Trijicon HD Night Sights VS TruGlo TFX Pro

Trijicon HD Night Sights VS TruGlo TFX Pro

Trijicon and TruGlo are two reliable and reputable brands of pistol sights. However, gun enthusiasts face the challenge of deciding between Trijicon HD night sights vs TruGlo TFX pro.

But here, we present a comparison of the brands to help you decide which is better – Trijicon or TruGlo?

In this article, we will compare both sights in terms of their features, pros, cons, design, quality, and performance.

Let’s begin with the key differences between the two followed by a detailed comparison.

Trijicon HD Night Sights vs TruGlo TFX Pro – Key Differences

Trijicon HD Night Sights VS TruGlo TFX Pro
Trijicon HD Night Sights VS TruGlo TFX Pro

Here are some quick points of comparison between the two sights.

  • Dot Color: TFX Pro by Trijicon is available with a green dot but Trijicon HD gives you multiple options to choose from.
  • Material: Trijicon HD protects aluminum cylinders using a silicone rubber cover while the TFX Pro has CNC steel.
  • Gun Support: Sights from both brands support multiple guns but Trijicon takes the lead here by supporting more.
  • Size: TFX Pro is bigger than the Trijicon HD night sight
  • Use of Tritium: Trijicon HD ensures even light spread using tritium lamps while the TFX Pro illuminates the sight instantly using tritium bars.

Which is Better Trijicon or TruGlo? – Head-to-Head Comparison

Design Comparison

TruGlo TFX Pro uses a patented device with a longer front sight than usual and sits on the right spot for an enhanced bullseye vision.

While the back piece isn’t necessary, it compliments the design. Moreover, the U shape of the backsight keeps you focused on the object while preventing sideways swaying of the eyes.

Trijicon HD comes with a swollen front sight that’s a bit higher as compared to the traditional long front sights. Similar to the TFX Pro, you can use this one as a single piece as well.

However, the back piece fits the sight well and helps notice the target faster. Moreover, the evenly lighted tritium makes your eyes focus on the dot automatically without needing you to force the eye.

Quality Comparison

TruGlo TFX Pro uses CNC steel to make the sight durable, rustproof, and lightweight. The steel quality used here makes it good enough to last for years, given the 12 years warranty. Moreover, it prevents glare that might come with other materials and the orange circle.

Trijicon HD combines two materials. An aluminum cylinder packs a chamber and tritium lights. Here, aluminum is anti-rust and tritium prevents the sight from environmental damage and scratches. A heavy rubber coating is used outside the aluminum cylinder that prevents damage in case of a fall.

Comparing both, TruGlo gets an upper hand in terms of material used. However, Trijicon’s sight might be more durable as long as the rubber stays in shape.

Performance Comparison

TFX Pro is a versatile sight. Its process of quick transformation into fully illuminated from non-illuminated is smooth, flawless, and quite amazing. If you are using it with a Glock, it’s the best night sight that fits perfectly without leaving any gap between the rails.

Trijicon HD packs flawless capabilities for bullseye hitting. It offers a fabulous performance at night. Although it’s accurate with the front sight only, combining both sights enhances the vision and ensures better target hitting.

Size Comparison

The TFX Pro is a bit longer. It has a standard long sight size with a front height of 0.200” and width of 0.150”.

With this size, it doesn’t hinder animation or reloads time by taking less front space. A small back sight gets the job done well with a width of 0.167” and a height of 0.180” without the base.

Trijicon HD can be noticed from afar as it sits high with a height of 0.283”. But the width of this sight is quite small, measured at 0.122”. The back sight comes with a height of 0.321” and a width of 0.169”.

Weight Comparison

TruGlo TFX Pro appears to have more weight but it weighs only 0.01 pounds. The weight is the same as that of Trijicon XR.

Trijicon HD, on the other hand, weighs 1.6oz. Being lighter than an average heavy art paper, it doesn’t put much weight on the gun either.

Comparing Use Cases of Trijicon HD Night Sights vs TruGlo TFX Pro

When buying a sight, you might be planning to use it for a specific purpose. It can be for competition, plinking, or self-defense. Here, we will explore a comparison of both the sights for different use cases.

Trijicon HD Night Sights VS TruGlo TFX Pro
Trijicon HD Night Sights VS TruGlo TFX Pro

Plinking or Target Shooting

For target shooting, you will need to aim and shoot at a stationary target from a distance. An accurate and user-friendly sight is the best pick for this.

In comparing Trijicon HD night sights vs TruGlo TFX pro, the latter offers consistent light. While this gives TruGlo an advantage, the Trijicon’s front and back sights have a brightness difference because of its design. This helps the user concentrate easily without any distraction from the rear lights.


If you are looking for a sight for a shooting competition, you need the one that’s agile, accurate, and fast. And comparing both the sights, the thinner one is more suitable for this application.

Home Defense

When talking about home defense, most incidents take place at night. So, you need a sight that performs better at night. Among both options, Trijicon HD is marked as a night sight and is likely to be a preferred choice. However, TruGlo TFX Pro is compatible with all light conditions.

The Verdict

TruGlo takes an upper hand in the target shooting application due to the better alignment of front and back sights.

However, for tactical shooting at night, Trijicon’s photoluminescent and tritium combination makes it a better pick. Moreover, the thinner front sight makes it a better pick for competitions as well.

Overall, Trijicon scores higher for supporting more guns and offering better sight in this Trijicon HD night sights vs TruGlo TFX pro comparison.


How Long do TruGlo Night Sights Last?

TruGlo sights can last for years as is obvious with the company’s 12-year warranty offer. However, the company claims that the sight might get dimmer with time.

Are Trijicon Night Sights Safe?

Tritium used in night sights is also used in exit signs and watches. It emits weak beta particles that pose no danger to a person using Trijicon night sights.

What Color is Best for the Front Sight?

Usually, green is considered a better choice but it’s a personal choice. The criterion for the best color is high visibility and some humans can see other colors better than green.