What Is The Best Portable Tire Inflator To Buy?


You never know when you may need an inflator for your car.

The recent portable tire inflator reviews shows that more and more people have opted for the portable air compressor for tires just to be on the safe side when traveling… So, what is the best portable tire inflator to use?


Picture Name Pressure Power Editor’s Rating
Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor. 120PSI DC 12 V 4.6/5 (1057+Reviews)
VIAIR 300P Portable Compressor. 150PSI DC 12 V 4.4/5 (223+Reviews)
VIAIR 90P Portable Compressor. 120 PSI DC 12 V 4.6/5 (261+Reviews)
Kensun D1001 AC/DC Heavy Duty. 250 PSI DC 12V or AC 110V. 3.7/5 (1986+Reviews)
Black & Decker ASI500. *** DC 12 V 3.9/5 (540+Reviews)
Slime Pro Power Heavy-Duty. 150 PSI DC 12 V 4.2/5 (288+Reviews)
WINDEK RCP-B62A. 150 PSI DC 12 V 4.2/5 (82+Reviews)
Slime 40022 Digital Tire Inflator. 150 PSI DC 12 V 4.1/5 (1693+Reviews)
Astro 3018 Digital Tire Inflator. *** AAA battery 4.7/5 (793+Reviews)


The inflators can be used when your tire is showing signs of inadequate air pressure. You may be far from a place that offer inflation services, and the portable tire inflator is going to be the savior of the day.

The inflators also come in handy if you have some other things that need to be inflated, a bed and bouncing castles being examples.

Save the time that you would have spent in the store trying to get the best air compressor for car tires by choosing the best one that appeals to you the most from this list of the top three tire inflators:

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3 Best Portable Air Compressor For Car Tires

1. Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor- Air Pump For Car Tires.


Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor weighs just a pound. You can carry it to any destination in your car.

It has a small size that will fit in any of the convenient places in your car, making it one of the best portable air compressor for anyone to use.

The air compressor uses a direct current power input. This makes it convenient for you because you can just use the car battery of this purpose.

The air compressor has alligator clamps that can secure a great grip on the car batteries to ensure that the process is not disturbed.

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The air compressor is great for small sized cars and trucks. It can compress air in tires of up to 33” in diameter.

The alligator clamps can be attached to a 9ft power cord. The power cord extends the length of the wires connecting to the terminal so that you can reach the back tires easily with the air compressor.

There is also a LED indicator that tell you when the power has got to the air compressor or if it is ample enough to power up the air compressor.

You also get a 12ft air hose to extend the air hose currently connected to the machine to the back tires. This is convenient even for long cars that have their wheels a bit far from each other.

The inflator can inflate a tire to a pressure of 120 PSI. This air pressure is enough to make the tire firm but still retain its elasticity.

Tire inflators reviews have put this product in the top spot for it works perfectly for a long time.

You get a manufacturer’s warranty when you purchase the product so that any damage incurred before the warranty becomes void will be repaired by the manufacturer free of charge.


Some tire inflator allows some air back through the valve after a couple year’s use.

Some car tire pump reviews on this product shows that the lifespan of the product extends to at least three years before it becomes defective.

The manufacturer however, has given a manufacturer’s warranty that will take care of the repairs when the product becomes defective.

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2. Kensun YS-205 12V Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator.

Kensun YS-205 Tire Inflator is yet another amazing product that has found its way through to the top of the portable air compressor for car reviews.

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This inflator can work with both AC and DC power supplies. For the DC input, you can use the 12V battery in the car while for the AC, it has 110V rating.

It has a 21.7-inch rubber air hose for extending the air pressure output to the valve of the tire.

The hose is of high quality and hence will not expand when the pressure becomes high.

The pump pumps up to 40 PSI and the air flow rate is 11 LPM. This is ample enough to inflate a tire slightly larger than 30 inches.

The inflator has been tested on various sizes of tires and has worked well with tires of up to 33” in diameter.

This makes it the best automotive air compressor for cars with tire diameters falling in this range.

It also comes with a 3-meter cord that will extend the compressor to the back tires. A 2m AC plug is also included in the package for the AC connection.

Another feature that has won this air compressor a spot in portable tire inflator reviews is its flexibility. The air compressor can inflate anything that needs compressed air in it.

You can inflate balls, mattresses, inflatable boats and so many more.

3 nozzle adapters are included in the package so that you can be able to inflate a number of different kinds of items.

The nozzles are in the universal sizes used in the manufacture of the valves for inflatable objects, so it is more than likely that the nozzles are going to fit in the valve.


The compressor takes some time before filling the inflatables up. It does a lot of work before it finally completes a successful job.

The features work perfectly though, so it will not blow up your inflatable objects since you can leave it until the pressure level is recorded to maximum.

3. Black & Decker ASI500 12-Volt Cordless Air Station Inflator.

The Black & Decker Cordless Inflator has got a great design that outdoes most of the feeble ones in its class.

best tire inflator 120vCHECK CURRENT PRICE.

It is a small portable inflator that has its own battery inside. You do not have to open up the bonnet of your car to access the battery to power up the inflator.

The battery just needs about 5 hours max to charge up completely.

The fully charged portable inflator can fill up a total of four empty tires.

Tires are not the only things that you can inflate with this inflator.

Rafts, mattresses and pool toys can also be inflated too.

You can measure the amount of pressure that the item you are inflating has with the valve that the machine has. The gauge readings are displayed on a digital LCD screen with an accuracy of -/+1 pound per square inch.

An ample-sized hose is included in the package.

The hose can be placed on the compressor to make things more convenient for you when you are travelling with the air compressor in your car.

The air compressor weighs only 5.2 pounds. This makes it super portable and you can even carry it for a great distance from home if you are transporting it to where your car got a flat.

The tire inflator has an option for ac source too. You can use the inflator while it still charges up.

This feature has won it some good rankings in portable tire inflator reviews since people like the convenience when they are in a rush and cannot wait for it to fully charge.

The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty for the product.

If the machine becomes defective within one year of use, then you can return it to the store for it to be serviced and repaired or even replaced when the damage is extensive.


Some of the air compressor lets air escape from the tire as you inflate it.

Most users complain in portable tire inflator reviews concerning this product that they have to refill the tires every time they want to use their cars because the compressed air is never enough to last a week.

This problem however occurs after a couple of year’s use hence you will have had great service for a good time before it happens.

Here is How You Know What Is The Best Portable Tire Inflator.

Here are some of the great aspects of the best portable air compressor for cars that you are searching for:

  • Speed:

Most people do not like a tire inflator that works too slow. You should therefore choose an inflator that can work at a good speed so that you may use it to fill bigger items like bouncing castles with air too.

  • Usability:

Choose a portable air compressor that you can use for more purposes other than filling a tire with air.

Most of the inflators can be used to fill footballs and such like items because their pressure output is controlled and hence you should go for these ones.

  • Efficiency:

Go for a tire inflator that can be able to fill up your tire without straining. Some have less power and hence cannot fill up some types of tires.

You should check whether it is compatible with your tire type before you purchase it.

  • Portability:

You need to go for a small design that you can place in the car and fit perfectly.

The weight also needs to be minimal in case you might ever need to carry it for some distance with your bare hands.

Using this guide, you should be able to find the best air compressor for your car without having to scroll through millions of portable tire inflator reviews.

You can also find one awesome inflator from the three above that you are definitely going to be amazed and satisfied with.