ice therapy machine comes with a durable brushless motor that is super quiet thus allowing you to have a peaceful rest as required.

The awesome machine is designed to produce less heat transfer from the motor to the water thus ensures that cold therapy pain relief lasts longer.

You can use this ice machine after surgery without a foam wrap as it is designed with a unique unbroken loop that covers the top of the Cold Rush Pads.

It has amazing insulated walls that improve the cooling process and a locking lid that ensures that there are no spills.


  • Beware the cables tend to leak from the connection on the pad.

3. Polar Active Ice® Therapy System.

The polar ice machine for knee surgery is perfect to help you keep the pain in check as it has high flow and quick disconnect couplings that enhance free movement if needed.

The Polar Active Ice cooler is easy to use as it automatically snaps in thus avoiding spillage.


It has a lightweight nine quart cooler with a carrying handle so it’s easy to move from one place to the other.

The ice therapy system comes with five feet of insulated cool water lines and a cool Ac power adapter with cord.

The Ice machine for knee has an adjustable flow rate temperature control that keeps you on check and a universal bladder that can be used to cool any part of your body that is in pain.

All technicalities are also alleviated because you can add water and ice to the cooler manually.


  • The condensation of the pipes and unshielded ice water lines might cause a safety hazard.

4. Cryotherapy Arctic Ice Cold Water Therapy with Universal Therapy Pad.

These ice cold water therapy machines are designed to help you decrease surgical recovery time and dependence on pain pills as they utilize continuous circulation compression cryotherapy.


The Cryotherapy Arctic Ice Cold Water is also used to help reduce swelling and pain thus making it very convenient for facilitating rehabilitation.

The knee replacement ice machine Therapy machine provides up to 7 hours of continuous cold water circulation and it is very easy to use on other parts of the body that are swollen.

The cold water therapy lowers metabolism and causes vaso- constriction of blood vessels thus allows proper circulation of blood.

The therapy system reduces vascular permeability that reduces the internal flow of fluids and the circulation of cold water all-round the joint provides optimum cooling.

It comes with amazing features that includes a temperature control and lines that are quick to disconnect so it’s easy to use.


  • After a few weeks of use the machine tends to shut down with no warning.

Best Ice Pack After Knee Surgery | Best Ice Packs For Knees.

5. Shock Doctor ICE Recovery Compression Knee Wrap.

This Shock Doctor ICE Recovery Compression knee wrap is perfectly designed with adjustable straps making it suitable for persons of different sizes.


It has a gel pack that can be used either when frozen or heated thus helps speed up body’s natural ability to heal itself. The gentle compression help reduce pain and swelling on the knee.

They come with reusable and removable gel packs that fully support the knee thus making you more comfortable.

It has a cool easy to access gel pockets that allow you to easily insert and remove gel packs.

The wrap covers a complete 360 degree thus cooling the knee faster and it has a four way stretched material that enhance comfort and durability.

The amazing feature is that it can be used for both ice and heat therapy.


  • It is difficult to adjust the Velcro straps to make a perfect fit around the knee.

6. Knee Ice Pack With compression & 360º knee Ice Wrap.

This Ice Pack With Compression for knee replacement is designed from non-toxic and non-hazardous FDA approved material thus very safe to use against your skin.


It does not only cool your leg but also treats knee osteoarthritis and post traumatic arthritis hence very convenient.

The ice wrap is designed to provide enough compression at the back, front and side of the knee thus speeding up the healing process.

The ice pack helps you reduce knee pain, swelling and inflammation so that you don’t need to use more pain killers.

This best ice wrap for knee makes you comfortable and flexible thus it does not limit you when carrying on with your daily activities.

It covers 360 degrees around your knee and it comes in only one size that is able to fit all sizes of people.


  • The gel cells become very hard when frozen thus creating discomfort.

7.  Polar Ice Large Knee Wrap / Cold Therapy Ice Pack / Wearable Ice Pack.

If you are looking for the best ice wrap for knee that will be able to control edema and reduce pain then you need the Polar Ice Large Knee Wrap as it is designed to accommodate large persons.

It has five large panels that allow it to completely surround your swollen leg and it’s very easy to put on and off.


The pack has easily adjustable hooks and fleece wrap that conforms to the body thus insulates the skin to prevent frost bite.

To minimize migration of ice wrap during use, the Polar wrap comes with encapsulated ice packs filled with purified water that is encased in soft fleece material.

This ice pack for knee provides long hours of cold therapy thus you can use it throughout the night and it comes with beautiful loop closure straps that allow you to adjust and keep the wrap fit on the knee.

It is very easy to use and it is worth every penny as it is very comfortable and convenient.


  • The ice park does not accommodate enough water to really keep the wrap ice cold for long.

Buying Guide For The Best Ice Machine For Knee Replacement Surgery.

There are many ice machines in the market thus you have to be very careful while choosing a suitable ice machine after knee surgery or ice wrap for you.

In order to choose the best ice machine after knee surgery that will enhance your recovery, here is what you should consider;

  • Comfort:

After a surgery your knee tends to be tender so you need an ice machine or wrap that is made of non-toxic and soft material that will not irritate or stick to your skin.

The ice machine for knee surgery should make the minimum noise so you can rest peacefully and heal quickly.

  • Ease of use:

Considering the user is someone in pain already, the best ice pack after knee surgery must be very easy to use even without help.

Putting on, adjusting and taking off the wrap should be easy but most of all, the machine should not be too technical for the user in terms of settings.

  • Adjustability:

Unless, the wrap is a one size fits all type, it’s important for the ice machine for knee replacement surgery to have adjustable wrap so any one can use it.

There are many reasons an ice cooler wrap should be adjustable including swelling, edema, size and height of the user.

  • Versatility:

An effective post knee surgery ice machine should have a powered and also a manual way of operation.

It is not every time there will be power and sometimes you have to be on the road or outside home where there is no electricity so a manual operation is very good to have.

  • Effectiveness:

It’s important to know how long the ice will last and the water will remain cold enough to help you from the time you refill because the best ice pack for knee should last all day long.

Check how many times you need to refill the cuff with ice and if there is water chilling cooler exchange that will keep the water cool for longer.


The best ice machine for knee replacement surgery should not be used directly to the skin as this can cause more harm.

Always use some insulation such as a towel or a sponge between the skin and the cooling pad.

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