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What’s The Best Tents For The Money And Camping Safety?

Looking For The best tents for the money? You’re right home.

Sleeping in the countryside watching stars and taking in the fresh air is pretty awesome until dew starts falling and mosquitoes start biting and God forbid it rains.

The best camping tent will not only provide a roof over your head during a cold night but also keep you warm and safe from wild animals and insects.

While tents are typically meant to be used by recreational campers, nomads and disaster victims; today people are using them as shelter in overnight weddings, festivals, parties and corporate events.

 The best outdoor tents will definitely depend on what the purpose is and how many people will be using it so factors like space, weight, construction and durability can be considered.

if you are in the market for the best inexpensive tents, check out this top rated tents review that has everything from family tents, backpacking tents and even hikers tents in all shapes and sizes;

Best Rated Tents On The Market.

1. Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent.

Coleman has the best family cabin tents and this 8-person canyon is no exception because it measures 17 by 10feet and has a center height of 72inches.Best Tents For The Money Review| Top Rated Tents


Coleman 8-person Red Cayon Tent comes with room dividers that can create three rooms so it’s ideal for large groups going hunting and long trips because they can fit in this tent without being in each other’s space.

Coleman also has an exclusive Weathertec System made to protect the user from wet weather and its really easy to setup thanks to the shock-corded poles and assembly instructions.

Besides the tall center, this Coleman’s best family tent has cool-Air port and Variflo adjustable venting systems to ensure there is ample air inside the tent.

If you need the Best Family Tent for the Money with a spacious interior and attractive design for your whole family, this Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent will do the trick.

It has a nice tub floor but you can use inflatable beds for more comfort.


Setup requires about three or four people to complete successfully and some tent’s windows do not close completely during cold season.

It’s important to carry warm blankets and jackets to stay warm in this tent during the cold nights.

2. Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent.

This Pacific Breeze best beach tent is designed with EasyUp Hub System to make setting up and taking down extremely easy and fast.

It’s a lightweight and compact baby beach tent used to provide protection from direct sun, wind and rain.Best Family Tent For The Money


Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent is an industry leading tent that has UPF 50+ sun protection, breathable polyester and large windows to allow air inside.

The durable and lightweight fiber glass frame combined with the water resistant floor makes this tent one of the Best Tents for the Money.

This baby tent for beach measures 87 by 49 meaning it provides a spacious interior for beach lovers and it has internal pockets to store a few personal items.

Other great features included in this package include sand pockets, stakes and a carrying case to make transportation easy.

Though this tent is really sturdy and durable, Pacific Breeze has provided a one year warranty in case of anything.

Their customer service is exceptionally good and they are always ready to assist.


Unfortunately, this tent is not big enough for adults who want to stretch their legs in the beach.

It’s great for kids but adults might need to carry an umbrella for their legs.

3. Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent.

If you want the best camping tent for the entire family or a couple of friends, this Coleman 6-Person Instant  Cabin Tent is the way to go.

It is able to handle 8 people comfortably in two queen sized inflatable beds.

Best Tents For The Money


he best feature about this Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent is that the poles come pre-assembled so setting it up is a hassle-free endeavor.

It also has illumiline reflective guy lines that will help the occupants walk carefully without tripping over the structure.

This tent is a one-piece design which means setting it up and taking it down will only take a second and this design does not compromise quality.

 Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent has strong steel poles that provide extra strength and stability while the built-in rainfly offer storm protection.

This tent provides spacious interior and great panoramic views that enable you to view the great outdoors without getting out of the tent.

It also comes with a nice carrying bag and a one year warranty.


This tent is not ideal for cold weather because the airflow will be compromised once you close the windows and ventilation points.

4. Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent.

Most guys who like to hike and camp often carry the best tent for backpacking because they are light, easy to set up and easy to fold and carry.

This Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent is the best backpack tent that can fit two people backpack tent


Even though it’s a compact tent on the outside, this Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent boasts a space of 35 square feet, a lot of ventilation and plenty of light because the wall panels are made of mesh.

It also features a bathtub floor to ensure the interior remains dry even during wet weather.

Setting up a tent has never been so easy thanks to the free-standing, two pole designs and fly attachment system that is color coded.

Other great features in this tent include extra dry storage space, free instructions printed on the stuff sack, removable canopy shelf to store essentials and two doors to make coming in and getting out easy.

This is one of the best backpacking tent for the money has handy pockets for headlamps and other essentials and it’s tall enough to handle a five foot guy standing up.

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent features clip-pole attachment to make it light weight and enhance breathability


Though this tent is wonderful in cold and wet weather, it does not protect the user from heat and sandstorms.

5. Sundome 4 Person Tent.

This beautiful navy green tent handles four people comfortably and has a center height of 59inches.

Sundome 4 Person Tent provides spacious room for the occupants to stand up and move around it has ground vent and large windows to allow ample air inside.

The insta-clip poles makes setting up this tent very easy because you just have to clip the fabric to the poles and you are done in five minutes.

top rated camping tents


It’s one of the best family camping tents that protect everyone from rain and cold thanks to the WeatherTec system and rainfly.

The best tents for the money have a light weight design to allow easy transportation but the Sundome 4 Person Tent goes a step further to add a convenient carry bag.

It’s a three season tent made with breathable fabric and great ventilation to reduce condensation and let in a breeze during warm weather.

Sundome 4 Person Tent has enough space to store all your belongings and it comes with extra mesh storage features and lantern hook for your lamp.

It is a tough and durable tent that will withstand great storms and high winds.


This tent is not designed for winter purposes.

The mesh openings will allow too much cold inside and so you might need some blankets to cover those openings and keep warm.

Buying Guide For The Best Tents For The Money.

Selecting the best tents for the money is highly dependent on the purpose of that tent.

The best tents for family camping cannot be set up by one person so it’s not a great backpacking tent. Similarly a single man tent cannot fit a family or a group.

Here is what you should look for if you want to buy good family tents;

  • Purpose:

Besides it being a family or one man affair, one has to consider other factors such as which seasons the tent will be used because some tents are not ideal for summer or winter weathers.

The location where the tent will be used also matters so it can withstand stuff like sandstorms, peeping neighbors and strong wind.

Mode of transport and how frequently the tent will be used also matter so you can get something appropriate.

  • Height:

Most people are claustrophobic and even those who are not requiring enough air while sleeping.

The height of a tent not only allows standing room but also enhances air flow and comfort.

  • Sleeping Capacity:

Whatever number of occupants a tent is said to handle is usually very exact without leaving room for movement or luggage.

If a tent says it can handle four people that means you should be two or three at most.

  • Construction:

The best tents for the money are made with a tub floor to keep water from seeping in.

They are also built using aluminum poles instead of the weaker fiberglass to enhance durability and strength.

The construction of a tent should be easy to set up and connect the poles with the tent.

The more accessories a tent has such as pockets, mud flaps, and vestibules and shelves the better it is.

  • Material:

The material used to make a tent determine whether it’s lightweight, strong, costly and water resistant.

 Nylon is preferred over polyester but the best tents for camping are coated with protectants to repel water and protect against UV rays.


Nature is one of the best gifts on earth. This list top rated camping tents take into account all people and price ranges. The best tents for the money are comfortable, light and affordable.