Best Long Arm Quilting Machines For Home Use

What’s The Best Long Arm Quilting Machines For Home Use.

Whether you’re just learning how to quilt, or you have been quilting for years, finding affordable and reliable long arm quilting machines for home use can be pretty confusing.

Remember, the relationship between you and your quilting machine will last for years. This long arm quilting machine reviews is just what you need.


Picture Name Stiches Per Min Weight Editor’s Rating
Best sewing machine Juki TL-2010Q 1500 37.9 Pounds 4.5/5 (14+ Reviews)
Brother PQ1500SL High Speed. 1500 33.4 Pounds 4.5/5 (14+ Reviews)
Janome 1600PQC. **** **** 5.0/5 (3+ Reviews)
Tin Lizzie 18 Sit Down. **** **** 5.0/5 (5+ Reviews)
JUKI TL-2000Qi. 1500 37.8 Pounds 4.4/5 (62+ Reviews)
Brother XR3774. **** 19.5 Pounds 4.7/5 (248+ Reviews)
Grace Q’nique. 1,800 **** 5/5 (1+ Reviews)


Therefore, with such an investment, you need a machine with all the features you need to complete your projects without compromising the quality of your work.

But since quilting machines for home use are not all the same, knowing exactly what you need will help you settle for the machine with the right features and the best price.

Below are our top three picks from our survey, have a look on each!

Here are Affordable Long Arm Quilting Machines


1. Tin Lizzie 18 Sit Down Long Arm Quilting Machine


If you are there as a beginner, or you’re already a pro for free quilting and searching for a long arm quilting machine for home use, the Tin Lizzie offers everything that you would need.

It comes with amazing features to make your quilting a total bliss. With this quilting machine, you only have the sky as the limit.

It brings some fun while operating the machine you can let your imaginations take a short flight.

You will watch as your quilt dances across the space saving and expansive table. Simultaneously, your quilting dreams and visions will float across the fabric easily within the spacious 18—inch throat.

You won’t like to miss this comfy, a custom designed collapsible table! Wherever, you want to work you will definitely have ample space to store your machine once you’re done.

Besides, it features a hinged side leaf for more room.




Tin Lizzie 18 foot controls variable speed setting helps you to control the precision of your stitching.

This allows you to work the machine rather than against it something that helps you get a uniform stitching depending on your speed and machines assistance.

The large bobbin with a built in winder lets you wind while operating your machine, and this ensures that you can’t bounce on an empty bobbin.

More so, using the included M-sized bobbin you have less time winding but more time quilting. Isn’t it amazing?

With an automatic needle positioner, you have the option to use the foot controls to control the position of the needle when stopped.

You will also have soft touch buttons, no more bent or broken needles. This is not only cost efficient but also saves time as well.

With this quilting machine, you no longer need to stop working for you to get a better look at the area you are working on.

It comes with a flexible lamp; this is a great feature. You will also appreciate its self-contained oil system that prevents oil from ever running down your needle.

There are few reviews about this machine, but considering its amazing features, we feel it’s a great one among the long arm quilting machines for home use at an unbeatable price.

Tin Lizzie 18 Sit Down Long Arm Quilting Machine Video Review.

2.  Janome 1600P-QC and Grace Gracie King Machine Quilter Combo.

If you love speed and smart design in sewing and quilting? You may want to have a look at this quilting machine. Janome 1600P-QC is an amazing sewing machine as it offers everything you need to complete your projects quickly and easily.


You will enjoy a high-speed sewing around 800-1600 stitches per minute. It is actually one of the fastest machines you will find on the market! A wide work area nearly 9″ x 6″ to the right of the needle.

With Janome 1600-QC, you will enjoy simultaneous bobbin winding, its independent motor makes it possible to wind bobbins while sewing.

This machine is very comfy while working as the ergonomic knee lift allow you to raise the presser foot while keeping your hands on the working table.

Its side-loading bobbin is easy to access even from a quilt frame.

An automatic thread cutter will save you time as it cuts the top and bobbin thread at the push of a button. Coming with variable speed controls allows you to control your stitching.

This machine features a programmable needle positioning, and this makes sewing quite easy.

Unlike other models, where you had to stop in the middle of your work to have a better look at the working area, Janome 1600-QC comes with dual lights and thus all areas are clear when sewing.

Its performance is similar to that of an industrial machine when you consider its high sewing speed.

Furthermore, this machine is a bit quiet and gives you a quite operation and a sleek design you could expect from Janome sewing machines.

Also comes with a pressure indicator window you can therefore, adjust the foot pressure using the dial to your desired level. Its additional sensor prevents this machine from starting with presser foot in up position.

This machine is backed with lots of accessories and a 25 years warranty on all its mechanical parts.


A reviewer on Amazon complains that it does not come with everything you need for free quilting and thus you need to incur extra cost to buy the Janome convertible free motion quilting set.

Also doesn’t feature the stitch regulator, hence free motion quilt is a bit hard.

At an affordable price and a helpful manual, this is one of the best among great long arm quilting machines for home use.

Janome 1600P-QC Long Arm Sewing Machine with Grace Frame Video review.

3.  Juki TL-2010Q Long-Arm Sewing & Quilting Machine.

It is a single needle lockstitch machine ideal for straight stitching and quilting. However, Juki TL-2010Q is also perfect for tailoring and home décor items.

You can use it as a table top machine by mounting it on some cabinets or machine quilting frames. It is a portable machine featuring a built-in carrying handle.

This machine comes with many advanced features, all that contributes to high performance.

With an advanced thread trimming, Juki TL 2010Q allows you to trim top and bobbin threads. Thanks to its exclusive foot controlled trimming system.

Thread Trimmer for QuiltingCLICK TO VIEW CURRENT PRICING.

Thread trimming is now automatic with this machine, coming with an automatic thread button that simultaneously trims the needle and bobbin threads.

By pressing the push-button both needle and bobbin threads trim automatically. Amazingly, the machine engages an industrial style thread trimming mechanism.

No more twists or quivers with Juki TL-2010Q, its sub-tension unit ensures smooth, even and twist free feeding of thread to the needle regardless of the thickness of your thread. In addition, it prevents the thread from quivering when sewing at high speeds.

Your end results is an accurate and fine-tuned thread tension.

The thread tension scale allows you to adjust the tension based on the thread and nature of fabric used. Speed control is a breeze here, and its new speed control lever gives you complete control over the sewing speed.

Set your speed between 200-1500 stitches per minute for free motion and precision sewing.

Materials are sewn with ease, its speed control mechanism allow this machine to sew them at low speeds.

This gives you an accurate feed and a perfect stitch when sewing heavy weight fabric and quilting. Just adjust the presser foot pressure according to the fabric been sewn.

Juke TL-2010Q comes with a needle up/down control, therefore, when you stop sewing your machine stops with the needle in the down position for more accurate free motion work. Use the up/down button to control the movement of your needle.

This quilting machine is truly illuminating. It comes with a bright white LED lighting that provides an illuminated view of your working area and thus a more precise sewing.

Needle threading is also automatic and; therefore, there is no eyestrain. Sewing can also start quickly!


The only drawback with this machine is its automatic threader. Most are the times you’ll thread it yourself rather than using the automatic threader.

Backed with many features, Juki TL-2010Q is awesome for free motion quilting.

Juki TL-2010 Video Review


Buying Guide For Best Long Arm Quilting Machines For Home Use


If quilting is your main interest, then you need to find one of the best sewing machine on the market for your quilting needs.

The features and accessories you’ll need should be somewhat different from those found on quilting machines occasionally used for crafts.

We have simplified the whole process for you and here are some things you need to look for when shopping for the best long arm quilting machines;

  • Stitches; consider the number of stitches included. Also, consider your preferences, will you use the basic stitches or do you need more fancy ones.
  • Stitch adjustment; consider how much control you need for length and width of stitches.
  • Presser feet; consider the kind of presser feet included. Remember a walking foot is almost indispensable in quilting.
  • Drop feed; consider how high the presser foot lifts. This is important in creating your free form patterns when quilting.
  • Speed; faster sewing save time, therefore, consider how fast the machine can go and whether the speed is adjustable.
  • Throat space; consider the space between the needle, presser feet and the neck of the machine. A deep throat is good for quilting without frustrations.
  • Table size; the size of the working table must be nice.
  • Knee lift; a knee lift allow you to raise the presser foot by pushing your knee against a lever. Very ideal for free motion!

You may also consider the accessories available; this is just in case you need to do additional activities with your quilting machine.

Now you know what to look for when shopping for your long arm quilting machine for home use.

For us, it is quite tough to recommend any one machine for you, because there so many quality quilting machines to choose from all coming with different features, specs and at different prices.

Despite the difference in features and specs, most of them will do the work for you in almost the same way.

Having weighed all information about the three quilting machines, we believe you can now make the right choice of the right long arm quilting machines for home use.

Our Best Pick is Tin Lizzie 18 Sit Down Long Arm Quilting Machine