Best Portable Lighted Makeup Mirror

What’s The Best Makeup Mirror With Lights?

Looking For the Best Makeup Mirror With Lights?..

The mirror is every woman’s best friend; it’s where ladies get their confidence to step out every morning and where they reflect upon in the evening….

Today, almost every house has a makeup mirror with lights so the user can see details of their face when applying makeup, shaving or even tweezing eyebrows no matter what time it is.

A makeup mirror with light is also great in the morning when you don’t want to wake up a spouse or baby by switching on the bedroom light.

The light on these mirrors only reflects on the mirror and not the entire room so it’s good for bedrooms.

To avoid wearing the wrong make up for the wrong time, makeup mirrors with lights can be adjusted to give daytime, office hours and evening light so you can apply makeup and hair the right way.

Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Reviewed.

1. HAMSWAN SM217-DL Makeup Mirror – Best Portable Lighted Makeup Mirror.

Ladies know that applying makeup to perfection is an intricate job that requires not just some expertise but also the right equipment…

While you may have all the right make up and combs, it is the mirror you have that determines whether you do the job perfectly or you leave the house looking scary and funny.Best Portable Lighted Makeup Mirror


The HAMSWAN SM217-DL Makeup Mirror is a perfect lighted mirror for home and outdoor use. It’s a beautiful lightweight mirror with ecofriendly ABS and glass material so it’s a safe to carry everywhere you go which is very convenient.


This mirror comes with 21pcs LED bulbs and ON/OFF touch button so you can clearly see yourself even in dark or poorly lit areas. These LED lights are premium eye care that ensures your eyes will not be affected while you apply your makeup.

HAMSWAN SM217-DL is rectangular in shape with a large screen enabling you to view the entire face at once. It also features a 180 degree rotation meaning you can fix it at any position to get the perfect viewing angle anytime of the day.

While you can use the 1x flat mirror to touch up your make up, this mirror also provides you with 2x and 3x magnification so you can see every detail while you are tweezing, wearing lenses and applying eyeliner.

Since this is a portable mirror, you will need 4 AAA batteries or a USB cable to power it wherever you are so you never have to panic.

The triple folded design enables you to store up and carry the mirror effortless while the base ensures this mirror stands on its own while you apply makeup.

2. Simplehuman Lighted Makeup Mirror, Sensor Mirror Pro, 5x Magnification.

If you like technology, simplehuman Lighted Makeup Makeup Vanity Mirror with lights will blow you away because it’s incredibly advanced.Best Makeup Mirror With Lights


It features Tru-lux light system which is twice as bright as your average makeup mirror with light.

Simplehuman Lighted Makeup Mirror has a 5 x magnification which is just the right dial to see details of your face when doing makeup without exaggerating your imperfections.

It also comes with an intelligent multi-sense which makes it light up when you get near it and turn off when you leave.

This beautiful mirror has an aluminum coating and simulates natural sunlight so its distortion free and very clear.

Other technological features include long-lasting LEDs, adjustable and tilting mirror and ability to keep charge for 5weeks.

It’s a big mirror with great design and it is also cordless so no messy wires on your floor.


The switch on button is at the bottom of the base which is very inconvenient especially if you need to place this mirror on the floor.

3.  Jerdon HL65N 8-Inch Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror with 5x Magnification.

Luxury and glamour are rolled into this two-sided mirror meant for 5-star hotels.

The Jerdon HL65N is a lighted mirror with close-up 1x and 5x magnification so the user can see what they are doing vanity mirror with lights


This makeup mirror with light is mounted on the wall and it has the ability to go 360-degree to ensure every angle of the person is captured.

The extension arm is not only firm and strong but it also offers smooth rotation and great aesthetic appeal.

Jerdon HL65N is a circular mirror with 8inch diameter and a beautiful nickel finish.

It has a 25-watt light bulb that is replaceable and it’s switched on at the rotary knob on the base.

This beautiful makeup mirror with lights comes complete with the mounting hardware, bulb and a one year warranty.

 It’s easy to use because you just need to plug in to power and switch on the light and its very affordable for such a luxurious mirror.


The light seems very dim if you have the overhead room light on so you have to turn any other lights off.

4.  Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Mirror.

If you want a light makeup mirror that will look good in any room of the house, this Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Mirror is the right choice.

It’s a classic mirror with a simple stand-alone arm so you can easily move it from place to place and even place it on the mirrors with lights


Conair Oval is a double sided mirror so two people can use it simultaneously and it has an oiled bronze finish around the oval.

The mirror can rotate 360-degrees and has a 7x magnification so you can see every detail of your hair and facial features when getting ready.

Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Mirror has great features including a long cord, different magnification settings and a swivel arm that stays put when you are done adjusting.

It’s great for makeup application, doing your hair and day to day use because the lighting is great.

The glass on this mirror gives a picture perfect reflection thanks to the halo lighting and fog-free feature.

It’s easy to use, affordable and easily portable.


A 7x magnification is too much and can show you unnecessary details of your face.

5.  Decobros 8-inch LARGE Tabletop Two-sided Swivel Vanity Mirror with 7x Magnification.

Applying makeup is a complicated process that requires a good makeup mirror with light bulbs and great lighted makeup mirror


Decobros 8-inch LARGE Tabletop Two-sided Swivel Vanity Mirror is large enough and is clear mirror and distortion free,  so you will be able to clearly see all your face.

Though this makeup mirror with lights is very large, it happens to be light enough to hold on hand while combing the hair with the other.

The two-sided mirror has one side without magnification which is perfect for seeing back your head when styling the hair.

This mirror is well-made and comes very carefully packed in a box with padding.

It’s one of the most affordable makeup mirrors with light and it stands upright on the table or floor without support.

If you want a mirror that will transform your room with its beauty, this Decobros mirror is perfect with its classic design and nickel finish.

It can swivel all the way round and coms with a lifetime warranty.


The 7 x magnification tends to be a bit too much which causes little distortion and picks too many details on your face.

6. Ovente MPT85BR Multi Touch Tabletop Makeup Mirror with 3 Tone LED Light Option.

The Ovente MPT85BR Multi Touch is another vanity makeup mirror with lights boasting an array of technologically advanced features to make every woman’s life easier.

It features three tone LED options; cool, warm and natural to fit all times of the day and different occasions.professional makeup mirror with lights


Ovente MPT85BR is one of the few makeup mirrors with light that has multi-touch technology which means you just have to touch the mirror to turn it on/off or switch between the three tones.

The light is all around the mirror and it automatically turns off after 15 minutes just in case you forget to turn it off.

This mirror has a 360 degree swivel rotation so you can adjust it to any position you like.

It comes with a universal AC adapter for charging and also has the alternative of using batteries so there are no messy cords lying around.

This mirror has one side with 1x magnification and the other with 10 x magnification to meet different requirements.

It’s an affordable, beautiful and environmental friendly mirror that every lady should have.


10X is too much magnification and once the touch screen becomes unresponsive the light is useless.

Buying Guide For The Makeup Mirror With Lights.

The best makeup mirror with lights is probably the easiest item to buy when it comes to beauty shopping.

All you just need is to figure out where you will be using it and how much light you need. Once that is covered, here are some of the factors you should consider to narrow down the search;

  • Magnification:

Besides having light on a makeup mirror, it’s also very important to have magnification so you can apply makeup perfectly especially when drawing eye and lip liner.

The best makeup mirror with lights should have at least two mirrors; one which is normal and the other with a minimum of 5x magnification so you can cover all aspects of applying makeup.

  • Durability:

Whether a lighted mirror is for travelling or sitting on your bathroom counter, it is bound to fall down or crash with some other object.

The best and professional makeup mirror with lights should be shutter free and has added protection so you will not be buying a mirror every week.

  • Portability:

While it is absolutely amazing for your décor when a mirror is mounted on the wall, sometimes you may need to move that makeup vanity set with lighted mirror to better lighting or better position.

So the best mirrors are those that are portable so you can move them whenever you like and utilize natural lighting.

  • Safety And Protection:

Bathroom mirrors are prone to fog because of steam from the shower and perspiration. Buy a mirror that is coated with a fog resistant glass so water and steam will bead up instead of creating fog.

A lighted mirror should also not come into contact with water because water is a good conductor of electricity.

A mirror that has good waterproofing is safer and more durable.


The best time to apply makeup perfectly is obviously during the day when the sun is up and enough natural light is coming inside the house.

However, if you don’t have that luxury consider buying the best makeup mirror with lights for your bathroom or dressing table to get the best results always.