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Best WearEver Pots and Pans Reviews .

It can be confusing when it comes to settling for the best cookware on the market. With this WearEver pots and pans reviews, You’re going to learn about the 3 best rated WearEver cookware sets for the money.

Your need a good set of cookware for you to enjoy cooking every day. One of the best cookware sets preferred by most cooks are the WearEver cookware.

The WearEver pots and pans have been purchased in many households and have got some good ratings. They are durable and have no unhealthy content in their composition.

Because there are so many models of the cookware, you need to choose the best WearEver pots and pans set according to what you need most in your kitchen and lifestyle.

To ease your time when you are trying to find the best set for yourself, here are the top choices that have seen their way to the top in best cookware sets list.

Top Rated WearEver Pots and Pans Reviews.

1.   WearEver C943SA Pure Living Nonstick Ceramic Coating 10-Piece Cookware set.

When you value healthy living over everything else, then this is the set that you should be going for.

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The set is made from materials that are do not contain any PTFE, PFOA or Cadmium. The pans are safe for cooking with either for domestic or commercial purposes.

wear ever pansThis WearEver ceramic cookware set has a non-stick surface that is easy to clean. Only one wipe with a cloth on the used pans and pots is enough to remove the food residue.

The pans in the set are made of an inner core of aluminum that is sandwiched by ceramic coating. The aluminum ensures that the heat is transferred to all parts of the pan equally while the ceramic coating ensures that the set does not stain easily.

The ceramic coating is scratch resistant. It will take more than domestic household cookware like spoons to scratch it.

You will therefore enjoy the quality scratch resistant surface for a long time.

You can cook using the WearEver non-stick cookware set on heat sources that have temperatures of up to 700°F.

For ovens, you are limited to temperatures of around 350°C, which is ample enough to bake anything you have in mind.

WearEver C943SA Pure Living cookware stays a long time without defecting.

The durability it has is what has seen it though the WearEver ceramic cookware reviews as one of the best sets in the WearEver brand.

To reassure you that the durability of the set is as stated, the manufacturer has placed a warranty for the set.

If any of the items in the set proves to be defective within the time that the warranty is still available, you will get a replacement as soon as possible.


The surface of the product can scratch easily if not handled with care.

It is not advisable to leave the pans on the stove for long because this can accelerate scratching. The set is good for frying things that will not have to stay on the stove for long.


2.  WearEver C944SA Pure Living Nonstick Ceramic Coating 10-Piece Cookware Set.

The set provides an elegant look to your kitchen. The items in the set have a clean golden finish that shows that a kitchen can be both elegant and stocked at the same time. The set will act as a nice display for you in the kitchen.

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WearEver C944SA Pure Living set consists of a 5- Qt Covered Dutch Oven, a 3.5-Qt Covered Skillet, a 3-Qt Covered Sauce Pan, 10.5″ Saute Pan, an 8″ Saute Pan and 2 Nylon Tools.

These are the essential tools that you need in the kitchen to perform a flawless job. The surface of each of the pots and pans in the set have a high resistance to high temperature changes.

wearever pots and pans setYou can cook with the set under temperatures of up to 750°F.

This is an improvement over the older versions of the non-stick surface cookware sets which sustained their form only for temperatures that do not exceed 500°F.

WearEver C944SA Pure Living does not contain any PTFE, PFOA or cadmium in its composition.

These are the main substances found in some non-stick surface cookware that pose a health risk to the users.

Even though PFOA is still undergoing tests to figure out just how much of a health risk it may pose, you may want to use other cookware that do not contain it.

The set is also fitted with soft silicone handles to insulate the heat from the pan. The handles can stay amazingly cool, even when you are cooking at very high temperatures.

Each and every one of the cookware in the set also has a non-stick surface. The surface is easy to clean for you can just wipe off the remnants of the food off with a cloth.


The lifetime of the non-stick surface of this WearEver cookware set is limited. Some of the users who have used the set for a while have stated in the WearEver pots and pans reviews that they used the pans only for a few months before they started to burn up the food they cook.

The food keeps getting stuck on the surface and burnt that the users had to use much more cooking oil than usual.

3.  WearEver A834S9 Cook and Strain Stainless Steel Cookware Set, 10-Piece, Silver.

The set features a 9.5-Inch Deep Skillet, a 1-Quart Sauce Pan with Glass Lid Cover, a 2-Quart Sauce Pan with Glass Lid Cover, a 5-Quart Dutch Oven with Glass Lid Cover, a 9.5-Inch Deep Skillet, 2 Utensils/ Tools, and a colander.

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The glass lids are perfect for cooking efficiently. They can trap the heat in the wear ever pots when cooking so that the food can cook at a faster rate.

The lids also retain the heat for a longer duration in the pots. They therefore keep the food warm for as long as you need it.

Another amazing thing the glass lids have is the ability to be used as colanders. They have stainless steel reinforcements at edges circulating all the way round.

This allows you to use them as colanders since they are strong enough. The strength of the lids is also as a result of the tempered glass used in its construction.

Strain Stainless Steel CookwareWearEver A834S9 Cook and Strain Stainless Steel Cookware Set has pots and pans that are made from stainless steel and bonded with aluminum base. The construction allows even heating along all the parts of the pans.

The even heating allows you to cook food well without burning parts of it, especially when you are baking food like pie and such.

The wear ever pans have been fitted with rolled handles that stay cool as you cook. You can cook for a long duration with the pans without the handles getting heated up.

The set is made with high standards that surpass the ones set for American electrical appliances. You can use the pans on induction stoves without experiencing any electrical accidents.

The great quality that the set possesses is a guarantee that the set is going to serve you for quite a while.

The whole set weighs about 16 pounds, you can easily transport them to your home after shipment since they do not add bulk to your luggage.


Not all of the cookware in the set works perfectly on induction stoves. Some customer’s WearEver pots and pans reviews state that only a few of the pans in the set work flawlessly on the induction stove.

All the other stoves are quite difficult to use on the stoves and you have to spend lots of time trying to cook a simple meal with them on the stove.

 WearEver Pots And Pans Set Buying Guide.

Finding the best WearEver pure living cookware to buy can be a tiresome task because of all the models out there.

Here are the features and aspects that should guide you into choosing the appropriate set for yourself easily:

Composition: You should look for a set that is PFOA free. There are also other chemical compounds like the PTFE and Cadmium element that you should also avoid to get the healthiest one.

Construction: The best wear ever models are made with aluminum and steel combined with other compounds and elements. You should go for these ones since they are durable and conduct heat faster.

Surface: Always go for the cookware that can be able to stay for long without scratching if you are planning to buy the ceramic sets. The ceramic sets become useless once they scratch since food will start sticking on to the surface and get burnt.

Lids: You should buy the set that has lids for all the items in the set. The lids are the only ones that can fit onto the pans perfectly. You will otherwise spend lots of time trying to find the perfect fit.

Featured cookware: to shorten your sopping list, you should try to find a set that will be able to meet up with more than half of your kitchenware in the shopping list. The cookware sets listed in this review are ample for your kitchen needs.

If you have gone through the whole of this WearEver cookware review, you should have found the best set for your kitchen.

The sets included here are the leading ones in the WearEver pots and pans reviews charts and therefore you should be sure that they are the best that you will find in the market.