baby walkers that roll on carpet

Best Baby Walkers That Roll On Carpet.

If you have a carpet in your house you must chose the right baby walkers that roll on carpet for your child with utmost care because it is the first source of independence your baby gets before they learn how to walk.

It is very important to get baby walker for carpet floor so that your child will not fall or tip over as they are trying to push the walker forward.

A baby walker for carpet is fun for your child because they can roll forward, sideways and backwards without getting stuck and this will give them confidence to stand up and walk.

This page will review the best baby walkers that roll on carpet sold on Amazon so you won’t have to do the hard work;

Best Cheap Baby Walkers For Carpet 


1.  Joovy Spoon Walker For Baby, Charcoal


Joovy Spoon Walker from Gear Company is a family business specializing in making fun and helpful products for the little ones so they are experienced and really care about the children.



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This Joovy Spoon Walker has been rated the best baby walker for carpet in several sites because of its simplistic design, nice color and overall structure.

Joovy Spoon Walker has a wide base with oversized wheels with non-slip stair pads for stability and also to roll easily on the carpet.

It also features 3 height changing positions adjustable as your child grows and it folds flat for easy storage and travelling.

The beautiful carpet walker is adorned with a removable seat pad which supports the bay and keeps them comfortable and it can be washed.

There is also a supersized tray with removable insert to place many toys, snacks and food while the child is onboard.


The wheels are stiff when the walker is new but they loosen up after a few days use.

2.  Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker


What this Fisher-Price Activity Walker provides is a world of fun for the child even as they learn how to walk.




The company known for their colorful toys has made this walker no exception since it’s adorned with countless colorful activities to be enjoyed by the child even before they are old enough to need a walker and after they learn walking.

Besides doubling up as a fabulous toy, the Fisher-Price Activity Walker helps to encourage your child to take their first steps with confidence especially if they are already standing well on their own.

The affordable walker is lightweight and also comes with big wheels that make it easy to roll on the carpet smoothly.

This beautiful baby walker for carpet floor is easy to turn and steer in whatever direction and it fold up well for storage or travel.


It’s too light and sometimes it can tip over as the child tries to pull themselves up to stand.

3.  VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker For Babies


Whoever said the best baby walker should teach your child to walk only was very wrong as this VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is full of learning activities.


best baby walker for carpet




Your child will start utilizing the removable play panel when they are just toddlers for floor play to enhance their creativity, motor skills and imagination.

This play panel features 5 piano keys, 2 colorful spinning rollers, 3 shape sorters, 3 light-up buttons, telephone handset and over 70 sing-along songs, sound effects and phrases.

Your child will start running numbers, shapes, musical notes and role playing long before they can walk and they will be little geniuses with very developed minds.

As the baby grows to walking age, you can put back the play panel into the walker which features huge legs with wheels for carper or hardwood floor.

It also has a walker handle where the child supports themselves and a strong walker body to hold all that weight.


It has no stoppers or emergency breaks and the rear legs are not apart well enough forcing the child to stand on the side.

4. Playskool Step Start Walk ‘n Ride


The Playskool Step Start Walk ‘n Ride will help your child gain confidence to walk when they are tired of going round and round the table.


baby walker with big wheels



While you can just hold your child’s hand and help them learn how to walk, this walker is better because it gives them a feeling of independence and hence confidence that they are walking without their guardian holding their hands.

Playskool Step Start Walk ‘n Ride is a two in one toy because it will convert into a first ride on toy when your child learns how to walk.

The child can just hop on top of the hood and ride across the room because the smooth and lockable wheels are safe on carpet and hardwood floors.

This is a very affordable baby walker on carpet and it’s not electrical so no batteries required and it’s easy to assemble.

Your child will enjoy the fun gadgets, music and all the fun activities included on the panel.


The wheels are very smooth so things can get fast pretty fast. Always control the speed at the beginning to avoid scaring your baby.

5.  Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center


For those parents who still prefer old school baby walkers for carpet, this Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center will bring color and fun to your home.


best baby walker for carpet 2017



The beautiful walker has amazing rolling performance on carpeting floor and it can move around in 360 degrees easily.

Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center can be used by children from six months of age because it’s safe, comfortable and has 3 adjustable heights to suit any age. Its one of the best baby walker for tall babies

The padded seat is removable for cleaning and the wheels can be stopped with braking in case the child is going too fast.

With this colorful baby walker good on carpet, you will get more than you pay for including jumper guards on the corners to protect your wall when it’s banged, mp3 hookup so your child can listen to fun music and other fun activities on the tray.


The seat and leg opening are really small so a very chubby baby can’t fit in this walker.

6.  Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Push Toy and Activity Walker


You have probably not seen a wooden baby walker before but this Melissa & Doug Deluxe Activity Walker is testament that they are the best baby walkers for carpet.


best baby walker for carpet 2016



This walker is strong and sturdy unlike most plastic walkers that feel weak and wobbly to the child and ignite fear instead of courage.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Activity walker features amazing non-skid wheels that roll easily on the carpet and a simple to grab and hold handle that enables your child to push the walker forward. The walker will help your child to develop their motor skills, concentration and balance.

Over and above everything this walker offers, your child will really enjoy the alligators that open and close their mouth whenever the child takes a step.

The alligators also make fun noises and animation sounds which are entertaining to the child and help them to stay coordinated.


Though the wood is smooth and dye free, one should still check for rough edges and smoothen them out before giving the walker to a child.

Buying Guide For The Baby Walkers That Roll On Carpet


There are many baby walkers that roll on carpet in every baby store. However, there are some features one must look for to ensure the child is comfortable and well taken care of;

  • Toys

If the baby walker does not have several toys and activities to keep your child busy, they are likely to get bored and start crying.

What will keep them in the walker long enough for them to start pushing it forward is the interesting things on it like toys, music, activities and games.

  • Brake pads

It is expected that once your child gains confidence to push the walker, they will want to ride it fast and have fun.

Unfortunately this can be scary or dangerous and so every all baby walkers that roll on carpet must have good brake pads to control the speed or stop a speeding walker for safety reasons.

  • Wheels

The best walker for carpet must have big and smooth wheels that can roll easily on your carpet and on other types of floors.

The wheels must be non-skid and have a locking and swivel mechanism in case they are needed.

Be sure to test the walker on a carpet that is similar to yours or read other peoples reviews to hear how it performs on different types of carpets.

  • Stability

Babies are scared of standing up and walking all on their own. The best baby walkers that roll on carpet must be strong and sturdy enough that your child will feel safe when they use and stop fearing to take that first and second step.

  • Design

There are different kinds of walkers in the market with the common ones being sit or stand designs.

Baby walkers that come with a seat are good because the baby can sit when they are tired and they have support when they fall.

On the other hand standing only walkers help your child’s arms, legs and motor skills develop even more and their independence is more.


Baby walkers that roll on carpet are safe, smooth and fun for the baby. However, the parent or guardian must stay with the child or supervise them and should not leave the child alone at all.

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