Best Sounding Component Speakers To Buy Today.

If you love music, then you need to get the best sounding component speakers for the best sound for a great entertainment.

Below are the 3 best component speakers for car that you can choose from.

Best car audio component speakers are able to work with the lowest power provided to produce super sound.

They do not have resistance; hence, the power input will be relative to the power output (volume of the music).

They are also able to work with high power inputs. You can use the speakers on any music system with high sound volume without distorting the sound that is supposed to be produced.

Because there are many products of the same nature, you might find it difficult to get the best sound component speakers to bring the best music experience in your car.

You can purchase these top rated component speakers for multipurpose use without sacrificing the nature of the sound that is supposed to generate:

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Top Rated Component Speakers


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1. Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System.



The Polk audio system is one of the best component speakers for the money that you really need to use for quality sound output.


best component speakers for the moneyCHECK CURRENT PRICE.

The sound system consists of a pair of 6.5-inch speakers that weigh an incredible 5-pound total weight.

This small weight they have makes them highly portable. This comes in handy when you need to move the speakers from time to time to different places.

Whether you are going to fit them in a speaker cabinet or a car’s trunk, the pair is always going to fit, even if the circumference of the cut out is a bit bigger than that of the speakers.

The package contains adapter rings that you can use to fit them in. They allow you to fit the speakers in 6.5”-6.75” cutouts.

If you just want to use it in a simpler application, then the two-way butterworth outboard crossover is going to serve you right. It is vented and has a tweeter protection circuit that you normally find in the best car audio component speakers.

The woofers have polymer/ mica cones that are surrounded by butyl rubber. The rubber is highly elastic but tough, giving the cone freedom of movement and hence more bass and sound due to unrestricted vibration.

Each one of the woofer has its own dome tweeter and cross over. The dome tweeters have neodymium magnets that enable them to produce clearer, finer sounds with high notes.

The tweeters are only 25mm, hence they are convenient for any cabinet that has a slot for them since this is a universal size for the latest tweeter models.


Some of the speakers do not function well after a couple years use.

They have great quality and the sound they produce is superb. This is however short lived since the coil in the woofers slowly fails.

You cannot return the speakers on amazon after they start producing this problem since the purchases are not covered by the warranty given by the manufacturer.

Most of the users however claim that they are the best car component speakers that have managed to last for along time.

2. Infinity Kappa 60.11CS 6-3/4″ Component Speaker System.

If you want a 6.5” speaker sound system that will not distort sound on high volume, then these are the best sounding component speakers for you.

Each 6.5” speaker has an impedance of 2ohms. This is ideal if you are looking for a car sound system speaker set.

The two speakers can sustain the natural sounds as power of this nature is supplied to them.

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Infinity Kappa 60.11CS 6-3/4″ component speaker system also can create audible sounds of 45-35,000 Hz making it one of the best sounding component speakers.

It does not matter whether you want deep bass or just the soothing high note sounds to be the most audible. The speakers define the two sides perfectly without distortion.

The highest power supply that the speakers can handle perfectly is 270 watts. Anything at or below this value can be produced to super fine sounds.

If you raise the volume above this level however, you may get a distorted sound output.

Another reason as to why this is one of the best component car speakers in the market is its high RMS value. The RMS value stands at 90 watts for each of the speaker.

So if you connect them in series to provide a mono sound output, then you can peak at 180.

This high RMS value is great for people who like to use a high power source without heating up the coil in the speakers.

This set of speakers has some supportive features in the package too. If your cut out is greater than the required size, then you can use the supportive rings to extend the regions for screwing the bolts on.

The design of the speakers and the supportive features is superior. Even if an object falls on the speakers’ circumference, the supportive features are going to hold the object back from the speakers until you notice.

The pair only weigh about 7 pounds. You can transport them with your bare hands for a good distance without tiring.


The speakers can work with the lowest power supply ever. The drawbacks of the speakers however become evident after you raise the volume to the peak level.

The speakers distort the sound. This makes the speakers unworthy for large party buses that need high performance speakers (although I don’t think you need such volumes for your family car).

They are however great for small cars and indoor usage since it can define a great range of frequencies with the lowest power input

3. JL Audio C2-650 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component Speaker System.

The JL audio speaker system has the best 6.5 component speakers for the money that are great for your entertainment needs.

The set consists of two speakers that you can use in the woofer cabinet, two tweeters and crossover circuits and is one of the best sounding component speakers.

best component speakers for car CHECK CURRENT PRICE.

The woofers are 6.5” in size and have a suitable design for any customized woofer cabinet. They have a peak power rating of 100 watts each.

So both of them can take a maximum of 200 watts without causing some weird sound distortions that inconvenience your musical session. The speakers also have an RMS of 60 watts each.

The tweeter level of the set can be adjusted to three levels. Some people prefer a lower frequency production from the tweeters and this makes it possible for them to choose which level they desire.

The cones of the woofer speakers are filled with mica and made with polypropylene.

This combination ensures that you have the toughest cone that is flexible and lightweight to enable unrestricted movement for the whole diaphragm.

The cones are supported by superior rubber that surrounds the whole circumference. The rubber also allows movement for the cone but keeps it from flapping around when vibrating.

The speaker system responds to a great frequency range similar to all the best car component speakers that have hit the market.

When you connect the system through the crossover, you are sure to note the change in the sound quality produced.

The Crossover has the best circuit built for sound devices. It might be a simple circuit, but can cancel out the unnecessary noise and sounds, leaving a small frequency range to pass through.

That prevents the bass-like frequency noise from being heard from the tweeters.


The crossover is not capable of supporting much power before it fails. Most of the 6.5 component speakers reviews show that some of these sets have a problem with their crossover.

Even though the crossover is able to filter out the sounds perfectly, you are only limited to a specific amount of power that other crossovers can cross over. Users have purchased other crossovers to fill in the task when the original ones die.

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Best Sounding Component Speakers Buying Guide.

When you want to find the best 6.5 component speakers in the market, you should consider these aspects and features:

  • Impedance:

You should choose a speaker system that has great impedance for less sound distortion. The impedance is usually indicated on the package of the speaker set.

  • Power supply levels:

Go for a sound component speaker set that needs the power input that your system can provide. If you use the smaller and limited power outputs, then you should find something that will not drain your batteries in seconds.

  • Supportive features:

Speakers these days come with very many supportive features. Choose a speaker system that has the features you need, a bolt extension being one of the very many examples.

  • Frequency range:

You should choose a speaker set that can support the lowest and highest audible frequencies as possible. Taking the impedance into consideration, you should find something that requires less power supply to make the frequencies audible.

  • Cone:

You should try to press the cone down and push it up to see just how flexible it is. Go for the one that is easy to push but has a controlled movement by the rubber at a reasonable height.

I believe that it has now become easier for you to find the some of the best 6.5 component speakers for the money for you to use for anything you intend.

If you have not found the perfect one from this list, then the guide is going to give you a head start in finding the best sounding component sound speakers.