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What’s The Best Convertible Car Seat For Airline Travel?

There are many best convertible car seat for airline travel out there…

But the question is:

Which is the best car seats for airplanes to invest in?

We have selected the most loved and safest convertible car seats that will give you the value for your money…

Why You Should Use a Convertible Car Seat on an Airplane?

It is always great to prepare for the worst… Right?

In case there is wind turbulence when you are in a plane, the convertible car seat is going to keep your child comfortable and safe from bumping the head at the side of the ordinary seat.

Wind turbulence is something common. You would not want your child moving around a wide seat when it strikes.

Some of them have the least impact that you may not even feel them by much, but a little disruption of the baby’s peace is enough for sparking loud cries.

The convertible car seat is also ideal for your baby to sleep in.

The whole of the seat is as comfortable as a toddler mattress, so you can just slide back the seat and let the baby enjoy the comfort.

The car seats for airplane travel have a low weight that enables you to carry them easily in the airport by hand without straining.

Most of the other types of convertible seats have a really heavy weight, which gives the users quite a task when they are transporting them to the required destination.

These seats are also economical since you can use them both in the car and airplane.

If you get the  best car seats for airplane travel, you can save a lot of money that you could have used to buy a new baby car seat together with an aeroplane seat for babies.

To save yourself from the time consuming task of getting the best convertible car seat for air travel from the numerous models online, you can pick one from this list of the best ones there is.

1.  Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Protect Convertible Car Seat, Brody.

The Safety 1st convertible car seat is one of the bestselling seats for toddlers.

best convertible car seat for airline travel


The For rear facing car seats, the convertible car seat can support 5-40 pounds while the forward facing car seat can support up to 65 pounds, going up to 52 inches.

This is one of the best travel car seat you should have when traveling on dangerous roads. It has an advanced side impact protection system that puffs up when you are hit by the side.

This system gives protection from any material that could injure your child where he/ she is seated.

Even if it is a small bump, the child will remain comfortably seated without feeling any shock from the impact.

The safety 1st air protect car seat also has a QuickFit harness system that allows you to adjust the height of the harness without the need of re-threading.

You even do not have to re-mount the convertible car seat in order for you to get the perfect height.

This feature makes it the best carseat for travel or any toddler to use. You can easily switch the position of a toddler to the seat within a few minutes, hence you can even do this while on the road.

The headrest also has a 5-position adjustment feature. You can adjust it to suit the height of your child to the most comfortable position.

You also get to enjoy extra features like a removable cup holder and a washable seat pad. These come in handy both in the car and airplane.

The seat weighs just 17.9 pounds. It is highly portable and you can be comfortable carrying it anywhere in the airport.


The first installation of the Safety 1st seat tends to give people a bit of a challenge. It requires a careful study of the manual in order to get everything right, so you need to be patient during installation.

2.  Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat.

This is also one of the best carseat for airplane use. It can protect a rear facing infant weighing 5-40 lbs and a front facing toddler weighing 20-65 pounds from shock.

best car seat for airplane travel toddler


The Graco contender convertible seat has an auto adjust harness that eases the process of strapping your child on it after the first installation.

You do not need to have the seat reinstalled to change the length of the harness.

It is side impact tested to ensure that the seat meets the safety regulations set by the US standardization organizations.

The tests have proved that the Graco contender convertible car seat is one of the best car seat for flying that you can get for your toddler by exceeding the standards set.

The headrest can be adjusted to 8 positions, giving you a range of positions to choose from according to your child’s height and level of comfort.

The headrest is great for a baby who needs great support when resting to sleep comfortably.

This is a lightweight travel car seat that you can carry anywhere with your bare hands. It weighs just 15.2 pounds.

This kind of portability is exactly what you need in the airport when you are not up for bulk luggage to where you are heading.


Some of the users have had issues with tightening the Graco Contender convertible car seat on the seats.

The straps are hard to tighten and inconveniences some people, especially single moms who have to do it all by themselves.

The issue with the tightening however turns into a positive thing once you have managed to tighten it onto the seats. It has an extra tight hold on the car seat and hence has zero chance of coming off.

3.  Cosco Comfy Convertible Car Seat, Heather Granite.

Apart from being among the lightest toddler car seats, it is also one of the best convertible car seats for air travel for your child to relax comfortably on.

top rated convertible car seat


The seat weighs a mere 11 pounds, which is perfect for any parent to carry around. The weight does not add any more bulk to the amount of luggage that you are already planning to carry, hence is suitable for use in the planes.

The Cosco Comfy baby seat is among the top rated convertible car seats that can carry a maximum weight of 40 pounds for rear-facing infants and a maximum of 50 pounds for front facing toddlers.

The lowest recommended weight for an infant is 5lbs, so even a one-year old baby can be placed on the seat for protection.

This Cosco comfy baby convertible car seat provides an amazing side impact protection that has been tested to work perfectly.

Any impact that the car will suffer from will not have any effect on the baby since the side pads will absorb all the shock.

It has luxurious padding and is made from premium fabric for your baby’s comfort. The fabric provides a soft and tender pillow-like medium for you baby to sleep on,

A 5-point harness is fitted on the convertible seat. You can change the length of the harness before it is ready for use to provide an exact fit.

The standards of the Cosco Comfy seat exceed the standards set by the US bureaus, hence you will find it highly durable and convenient.


Like some of the top convertible car seat tf 70, the process of tightening it on the car seat proves to be challenging. It takes more than 30 min to install for some people, inconveniencing those in a rush.

Buying Guide For Best Convertible Car Seat For Airline Travel.

How will you spot the best lightweight convertible car seat quickly?

 Well the answer is simple;

You should consider these qualities if you want to end up with one of the best convertible car seats for air travel on the market:

  • Portability: You should go for the lightest but comfortable convertible car seat. The light ones are great to carry around and you will not feel like you have extra load.
  • Material: The material used in the manufacture of the child convertible car seat should be hypoallergenic. You should not buy anything that may have allergens since it might not be possible to know if your baby has allergies until it is too late.
  • Comfort: This is a basic thing that you should ensure is on the maximum level. The best carseat for travel for your baby should be able to fit the child comfortably without much space between.
  • Usability: Try to find a convertible seat that can be used in most of the travel vehicles and planes. There is no point of buying a seat that cannot fit in the planes since that is the main purpose of purchase.
  • Quality and durability: Choose a seat that will be able to last for as long as it is needed; the reliability of the seat is usually indicated on reviews.
  • Safety standards: The best choice you can ever make when choosing the convertible seats is picking a seat that has been tested to offer top protection against shock.

As you have seen, it is not that difficult to choose a good convertible car seat for babies.

The ones listed on this review meet the criteria and will save you a lot of time in choosing the best convertible car seat for airline travel online.

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