Best Vinyl Cutter For The Money.

This post is all you need to get the best vinyl cutter for the money !

Most professional vinyl cutting machines come with a hefty price tag thanks to the new features and technological developments said to be available in these machines today…

However, it is still possible to get the best vinyl cutter for the money and have it perform well.

So, which is the perfect vinyl cutting machine?

Picture Name Weight Rating
Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine. 11.8 Pounds 4.6/5 Stars
USCutter 28-inch Vinyl Cutter Plotter. 37 Pounds 4.2/5 Stars
Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Tool. 9.7 Pounds 4.6/5 Stars
Silhouette Portrait. 6.8 Pounds 4.4/5 Stars
Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in BUNDLE. 57.6 Pounds 4.1/5 Stars
Cricut Explore Air Wireless Electronic Cutting Machine. 19.2 Pounds 4.3/5 Stars
Silhouette CAMEO 3. 6 Pounds 4.1/5 Stars
Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine. 17.1 Pounds 4.3/5 Stars
28-inch USCutter Titan 2 Vinyl Cutter. 59.2 Pounds 4.3/5 Stars
Silhouette CAMEO 2 Touch Screen Starter Bundle. 12.1 Pounds 4.7/5 Stars

What is a Vinyl Cutter Machine?

A vinyl cutter machine is a computer controlled machine that cuts shapes and designs into vinyl before they are stuck to something else.

It’s used by small business people to make signs and stickers seen on automobiles, t-shirts, advertisement banners and vinyl lettering.

Whether you use the personal vinyl cutter for marketing purposes, signage business, and advertising or as a hobby you must have the right software to design all the images and words you want cut into vinyl or cardboard.

It’s also an easy and creative way to make big banners for special occasions such as parties, weddings and also in billboards.

Best Vinyl Cutter Machine That Gets Job Done Perfectly.

1.  Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine Vinyl Starter Kit Bundle.

Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine is by far the best vinyl cutter for the money because of its ease of use and silhouette cameo that makes doing everything yourself such a bliss.

This machine is able to cut through many types of materials including t-shirt fabric, cardstock, vinyl and paper as long as it does not exceed under 12inches wide and 10feet long.

Best Vinyl Cutter For The Money


Even though it’s a great personal vinyl cutting machine, it’s designed solely to make professional products like t-shirts, banners and vinyl decals.

The blade can be removed and replaced with a pen for drawing and the Silhouette Cameo design software is really user friendly enabling you to finish designs in very few steps.

This amazing bundle comes with silhouette printer studio software usable in all operating systems, instruction guide, 51 cuttable designs, vinyl trimmer blade, black cutting blade, USB and power cable.

It also has 4 sheets of premium vinyl in 4 colors, 10 feet of premium transfer paper, silhouette scraper and hook, exclusive download card with 10 vinyl designs, idea booklet and instructional DVD.

The program lets you choose what material you are cutting and adjusts accordingly.

This package also comes with a one month free trial with unlimited designs.


It’s a bit noisy for home use.

2.  Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in BUNDLE.

If you want a great vinyl cutter for a big professional business, the Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in BUNDLE might be what you are looking for.

vinyl cutting machine reviews


This kit comes fully loaded with essential items such as vinylmaster cut for making vinyl signage, design and cut software, 3 Roland compatible blades and 5 rolls of Greenstar vinyl in 5 colors.

The kit also has 2 sheets magnetic blanks, 1 hoby knife, 2 transfer tapes and 1 squeegee.

The Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in BUNDLE comes ready to cut anything you can possibly imagine with vectorized fonts and intuitive interface and enables you to edit images, modify signs, and customizes text and so much more.

Considering how large and efficient it is, this machine is the best budget vinyl cutter and it can cut the largest vinyl signage and decals for advertising and automobiles.

It takes a lot of YouTube and Google tutorials to get the hang of it but once you do it’s a magnificent machine.


This machine does not work on MAC and its software is a bit entry level.

 However, there are a lot of videos and tutorials about this cutter on the internet that will be really helpful.

3.  USCutter 28-inch Vinyl Cutter Plotter with Stand.

This machine comes with the SURE Cuts A Lot technology that enables it to cut a wide range of patterns with intricate and complicated designs.

It uses Roland blade holder which is compatible with all the economical blades out there.

best vinyl cutting machines


The USCutter 28-inch Vinyl Cutter Plotter with Stand has adjustable pinch rollers to make cutting any material easy and dual position carriage to make cutting fast.

The kit comes with 3 blades, Grafix weeding tool kit, vinyl starter pack, 5 squeegees, 2 magnetic sign blanks and color guide booklet.

This machine has other great features such the adjustable digital force and speed, stop/start feature and laserpoint to help you contour cuts around a design.

It is not the fastest vinyl cutter but it can cut through any material at a decent speed and force.

USCutter 28-inch Vinyl Cutter Plotter with Stand is not just a great professional machine but also ideal as a personal vinyl cutter because it’s extremely accurate and has a quiet servo motor.

it has the most features and items found in any of the best vinyl cutting machines and its software and illuminated LCD screen are easy to use.


The software used to run this machine has to be renewed annually and this is expensive and inconvenient.

4.  Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Tool.

People who have a passion for making beautiful designs, scrap books, cards and paper crafts as a hobby will find this Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Tool really great.

It’s also good for a startup business because it comes with thousands of designs you can easily download and a $10 gift card to the Silhouette online store.

best vinyl cutter for small business


This kit comes with a 12inch cutting mat, cutting tool, 50 cuttable designs, cutting blade and an instruction book.

It’s able to cut through many types of materials from vinyl, fabric and cardboards and it can be used on PC and Mac.

The best thing about the Silhouette Cameo Cutting tool is the free studio software that offers a wide range of designs, tools and functions to help you create anything you want.

On top of cutting what is on the software, this machine can also cut fonts that you have saved on your computer.

This machine is one of the best home vinyl cutter because it’s small and lightweight so you can move with it easily from room to room.

Whether you are a professional looking to create intricate designs for clients or a hobbyist decorating their home, the Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Tool is able to cut fast and precisely to make a great looking product.


Using the software takes some learning but once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy and fun to use.

5.  Silhouette Portrait.

Just like all the other Silhouette products; this compact cutting tool has a free MAC and PC compatible software that has unlimited designs and tools to help you get started.

The Silhouette portrait is able to cut many types of materials including cardstock, fabric, vellum, vinyl, paper and magnet paper.

best vinyl cutter under $300


In the kit there is an electronic cutting tool with adjustable blade, power and USB cables, 8-inch cutting mat, basic instruction guide, and 50 cutting designs exclusive to Silhouette.

The kit also has a $10 gift card for getting more designs from their online store and a free software CD for Mac and Windows XP.

This is the best vinyl cutter under $200 because it enable you cut fonts that are already saved on your computer and purchase only the designs you want instead of purchasing costly cartridges.

People who are just starting out on this cutting business may not have enough money to buy an advanced vinyl cutter and the silhouette portrait provides everything you need at a very affordable price.


The Silhouette portrait is small in size and not particularly durable so upgrading it in time might be necessary.

Buying Guide For The Best Vinyl Cutter for the Money.

One may ask, what is the best vinyl cutter?  To In order to get the best vinyl cutter for the money, there are a few characteristics one must look for;

  • Printing Size:

The best value vinyl cutter must allow the user to cut a wide surface with good ones going up to 12 inches wide and 12 feet long. It should not limit the size of your creations and designs.

  • Range Of Materials:

Vinyl is just one of the few materials a good cutter should handle.

Unless you want a vinyl cutter exclusively you should buy a cutting machine that can cut through more than 12 materials precisely.

  • Customer Support:

personal vinyl cutterThere are more than a few wrong things that can happen to your vinyl cutter and most of them are hard to set up and use.

The company that sold it to you must have available customer service and a good warranty to help you sort out any issue that may arise.

Alternatively, it’s crucial that the machine comes with great user’s manual and have numerous video tutorials online.

  • Software:

The supporting software is very important because it guides the machine in designing and cutting the pieces. Good software should be easy to use, affordable and efficient.

The best vinyl cutting machine like silhouette come with software that not only gives you value for your money but also enables the user to get preset designs and buy more from the online shop.

  • Great Features:

Over and above cutting software generated designs, the best vinyl cutter for small business should have extra features that make work easier and more refined.

Such features include the ability to replace blades, adjustable pinch rollers to work on different materials and digital servo motor for more precise control.

  • Purpose:

There are two markets for vinyl cutting; hobby or domestic designs and commercial purposes.

The type and price of the vinyl cutter will depend on which category you fall under because the best vinyl cutter under $300 is slower and don’t offer precise cutting or large printing surface.

Buy cheap best vinyl cutter and you will get exactly what you paid for.


Purchasing the best vinyl cutter for the money takes thorough research and thinking about your current and future needs.

This vinyl cutting machine reviews will be a good jump start to your journey of finding a good machine.

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