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What’s The Best Blow Up Water Slides For Kids?


When the sun is scorching hot, it doesn’t mean you have to stay cooked up in the house all day…

While building a swimming pool at home can be expensive; Blow up water slides will provide you with a fun way to cool the whole family and have a great bonding session without spending too much money.

The best thing about an inflatable pool with slide is that it can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Blow up slides are fun, portable, easy to maintain and easy to use since all you have to do is inflate and put water.


Best Inflatable Water Slides My Opinion


1. Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable water Park with Dual Slides


What makes this Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Water Slide Inflatable the best slip and slide ever, is the fact that it has dual slides and climbing surface so many kids can be sliding at the same time.



blow up water slides



The inflatable water slide is made in form of a crocodile and kids climb up its legs and slide down its snout or tail.

This upgraded version has higher tail walls, wider ramps to accommodate bigger people and safety rails for the kids.

All the slides have their own sprayers and lead right to the splash area where they can relax and swim a little.

Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable pool slide is made of commercial grade vinyl meaning it will last for a long time without bursting and it only takes two minutes to inflate.

The package comes complete with a blower, anchor stakes, storage straps and instructions.


Getting the water out in order to deflate and store is quite a hassle.

2. Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park and Bounce


If you have a large family or you are planning to throw a party for the kids, This Blast Zone Inflatable Water Slide and bounce will be the perfect addition.


Best Inflatable Water Slides



The huge slip and slide for kids features a sizable splash area, wide and safe slide, bouncer, crawl tunnel and a very stable climbing wall.

All these features ensure that many kids and even adults get to have optimum fun without fighting over one activity.

This blow up water slide is big enough to handle more than 5 kids and it’s made of commercial grade vinyl so that it can be durable.

On top of making sure kids will have a blast, Blast Zone also ensures their safety so that no accidents or mishaps will be experienced.

The bouncer is easy to inflate and comes with its own blower, storage straps and instructions.


Packing and carrying this slide to storage is ridiculously difficult.

3. Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer


Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Kids Slip And Slide may look small and simple but it has great and unique features not found in many inflatable slides.


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Instead of just a regular climbing wall, this kids water slide has rock wall and a surprise bucket on top that pours water on you as you climb.

Children are able to pretend that they are rock climbing and then roll down on one of the two slides leading to the fun splash pool.

Between the splash pool and rocky mountain, there is a raised island rest area where kids can just sit and dry up while their feet enjoy some water.

This inflatable slide from Little Tikes is made with safety in mind because it is secured firmly on the ground and the kids water slides have side rails.

It holds up to 4 kids comfortably and comes with its own blower, repair kit and storage bag.


You have to let it dry for a couple of days to avoid mold.


4. Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park


This Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park is the best slip and slide addition to any home or party where there are children.


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Though it looks small, the slide can handle more than six kids in the generous splash area.

Blast Zone kids slip n slide features a climbing wall and 10-foot curved slide which has overhead sprayers and lead to the round splash area.

When kids or adults get tired of climbing and sliding they can rest on the splash area and use the spray cannon to play with water.

The Hydro Rush water park is made of high grade vinyl so it’s very strong and durable and inflating takes only two minutes.

It’s a very safe water park and comes with its own blower, storage bag and anchor straps.


The blower is loud and the storage bag is too small for this water park.

5. Spring & Summer Toys Banzai Slide ‘N Soak Splash Park Constant Air Water Slide


This Banzai Slide ‘N Soak Splash Park inflates in less than 2 minutes but requires the included motor blower to continue inflating to maintain the pressure.


inflatable water slides for adults



The water park has a rocky mountains climbing wall on the side, cushiony water slide with overhead shower sprinklers and a lagoon-style splash pool.

Banzai Slide ‘N Soak Splash Park features heavy-duty Dura-tech construction to ensure it is durable and strong enough to handle many kids.

It’s a safe water park that comes with anchor stakes and anchor bags for stability and the slide has side rails.

This water slide is easy to put up and take down but you have to take extra measures to dry out the water. The price is amazing and everything you need is included.


The slide is too small and too tall so only older kids can use it.


6. Bounceland Inflatable Cascade Water Slide with Pool


This Bounceland Inflatable Water Slide is one of the few blow up water slides that consider separating small and older kids.


inflatable water slides for rent



It comes with a big slide and another small one on the side both leading to the splash pool so different ages of kids won’t be in the same place.

Bounceland cool slip and slides are made of heavy-duty puncture proof material with quadruple stitches to ensure durability and avoid leaking.

The water park comes with a strong blower and a long fill tube so you can keep the blower far away to avoid the noise.

This slide inflates in less than a minute and it’s easy to take down as it is to set up. Ground stakes are included to stabilize the bouncer outdoors and there is also a nice storage bag.


It’s not very big so only kids under 8 years can use it.

7. Big Splash Dual Water Slides and Pool Water Park


The Big Splash Water Slide features all the great qualities found in Bounceland backyard water slides such as heavy duty puncture proof material with quadruple stitches, strong UL blower and a long fill tube to keep the blower far from the bouncer.


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As the name suggests, this is a really huge inflatable water park with two long slides and a splash pool.

The tunnel water park has many other activities kids can get involved with other than sliding so it’s very fun for all children.

Big Splash Dual lawn Water Slides and Pool Water Park is easy to set up and take down taking only two minute to inflate or deflate.

The package comes with a blower, large carrying bag, ground stakes for stability and repair patch and instructions manual.


No complaints yet.


Buying Guide For The Blow Up Water Slides


Blow up water slides are generally fun items to buy but they can also be very dangerous so you have to consider everything before buying.

Here is what you should look for;

  • Who Will Be Using The Water Park?

Though most people buy the best slip and slide for kids, there are a few waterparks that accommodate even adults.

If you are buying a slide for kids, consider safety features, height and their age.

However, if adults are going to be part of the fun, you must ensure the slip and slide Kids Park is strong and big enough to handle the weight.

  • Size:

Look at the space you have at your backyard so you don’t buy a blow up water slide that is too big. After that consider how many people or children will be using the slide and plan accordingly.

  • Budget:

Your budget will determine how many features you will get in a water park and the size.

The more features an inflatable pool with slide has such as bouncer, crawl space, rest area and others, the more it will cost you.

Price can also be determined by quality, brand name and construction so just weigh your pocket and look what you are willing to compromise on.

  • Weight:

Choose blow up water slides that you can be able to carry in and out of storage when it’s deflated. This is also considering that a slide is usually wet after use and therefore heavier.

  • Capacity:

The best blow up water slides should be able to handle at least 4 kids or two adults.

It’s important to check the weight capacity of a slide and also how many people it’s meant to accommodate.

  • Durability:

Choose a blow up slide that will not burst or let out air the first day it’s used. The best blow up water slides must be made of commercial grade vinyl and constructed well enough to hold air, water and all that pressure.


Whenever you are shopping for blow up water slide, you must read other peoples comments and reviews because that will give you real facts about the product.

Also ensure that after you buy, kids are not left alone on the slide because it’s not safe.

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