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Best Ride On Toys For 3 Year Olds Toddlers.

Getting the right best ride on toys for 3 year olds and above can be a daunting task…

To save you from the hustle, we have complied a review on the best ride on toys that you can buy for your kids…

One of the few things that toddlers and older kids love about going to fun parks is going on the toddler riding toys with their friends.

While you cannot go to parks and Disneyland every other day, kids can enjoy riding toys for toddlers at the comfort of their homes.

Ride on for toddlers are not only fun for all children regardless of gender but they are also good for developing motor skills, coordination and balance.

Unlike remote or battery controlled toys, a ride on toy makes the child feel independent and trusted to ride their own car like adults.


Best Ride On Toys For Toddlers


1. Power Wheels Dune Racer Ride On Toys For 3 Year Olds to 7 Years


Fisher-Price makes the best ride on toys in the world and this Dune Racer Extreme is no exception.


best ride on toys for 3 year olds



Its greatest feature is monster traction system which enables this toy to drive safely and comfortably on grass, rough terrain and even sand.

This toddler ride on toy has the capacity to carry two toddlers and it comes with metal sider bars where they can support their hands.

It also features a power lock brake system and 12-volt battery plus charger and can go up to 5mph forward.


The plastic wheels wear out fast on pavement.

2.  Peg Perego John Deere Tractor Ride On Toy For 2 Year Old to 7 Years


This farm tractor will make your toddler feel like the coolest farmer and it has huge wheels great for riding on grass, farm and pavement.



Tractor Toys For Toddlers | best ride on toys for 2 year old



It features two forward speeds of 2.25 and 4.5 controlled by the parent and comes with an accelerator pedal and automatic brakes.

Peg Perego Force Tractor is endowed with a large stake-side trailer that will excite kids, adjustable seat with armrests and a working FM radio for entertainment.


It can be scary for beginners because it just takes off at full speed without gradual acceleration.

3.  12V Police Motorcycle Ride On Toy For 5 Year Old to 9 Years

If your child is a fan of the police or motorbikes, this 12V Police Motorcycle will blow their little minds.

The parent is able to control the two speed settings of 2.5 and 5 mph because of safety but there is a hand accelerator.


outdoor ride on toys



This beautiful ride on motorcycle has a 12 volt rechargeable battery and charger and it’s fully chromed like a real police bike with siren, side view mirrors, headlight, windshield and hazard light.

12V Police Motorcycle is able to go uphill but your kid has to be big enough to balance a motorbike.


The price tag is quite high for a toy but it’s worth every penny.

4.  Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ride On Toys For 3 Year Olds to 5 Years


Nothing says luxury like a Ford mustang and this Fisher-Price Ford Mustang with power wheels is something any little girl should have.



best ride on toys for toddlers



It has the sporty mustang styling and a real dashboard but the colors are what make this ride on toy more fabulous.

Like most Fisher-Price ride on toys for toddlers, you can put two toddlers to ride on this car together and it uses a 12-volt rechargeable battery.

This car has power wheels that make it easy to drive on rough terrain, sand and grass either on the 2.5 or 5mph speed set by parents.


The slick plastic wheels wear out quickly on pavement and slide on wet glass.

5.  Power Wheels Train Ride On Toys For 3 Year Old Boy and Girl


Trains are great toddler ride on toys because they are a fantasy to most kids and also safe to ride on.


Ride On Toys For 3 Year Old Boy



This fisher price train toy resembles the cartoon Thomas and has its phrases and sounds so kids who watch this cartoon will love it.

Power Wheels Thomas the Train comes with its own track to ride on and goes up to 1mph indoor or outdoor.

It is easy to use since starting and stopping is a matter of pushing a button and the 6-volt battery is very long-lasting.


The kid has to push the button continuously for the train to keep moving and it’s tiring.

6.  Power Wheels Lil Quad Ride On Toys For 2 Year Olds to 3 Years


These Fisher Price sporty ATV toddler rides on toys are great for small toddlers who are just learning to play with ride on toys.





This ride on toy is very stable and rides low so they can get on and off without being scared. And very easy to use thanks to the push-button uses to stop and start.

Power Wheels Lil Quad features a 6-volt battery with charger, power wheels for sand and rough terrain, built-in footrest and a cargo rack at the back.

Power Wheels best ride on toys for toddlers are built for durability and come with a full year bumper to bumper warranty.


The steering wheel is a bit hard for kids to turn.

7.  Little Tikes Cozy Truck Ride On Toy For 1.5 Year Olds to 5 Years


The best ride on toys should look as close to real cars as possible so kids will enjoy the experience.

ride on toys for 5 year old | outdoor ride on toys for toddlersCLICK TO CHECK CURRENT PRICE


This Little Tikes Cozy Truck is one of the few toddler riding toys out there that has tried to be as real as possible with an opening gas cap, steering wheel, working horn, realistic front grill and even opening doors.

The distinctive truck also has fun graphics, tail and headlights and also a real dash board.

It features rugged off-road wheels, drop down tailgate and a removable floor board so your growing toddlers can continue playing with it for a long time.


Some models are hard to assemble because parts don’t go together but some are really easy.

8.  Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster Ride On Toy 2 – 5 Years Old


Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster is a pretty little toy that rides on a 3-piece track easily so your kid will definitely have the fun park experience at home.



riding toys for two year oldsCLICK TO CHECK CURRENT PRICE

The track comes with 2-non-slip steps that lock securely on both sides for easy access and recessed retainer to keep the car in place for safety reasons.

Though this is a very simple toddler ride on toy, it features a high back, handrail and footrest to keep your child secure.

It’s easy to assemble even without tools and the price is unbelievably low.


The complete set takes up a lot of space in the house and requires adult supervision if there is more than one kid.

9.  Step2 Easy Steer Sportster Ride On Toy For 18 Months – 4 Years


If you want really nice baby ride on toys for kids who are just leaving the stroller, this Step2 Easy Steer Sportster is the way to go.



push ride on toys for toddlers CLICK TO CHECK CURRENT PRICE


These ride on toys for toddlers ride low and have seat belts so even a very young child will find it safe to ride.

Step2 Easy Steer Sportster features whisper wheels for a smooth and quiet ride and full-turn front wheels so your child can maneuver around the neighborhood or house with ease.

The durable ride on for toddlers also come with two cup holders, steering wheel and easy to push horn sounds.


Assembling this car together is quite a headache.

10.  Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug, Ladybug.

Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug has a distinctive lady bug design so it’s very attractive to both boys and girls.



push ride on toys




Unlike most riding toys for toddlers that can only go in front, this toy car goes sideways, backwards, round and round and in front so it’s really fun.

Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug is one of the best ride on toys for toddlers suitable for promoting balance and motor skills.

Everything about this toy is designed to last and there are different sizes for different age groups.


This toy does not have seatbelts or any other safety features.

Buying Guide For The Best Ride On Toys For 3 Year Olds


Best ride on toys for 3 year olds toddlers and above range from bicycles, trucks and small cars depending on what your child would prefer.

Matching your kid to the right toddler riding toys is very important because it will determine how much they enjoy and benefit from the toy.

These factors should also be considered before purchasing ride on toys for toddlers;

  • Safety Features:

Just like real vehicles, kid ride on toys should be safe for the toddler to ride on without falling.

A speed limit of 2.5 to 5mph and brakes are part of these safety features and so are seat belts, high back support and armrests.

  • Balance:

Small toddlers cannot really balance themselves so the ride on toddler toys should have their own balance so they don’t tip over.

The wheels should be spaced well enough and the toy must ride low so climbing on and off won’t be a problem.

  • Age of the child:

The child’s age will determine whether you will buy a closed car, motorbike, ATV or truck.

Their ability to balance, climb, steer and even push themselves will play a big part so you cannot buy a 2 year old a motorbike, ATV or tractor toys for toddlers since they will fall and hurt themselves.

  • Staying power:

Ride on toys for babies will set you back quite a substantial amount of money so you have to buy something that is not just durable but will keep the child interested for many years.

It would be very unfortunate that your child plays with the toddler ride on toys for one or two weeks and gets bored with it so you must buy something that they really like in terms of color, taste and fun experience.

  • Battery:

The best riding toys for toddlers come with a 12-volt battery which will allow the kid to ride for three hours or more at a speed of 5mph while the 6-volt battery is limited in terms of time and power.


Best ride on toys for 3 year olds and above can be the best or the worst child experience to a child so you have to supervise and train them until a good age.

Buy a toy that is easy to use, assemble and has a great warranty because kids are careless and rough.


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