Most Accurate Weight Scale To Buy.

My belly is getting annoyingly large and I cannot even fit into my favorite summer dress. I have been searching for the most accurate weight scale to buy.

After spending ample time on researching several brands of weight scales, I came up with the best bathroom scale reviews to help you grab one of the most reliable weighing scales. Carefully read through it and thank me later.

Best Body Weight Scale To Buy.

1.  Fitbit Aria WIFI Smart Scale.

I personally have issues with managing my weight especially during the holiday when the diet totally changes.

Fitbit Aria WIFI Smart Scale has kept me on toes. A great job it does I must say with its weight range of 20-350 lbs.

Most Accurate Weight Scale To Buy


Aria has an advanced technology that is able to track weight, percentage of body fat, lean mass as well as your body mass index.

This information is enough to tell you what to do next. Gyms are all over after all so it will not be an excuse.

It features wireless syncing that connects with your home WiFi. It can recognize a maximum of 8 people but your bodyweight will be displayed on your personal Fitbit dashboard. Some people love to keep it secret anyway.


  • It is very easy to use. You only need to step on it and wait for the results.
  • It is compatible with a smartphone hence you can save or share your results.
  • It looks good hence appealing to the eyes.


  • It is quite expensive as compared to other reliable bathroom scale.

2.  Yunmai HQ Smart Scale-Body Fat Scale with Fitness APP & Body Composition Monitor.

When are you going to stop using the traditional weighing scale that will obviously give you an estimated weight.

Yunmai HQ will give you more details about your body that are even more sensitive than your weight.

Most Accurate Bathroom Scale


This accurate home scale is beautifully designed with slim edges and a curved shell bottom for durability.

It has a total of ten precision body measurements that include body fat, body mass index, and hydration among others. The 2+ million users must have picked the crème de la crème.

It comes along with a Yunmai App that syncs easily with Fitbit, Apple Health and Google fit.

Its user tracking management has a can track up to 16 users hence you can weigh yourself even without your smartphone.


  • It works perfectly with the mobile app that enables you track your fitness aim.
  • It has a sleek design that is very attractive.
  • It gives you details on a lot of your health aspects.


  • The mobile app gives tips that are not related to fitness.

3.  Health o meter Professional 349KLX Digital Floor Medical Scale.

Your weight is your choice. Health o meter Professional 349KLX is the most accurate weight scale to buy.

As the name suggest, your health matters since that’s why you are alive today.

The Most Accurate Weight Scale


It is a good scale to buy as it can handle a capacity of 400 lbs on its heavy duty steel base. The remote display is versatile as it can be placed on the wall or placed on a surface with the cord.

This weighing scale is also compatible with Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs LXi monitors to ensure that it provides the most accurate data of your body.


  • It is very easy to read due to the large display.
  • It is very accurate hence the results are undoubted.
  • It has a dual mode scale that can be switched from kgs to pounds by just pushing a button.


  • It only measures your weight unlike most scales which include the BMI.
  • It is among the most expensive weight scales in the market.

4.  Eastsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale.

If you are working out, you must be very curious to know how much weight you are losing after a while.

Eastsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale is a must have since you don’t have to rush to your neighbor to borrow one.

Most Accurate Bathroom Scale 2017


It has a large 4.3’’ LCD display and you will easily readout your weight. For optimal accuracy, it has four high-gauge EastSmart precision G sensors so you can trust the results given.

The oversized platform that has been designed to accommodate a maximum of 440 lbs makes it one of the best accurate bathroom scales.

There are 2 AAA batteries to provide power. A user guide is also available for step-by-step instructions on how to use this scale.


  • It has a very high capacity of 440 pounds which makes it ideal for big people.
  • It has a large display for ease of reading the results.
  • It is designed to perfectly fit in a normal-sized bathroom.


  • It only gives you information about your weight.

5.  Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale.

Do it the digital way with Omron Body Composition Monitor. This accurate home scale will give you a full description of your body composition.

What more would you be looking for in any other weighing scale?

What Is The Most Accurate Scale To Weigh Yourself


Once you step on the Omron, 7 fitness indicators will be measured in a short span. Your body fat, skeletal muscle, body mass index, visceral muscle among other will appear on the easy-to-read screen.

If you weigh 330 pounds and below, this is automatically the perfect match for you. Your family can be able to track how they are progressing since this scale has a 90 days enabled memory.

The 4 profile settings for individuals make it even better.


  • It is very as accurate as the weight scales used in medical institutions.
  • It has a 90-day memory that allows you to save your data.


  • One has to attach sensors to the feet and hands for accurate measurements.

6.  iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale.

You cannot work on your weight day-in day-out without knowing how much you way. What are you trying to change? iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale is the way to start.

Most Accurate Bathroom Scale Consumer Reports


Control your health with detailed information on your body composition. IHealth is an accurate home scale that measures nine health aspects including body mass index, muscle mass, weight, visceral mass and more in just seconds.

It has an iHealth app that will enable you to view the readings, set your goals and also share your findings from the touch-sensitive screen.

The results are also saved in your personal iHealth account where no one else can access them.


  • It is easy to set up hence you require a few seconds and it is ready for use.
  • It provides data on your body composition not only the weight.


  • It does not connect with a web application that can help in fitness.

7.  Withings Body-Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale.

What is the best scale to weigh yourself? Worry no more.

Technology has never seemed more interesting than when using Withings Body-Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale to see what you are made of. Interesting, right?

Eatsmart Digital Bathroom Scale


Know your weight, body mass index, bone mass, water measurements among other health aspects that you have to keep track on for a healthy living.

With automatic synchronization, data on the named aspects will appear on the Health Mate app through WiFi which is Android and iOS compatible.

It features a nutrition feature that will help you keep an eye in your budget on a daily basis in connection with MyFitnessPal.

It provides a weather report on your local area so you can step on it before you decide your dress code. This is just amazing.


  • It is easy to use and even record data on what your body is composed of.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of health and fitness apps which makes it very reliable.


  • Sometimes it fails to take heart rate measurement which is very crucial.

Buying Guide For The Most Accurate Weight Scale To Buy.

Every time you are buying something, there are several things that you put into consideration.

Below are some of the most crucial things that I considered when I decided to get the most accurate scale for home buy.


All the scales available will always give you the results unless it is faulty. The question to ask yourself is how accurate are the results? A good scale to buy should be accurate.

  • Weight capacity:

A reliable bathroom scale should accommodate a high weight capacity. There are heavy people who wish to know their body composition and the best accurate bathroom scales will be a perfect choice of a scale.

  • Multiple mode options:

The most accurate weight scale to buy should give the results in both pounds and kilograms. This enables easier understanding since the user might only be familiar with one of the modes.

  • Ease of use:

You just want to know your body composition in this case. The best weight scale should only require you to step on it and in seconds get your results.

  • Large display:

This is to enable you to read the results with ease.

  • Scale calibration:

A reliable bathroom scale should have small measurement increments so that you are able to track any minimal changes in the data every day.

  • Platform size:

You have to properly balance on the platform for your data to be most accurate. Choose a scale whose platform will accommodate you properly without struggling.

  • Easy to clean:

A weight scale gets dirty once in a while and you have to keep it clean. Go for the one that will be less stressful to save some energy.

  • Price:

Go for what you are able to pay. An expensive scale does not mean perfect performance; they might as well be selling the name and not the features.


Deciding the most accurate weight scale to buy is a daunting task. However, the review above will give you a much easier time at the store.

Be keen on the features of each most accurate bathroom scale since most of them are almost similar so as to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Having done that, you can now buy your own accurate home scale.