sewing machine for teenager

Easy to Use Sewing Machine For Teenager.

Sewing is one thing most kids love engaging in so owning a sewing machine for teenager will not hurt.

Seeing your child grow is the best feeling that you can experience as a mother or a father. What about when they start doing what they love?…

As a keen parent, you might have noticed that your child has an interest in fashioning her doll outfits or even her kitty pet clothing.

If your child is the creative type, you do not have to be hard on her. This might end up being her talent and as you know, talent pays a lot.

All you need to do now is get her an unbeatable sewing machine for kids. With this, I mean a real one and not adding up to her toys with a fake children’s sewing machine.

I know finding the best machine can be daunting but I have made it easier for you.

The list below has the information that will guide you through choosing the best kids sewing machine.


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Best Kids Sewing Machine


1. Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine



The Brother CS6000i has features that will not disappoint your child when she is sewing and quilting her dolls outfits.


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You will be surprised if they forget about playing with their friends to make sure that their dolls have the best clothes. This portable sewing machine for children is user-friendly and its price will surely fit into your budget.

As the name suggests, this kid’s sewing machine comes along with a variety of features. It has 60 sewing stitches that are in-built which include stitches for decorating and 7 different designs one-step buttonholes.

There are 9 presser feet in the machine as well as a table that is detachable.

A case is also available so as to make it easy for you to port the machine. This will keep the child busy in case they want to sew at any time or place.

There is an LCD display which is easy to view, the needle threader is automatic, threading diagrams are not hard to follow. You can also adjust the sewing speed since it is controllable.

You do not want to get confused on how to set up the sewing machine for your kid or even how to begin their sewing.

A Quick start guide and an instruction manual are included here. This will enable your child to learn quickly and therefore enjoy the experience with this unbeatable sewing machine.


  • It is portable because it comes along with a casing that will help you carry it from one place to another with ease.
  • It is easy to learn since it has a guide on how to start sewing as well as diagrams that will help the kid understand how to use the machine.
  • It is cheap and can fit in your budget without any struggles.
  • It has an adjustable sewing speed that will enable your child to work at the speed that she is comfortable with.
  • It has an oversized table that is detachable so as to provide enough space for big projects.

2. Singer 1507WC Easy-to-use Free-Arm Sewing Machine.

This Singer 1507WC is one of the most popular kids’ sewing machine. Don’t let your kid be left out and get her one.

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Being designed for beginners, you can be sure that your child will have a very easy time working with it.

It has 8 built-in stitches that will enable the child to work on basic as well as advances sewing. This includes decorative projects that are fun to perform and what else would your child need if not Singer 1507WC?

This sewing machine for teenager has a handle that allows you to carry it with ease. Its canvas cover keeps it safe for home storage.

It has a built-in accessory storage which makes it easy for the child to access the accessories included.

Singer also has other important features that will add comfort to your child’s sewing such as; adjustable tension for stable stitch quality, handy free arm for quick access to cuffs, pant hems among other sections that are difficult to reach.


  • This sewing machine for kids has a 25 year warranty which is the highest among other models.
  • It has variable needle positions that will enable the kid change depending on the ongoing project.
  • The canvas cover keeps the machine clean as it prevents it from dust and other debris.

3. Brother XM270 Lightweight, Full Featured Sewing Machine.

Brother XM270 is the best machine for teenager to buy for your child if you want them to use it for long. This child friendly sewing machine has a wide range of features that will help your kid do satisfactory designs.

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It has 27 stitches that are in-built including quilting, decorative and blind hem stitches. There are 6 quick-change sewing feet that include zipper, zigzag, blind stitch, hemmer, button sewing foot and a buttonhole.

The machine has a built-in free arm that will enable your kid to enjoy sewing sleeves and pant legs.

The singer has an in-built needle threader, bobbing winding system that is automatic and a quick-set top drop-in bobbin that is jam-resistant.

Your child will enhance her creativity skills with this easy to use sewing machine for teenager.


  • Brother XM270 is easy to use since it is designed as a beginner machine.
  • It enables one to create buttonholes very easily with the in-built one-step buttonholer.
  • It is lightweight and therefore can easily be carried from one place to another.

4. Janome 11706 ¾ Size Hello Kitty Sewing Machine.

Your child is obviously a beginner sewist, make things easier for her by purchasing this girl sewing machine.

Janome 11706 ¾ Size Hello Kitty has 11 stitches among them two stretch stitches and a buttonhole that is built-in.

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Its features include snap on presser feet, reverse lever, push pull bobbin winder, stitch selection dial, easy tension control dial among others.

This fancy child’s sewing machine has a model that will motivate your kid to try out new designs because it is perfectly made for her as a first time sewer.


  • Jahome machine is easy to port since it has a carry handle.
  • It is affordable therefore you do not have to break a bank to get your kid one.
  • Jahome has a warranty that gives you a chance to get a new machine or a refund in case the machine develops hitches within the period.

5. Brother LS2125i Easy-to-use, Everyday Sewing Machine.

If you have been searching for the best lightweight sewing machine for kids that will be easy for your child to use, then Brother LS2125i is the perfect choice for you.

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Basic sewing and other more complex tasks can be accomplished using this machine. This machine has 10 built-in stitches that your kid needs to produce the best outfits.

The foot reverse stitching lever and an automatic 4-step buttonholer make is very comfortable for your child to use this kids’ sewing machine.


  • Brother LS2125i is lightweight therefore easy to port.
  • Its size is compact which makes it easy to handle.
  • It has a detailed user guide for starters hence the child will be able to learn the basics very fast.

6. Janome 2206 Sewing Machine.

You know that all a beginner needs is a machine that will make things easy for her to learn. This Janome 2206 great sewing machine for children has 6 built-in stitches that include a 4-step buttonhole.

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The child is also able to control the stitch width as well as the pattern by dialing the machine’s front. Things have never been any easier without this machine that has a built-in thread cutter that your child can use as her skills grow.


  • Jahome2206 is versatile as it has features that will be used as your child advances in her sewing.
  • It has a free arm that enhances its portability.

7. Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing Machine.

Take your child’s sewing skills to a whole new level with this incredible sewing machine for teenager. Brother Project Runway is easy to learn and use and come up with unbeatable fashions as the name says it all.

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Its features include built-in light, built-in accessory storage, carrying handle, built-in thread cutter just to mention a few.

These features will offer an indelible sewing experience to your child therefore do not be afraid to scoop some few coins and get one home.


  • Project Runway is very affordable considering it is among the best machines.
  • It is lightweight hence easy to handle.

What To Consider When Buying The Best Sewing Machine For Teenager


You have now decided you want to buy your child a teenagers’ sewing machine. However, you do not just wake up, go to the store and get one.


Below are the main things you should consider before buying the machine.

  • Price:

You are the one aware of what your bank account holds. Go for the sewing machine that will not strain your budget.

  • Weights:

Will you be frequently moving the machine from one place to another? If yes, go for the lightest one to avoid inconveniences.

  • Comfortability:

Not all machines will be comfortable for your child to use. You can carry her along with you so that you test and confirm the machine that will be best for her. After all she is the one who will be using it.



I believe the above information will guide you through choosing the best sewing machine for teenagers that will be perfect for your kid.

However, there are many other sewing machines for kids in the market and I just listed some of them.

Feel free to choose from the others if at all the above machines did not meet your requirements. With that, your child will be an exceptional sewer and her dolls will ever be fashionable.