Best Rated Breast Pumps

Best Rated Breast Pumps For Breastfeeding Moms.

You need that best rated breast pumps for comfort, style, efficiency and convinience.

We have selected the best breast pumps for expressing mums to give you an edge in choosing the best…

Before the early 90s, women who had to go anywhere and leave their babies behind were forced to extract milk using their hands or better yet feed their babies with cow milk.

The best rated breast pumps have made it possible for mothers to exclusively feed their babies with the mother’s milk for the first six months because it is easy and convenient to pump milk.

Today, top breasts pumps are so discreet that you can pump as you walk or while working in the office without anyone noticing.

They come with convenient bottles where you store your milk and put it in the freezer if not required immediately.

1. Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack.

New moms who have to pump milk several times a day will benefit greatly from this Medela Pump In Style Advanced top rated breast Pump.Best Rated Breast Pumps


The backpack includes a motor unit, adapter, batteries, icepack and insulated cooler bag to keep the milk cold.

This package makes pumping on the go very easy and discreet thanks to the 24mm breast shields, personal fit connectors, tubing, valves and an instruction manual.

 Once you carry the backpack, connect the pump to your breasts and let it do the work loading all the milk to the 5 ounce milk bottles provided.


The charger might let you down but you can always use the batteries.

2. Spectra Baby USA Double/Single Breast Pump with Rechargeable Battery.

If you want something really advanced for your day to day living, this Spectra Baby USA Double Pump is among the best rated breast pump in the market.Best Breast Pumps


It features a closed system while pumping to ensure hygiene for you and the bay and the battery is rechargeable.

Sometimes breasts need a little nudge to let down the milk and this best double electric breast pump is that nudge because it has powerful suction and your nipples won’t feel the pressure.

It also features a timer, night light and let down mode for night purposes.


You have to ensure the tubing is straight to avoid noise and moisture on the bottles.


3. Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump.

If you can’t afford Medela’s most recommended breast pumps or you just need something small and portable, this manual pump will do.most comfortable breast pump


It’s the best manual breast pump meant for occasional times away from the baby when you don’t need to pump many times.

This most comfortable breast pump uses a 2-phase expression technology and has an easy to use ergonomic swivel handle that makes pumping comfortable on the hand.

It features two bottles with lids, manual pump, cap, membranes and a bottle stand.

Since it does not have too many parts, you can just throw it in your handbag and it’s great for places where there is no power.


This best hand breast pump has a design flow where it loses suction after a few uses.

4. Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump.

This is among the best breast pumps because it lets you pump milk comfortably in any position so you can do it lying down or sitting up on your office rated breast pump


It has a soft massaging cushion that stimulates milk flow like a baby’s mouth so you can express more milk fast.

Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump has two sets of good breast pumps for each breast so you can pump both simultaneously to save time and choose between medium, low and high expression force.

 This bottle has few parts to assemble to make work easier and it comes with 4 complete natural bottles and two extra soft nipples for newborns.


There is no battery slot so it can only be operated on power.

5. Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump – Carry All.

This simple bag consists of two of the top breast pumps and bottles to ensure you express milk from both breasts breast pump for working moms


Though it’s such a compact bag weighing only 1 pound, it’s able to fit 4 bottles and all the pumping equipment needed while you travel.

Ameda Purely Yours is among the best breast pump on the market because it allows you to control the speed and strength of the suction to your comfort.

It’s designed to protect milk from contamination by use of a patented diaphragm and lack of tubes.


It’s a loud pump and has no warm up before suction begins.

6. Freemie Freedom Double Electric Hands Free and Concealable Breast Pump.

If you are one of those very busy mums who is always on the run or you have twins who always have your hands full, this is the best hands free breast pump for breast pump on the market


It was invented by a mom who had twins and couldn’t find time to pump because of the hectic lifestyle.

With the Freemie Freedom best rated breast pumps, all you need to do is place the cups on your nipples, connect to the pump and start.

You can do this hands-free while still carrying on with your work at the office, driving or even taking care of the kids.


There is no car adapter so you can’t pump while driving.

7. Hygeia Enjoye, Cordless.

Of all the electric breast pump reviews, this is the most unique because there is none like it in the double electric breast pump


It is a cordless pump that is operated on a rechargeable battery and it’s the best breast pump for working moms.

The most impressive thing about this best breast pump for twins apart from being cordless is the fact that each side has its own customizable speed and pressure so you feel like you are feeding the baby.

Hygeia Enjoye is a double breast pump for convenience and time management and comes with personal accessory kits to allow more than one mom to use it.


The flanges sizes are very small and it’s a bit loud.

8. The First Years Double Breast Pump.

This is another unique double breast pump that has a handle in the middle of the two best rated breast pumps so you can use just one hand to hold the pump and do something else with the other hand.

top rated breast pumps


Its top feature is that its super quiet no one would even know you are pumping milk.

No matter how big or small your nipples are, The First Years Double Breast Pump has soft Flexi-fit shields to fit the breasts perfectly.

It features two Gumdrop bottles with infant nipples and storage lids, 8 suction level settings and a beautiful tote bag to hold all your pumping essentials.


It has no option of pumping one side only.

Buying Guide for the Best Rated Breast Pumps.

Over and above just expressing milk from your breasts to the bottle, you have to ask yourself what is the best breast pump? This is to ensure the process is safe, comfortable and enjoyable.

Here are the few factors you should consider while shopping for the best rated breast pumps;

  • Efficiency:

While all breast pumps will eventually express the same amount of milk from a mom, they all do it at different speed.

The best portable breast pump is one that does it as fast as possible so you can get going to other duties especially if you are working.

  • Comfort:

Breasts are very sensitive especially the first few months and this can be made worse by the baby.

The best rated breast pumps should be comfortable and gentle on the nipples so you don’t get engorged.

Comfort is dependent on the amount of pressure applied by the pump and the shape and material of the flanges. Get a pump that has adjustable settings on pressure.

  • Ease of use:

Since the whole idea of pumping milk is because you are a busy mum, you need a pump that is easy to put together and use in a jiffy before dashing back to work.

Top rated breast pumps really should they have very few parts and must be easy to use, assemble and take apart for cleaning purposes.

  • Accessories:

Though it’s not a must to have these accessories, they help when it comes to breast pump ratings and uses.

A pump that allows the use of batteries when there is no power is better and so is one that comes with an insulated cooler for storage.

A tote bag for portability and a massager to stimulate the breasts before suction also come in very handy.

  • Hygiene:

A breast pump that considers hygiene is very good because babies are sensitive.

 The best closed system breast pumps are usually great for hygiene purposes and if possible get one that doesn’t have tubes.


With the market flooding with best rated breast pumps, you cannot fail to find one that will please you.

However, it’s also important to still breastfeed your baby every now and then because it’s a good bonding process between mom and baby.