Best Car Seats For Travel On Airplanes.

A family that is always traveling will definitely take flights be it for a vacation abroad or even locally.

Best car seats for travel on airplanes makes things easy for you during and after the flight for any parent who wants the best for their kids…

An airplane car seat is a must have for the family that is always on the go. The kid has to be very safe despite you being an exceptional driver with a car that has modern safety features.

During a flight, you have to look for the best carseat for plane travel.

I believe you want an easy time on the plane and the fewer luggages you have the better. You should therefore be very keen to choose a lightweight infant car seat to carry along with you.

If you own one already, consider leaving the base at home for ease of transportation. Below is a list of car seats for airplanes that will be of great help to you always on board.

FAA Approved Car Seats For Travel On Airplanes.


1. Evenflo Maestro Booster Car Seat Thunder


Planning a trip with your little one? Keep them safe with this forward facing harnessed best car seat for airplane travel.

It can hold children that are 22-50 pounds and a height of 28-50’’. Evenflo Maestro car seat can also work as a belt-positioning booster for bigger children, 40-110 pounds, 43-57’’ tall.


lightweight convertible car seat for air travelCLICK TO CHECK CURRENT PRICE

A LATCH system comes along with it to make it easy for you to install. The last thing I would want is a hard time fitting a car seat after a weary flight.

It has 4 shoulder harness as well as 2 crotch strap positions that keep your child in place.

The cup holders allow the child to reach the drinks with much ease. Having being tested and approved by the Federal Crash Test Standards, you do not have to keep throwing an eye to your kid as safety is assured.


  • It has multiple harnesses that hold your kid safely.
  • It is budget friendly.
  • It is very easy to install.


  • It has a low height limit that cannot accommodate bigger kids.
  • The harness straps are narrow hence they can injure the baby’s neck.

2. Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seat.

If you own a smaller car, the perfect convertible car seat on airplane is Guide 65. Your bigger car will look spacious even after installing this car seat.

You can choose to protect your child with either rear or forward-positioning.

best car seats for travel on airplanesCLICK TO CHECK CURRENT PRICE

A 40 pound kid or less will be very comfortable in this best car seat to take on a plane when rear-positioned and 65 pounds when forward-facing.

It has 5-point harness, 3 buckle positions to ensure that it properly fits the child.

This car seat has adjustable head rest to accommodate your growing child. Side impact protection keeps your child comfortable all along.

You can also remove the cup holders in case the kid does not need any drinks.


  • It is cheaper than most carseats for airplane.
  • It fits in small-sized cars.


  • The LATCH belt is difficult to tighten.
  • You have to keep adjusting the reclining position.

3. Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat, Glacier.

Contender 65 convertible is a classy airplane car seat that will hold your infant either facing forward or rear.

A 5-40 lbs kid will be more comfortable facing the rear while a 20-65 lbs child can comfortably fit it the car seat facing forward.

best car seats for airplanesCLICK TO CHECK CURRENT PRICE

It has a Safe Adjust harness that will grow with your child. A LATCH and easy-to-read level indicator will ease your installation.

The head and body support are removable and the seat pad is made of a material that can be machine-washed. The two buckle positions keep your child more secure.


  • It comes with standard a one year warranty.
  • The seat will grow with your child hence being versatility.
  • It is convertible and supports the kind in the rear and facing position


  • Some of the models have loose buckles and the kid can easily detach him/herself

4. 2015 Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Convertible Car Seat.

2015 Safety 1st Complete Air 65 is one of the favorite mom’s convertible carseat for travel.

For a rear-facing position, the seat can hold a child 5-40 lbs, 19-40’’ while in forward-facing position, a child who is 22-65 pounds, 34-52’’ will be well taken care of.

best travel car seat | airplane car seatCLICK TO CHECK CURRENT PRICE

It has an Air Protect Side Impact Protection with an improved air cushion to protect the infant’s head.

This is a sure life saver in case of an accident. There is a 5-point Center Front Adjust harness that will help accommodate the growing child.

Complete Air 65 is LATCH equipped for easy and quick installation. You just need a minute or two to perfectly fit it in the seat.


  • It supports both rear and forward-facing positions hence accommodates the child as it grows.
  • It is very safe since it has improved safety features such as the air cushion.


  • It is difficult to tighten the straps and the buckles.
  • The seat does not recline.
  • Angling the seat correctly is a bit hard.

5. Evenflo SureRide DLX Convertible Car Seat.

Among the best travel convertible car seats is the SureRide DLX.

It has the ability to hold a rear-facing infant from 5-40 lbs with a height of 19-40’’ as well as a forward-facing child from 22-65 lbs and a height of 28-54’’.

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It has 6 shoulder trap positions and two buckle positions that will allow your infant to use the car seat as they grow.

The upfront harness adjustment and buckle release makes harness adjustment very simple as they are easy to reach.

The car seat has energy absorbing foam liner which offers more comfort and safety to the infant.

There are head and body pillows that will make the ride cozy. The LATCH system will be of great help when installing the car seat.


  • It is inexpensive as compared to other travel car seats for airplanes.
  • It is easy to install with the LATCH system.


  • It is made of cheap fabric which makes it less durable.
  • It is poorly constructed hence needs frequent supervision to ensure the child is in a comfortable position.

6. Cosco Apt 50, Black Arrows.

Is your kid 50 pounds and below and are you planning to take a flight with them?

Cosco Apt 50 will offer the best services as a lightweight convertible car seat for air travel. It will keep them very safe all through.

lightweight infant car seatCLICK TO CHECK CURRENT PRICE

For a rear-facing child, it can hold 5-40 pounds while a forward-facing infant can be 22-50 pounds.

The 5-point center front adjust harness allows easy access for you to make adjustments for the kid’s comfort.

The seat pad is machine washable which ensures easy and quick clean up. The Side Impact Protection keeps the toddler secure making it the best convertible car seat for travel.


  • It is pocket-friendly to a budget sensitive parent.


  • The straps twist very frequently and can irritate the child.
  • The seat is not as wide as it should be.

7. Evenflo Securekid Lx Booster Car Seat.

If you want your kids to ride longer, choose this lightweight infant car seat.

This Securekid Lx forward-facing car seat is 5-point harnessed that can hold infants 22-65 pounds, 28-50’’.

It can also be used as a belt-positioning booster that will keep your 40-110 pounds toddler very comfortable.

car seat for plane travelCLICK TO CHECK CURRENT PRICE

4 shoulder harness and 2 crotch strap positions enable you to make adjustments for the baby’s comfort.

The auto adjusting belt path helps you position the vehicle’s lap shoulder belt over the baby’s shoulders for maximum safety.

This lightweight car seat for airplane is accredited by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.


  • It has a sure LATCH that enables self-tightening.
  • It is very easy to install.
  • It can be used in booster mood.


  • It does not convert to a backless booster.
  • The harness straps are narrow and can hurt the child’s neck.

Buying Guide For The Best Car Seats For Travel On Airplanes.

Being the caring parent you are, you need to get you kid the best things. Getting one of the best car seats for travel on airplanes is not an exception.

below are some components you should consider before you get one for your tiny one.

  • Weight:

The lighter the car seat, the better. Choose the lightest best car seat for airplane for easy travel.

  • Ease of installation:

This is the most crucial thing. A good car seat should be easy to install properly.

  • Width:

Ensure that the convertible carseat for travel fits in the normal seat on the aeroplane.

  • Safety:

You just cannot avoid being safe. The best car seats for aeroplanes should offer optimal safety to your little one.

  • Comfort:

Your duty as a parent is to ensure that the airplane car seat you got for your baby provides comfort to your baby.

  • Your kid’s weight and height:

This will help you a great deal. Some travel car seats for aiplanes have weight and height limits that might not accommodate your child.

To avoid disappointments, measure and weigh your toddler so that you buy a car seat that suits him/her best.


As you plan to travel with your toddler, one of the best car seats for travel on airplanes is obviously a requirement.

Let your kid be safe and comfortable as he/ she enjoys the smooth flight with one of the above mentioned carseats for airplanes.