Bernette B77 Sewing Machine Review

Sewers love the Bernette B77 sewing machine for its embroidery capabilities. Most people either love it or hate it – nothing in-between.

The people who love it do so for the stitch quality. There is a built-in Dual Feed that is valued.

Bernette B77 Sewing Machine Review

Bernette B77 embroidery and sewing machine has a space between the needle and the machine, which is 12’’ inches measured diagonally so there is more maneuvering room than most embroidery machines.

Is Bernette B77 Sewing Machine best for you?

Slightly Used The Bernette B77 Sewing Machine is in a class all its own. It is the crown jewel among all machines, with technology so advanced and features so thoughtful that it almost becomes an extension of your own creativity.

Get ready to go bigger, go faster and make the most of every-single-stitch.


More space: the Bernette B77 offers 50% more sewing space than other top-of-the line machines including 12″ to the right of the needle. With the embroidery module attached the 830 is 40″ long.

Its foot lift is 15mm the highest in the market and a must have for quilters.

More speed: the Bernette B77 Sewing Machine runs up to 1,100 stitches/minute – the fastest of any home sewing machine.

Its top speed of 1,000 embroidery stitches/minute sees it hum along with no vibration – a true mark of Swiss engineering.

Bigger bobbin: nothing is more annoying than running out of thread on the bobbin at the worst possible time – the new Bernette B77 Sewing machine has 40% more thread capacity on its bobbin.

Total stitch control: including 360 degree multi-directional sewing Centered screen:

Bernette B77 embroidery machine has a centralized located touch screen which features high resolution graphics and vivid color making it particularly easy to read.

Dual feed: working with lots of layers is no problem with the Bernette B77 dual feed in the 830 Automatic threading and a multi-spool holder which manages all sizes and shapes of thread cones. Comes with a lot of extras: embroidery designs and hoops.

What makes Bernette B77 Sewing Machine Special?

There are many quick stitch embroidery designs online, which are used for quilting.

These designs are often rework designs or often, single run designs where the design is stitched with only a single pass of the thread and needle comprising the entire design.

There are raves on how easily it is to do these designs with this sewing machine.

Bernette B77 Embroidery Machine Review-Video


Pros of Bernette B77 sewing machines

Bernette B77 is used mostly for quick stitch embroidery designs and quilting. Those who buy Bernette B77 sewing machines consider those aspects dearly.

If you are doing embroidery, the machine will stitch with only a single pass of the needle and thread to complete the entire design.

Cons of Bernette B77 Embroidery Machine

There are people who get a Bernette B77 sewing machine and absolutely hate it.

One customer mentioned a problem with her first Bernette machine that it would only accept one size hoop – large. A big part of embroidery is using different sizes of hoops. The customer was not thrilled by the Bernette sewing machine B77.

Another customer bought a Bernette B77 sewing machine for her business. It did not thread itself as it was supposed to, and when it did thread, it did not stay threaded, and needles broke all the time. It also comes down on its own foot.

Thread jams, top and bottom, constant error messages and sometimes it forgets where the design is supposed to be in the hoop after she has several colors already down. It cost this woman a fortune because her entire business is down when any of these problems occur.

Another woman had the problem of this machine not accepting thread after having done this right numerous times. She has had to do many work “arounds” and the machine is not intuitive at all.

Bobbins have silver paint and if the paint wears off, the bobbin has to be replaced. She believes that the embroidery is in her opinion lacking a bobbin system that requires a dental mirror to learn to thread it.

She eventually bought another brand sewing machine to do most of her sewing. She further states that she would never buy another Bernette B77 sewing machine.

It was higher priced than others having less features on the low end and on top has updates that are buggy, poor design requiring many work “arounds”.

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This is one of those products where most of them work well, but there are many “lemons” in the bunch. Customers either love this machine or totally hate it.

Bernette B77 sewing machine is a fairly expensive machine and it is usually for a business so when it doesn’t work right, people get really upset.Save