Best Infant Sling

A Guide To Best Baby Sling For Newborn Babies.

Looking for the best baby sling for newborn babies?

Here, you’ll find the top rated baby slings preferred by most mothers for their comfort and safety

Pictures Name Weight Limit Editors Rating
Sakura Bloom Classic Baby Sling. 35lbs 4.0/5 (22+ Reviews)
Ring Sling Carrier Fashionable. 35lbs 4.0/5 (62+ Reviews)
Baby Sling Wrap Carrier for newborns. 35lbs 4.0/5 (190+ Reviews)
NimNik Baby Sling Carrier Ergonomics Lightweight Hipseat. 33 lbs 4.6/5 (249+ Reviews)
Innoo Tech Baby Sling Carrier Natural Cotton Nursing Baby Wrap. 35lbs 4.3/5 (314+ Reviews)
Beco Baby Carrier – Ring Sling Carrier. 35lbs 4.0/5 (62+ Reviews)
LANOVA The Best Baby Sling Carrier. 20kg 5/5 (5+ Reviews)
Vlokup Baby Ring Sling Wrap Carrier. 40 Pounds 4.0/5 (93+ Reviews)

A baby carrier is one of the oldest inventions that help mothers accomplish day to day tasks while still bonding with their babies.

There are different types of carriers for different ages ranging from Asian-style carriers, wraps, pouch slings and the best baby sling for newborn babies.

The best baby sling carrier allows the baby to curl up in a comfortable position and offer head support before the baby develops neck control.

They also don’t spread the baby’s legs like normal carriers because infants prefer to stay in a bowlegged position until their legs are big and strong enough.

if your baby is too small you might consider the  best baby wrap for newborn because they provide a snuggly hold to the baby on top of helping you bond, breastfeed easily and do house chores.

A baby sling wrap also soothes colicky and fussy babies plus promote quiet alertness and physiological development.

1.  Sakura Bloom Classic Baby Sling.

Sakura Bloom Classic is an adjustable sling for baby made with a single layer of Belgian linen and its ideal for newborns and older babies up to 35 pounds.

Best Baby Sling For Newborn


For people who are new to best baby slings, this Sakura Bloom Classic comes with an instruction booklet with photos to help you use it better.

It is available in a variety of cool colors and it’s perfect for all climates.

Linen becomes stronger with time and has natural antibacterial properties, it’s easy to maintain, lightweight and very breathable.

The baby feels totally comfortable in this sling and you can put it in our purse when you are not using it.


It does seem to be expensive for such a simple design.

2.  Ring Sling Carrier Fashionable and Comfortable Cloud.

The mindset that quality products have to be expensive has completely been diluted by this Ring Sling Carrier from Beco Baby.Best Infant Sling



It’s an affordable piece that offers everything you need in a baby carrier sling including ease of use, light and breathable material and comfort for your baby.

Though this brand is not that famous, it has made the best sling for baby from the day they are born up to 3 years.

The material may feel hard and rough at first but after the first and second wash it will be completely soft and snuggly.

Beco Baby’s best baby sling for newborn is adjustable and hence can fit people of all sizes and it’s also ideal for breastfeeding.

It’s a good looking infant sling carrier with breathable material and it’s incredibly easy to use.


The fabric gets softer with time but it will also get loose as a result.

3.  Baby Sling Wrap Carrier For Newborns, Perfect Child Carriers For A Parent!

After many flaws seen on customer’s feedback, Baby Womb World has made a new and improved Baby Sling Wrap that carries your baby in the same position they were in while in the womb ensuring comfort, bonding and total baby sling carrier


It’s an adjustable sling that fits newborn babies to toddlers and can be carried by individuals of all sizes.

This Baby Womb World’s best rated baby sling is made with comfortable material that blends cotton and spandex so it’s soft, shock-absorbing and expandable.

It’s a single layer construction that makes it breathable so the baby won’t overheat and lightweight for the mom.

This baby sling is great for breastfeeding because you can carry it in different positions and the shoulders are well padded for moms comfort.


It has no negative comments yet.

4.  Lucky Baby Ring Sling with Breathable, Quick-Dry Mesh Fabric.

Lucky Baby sling wrap is an original piece made with lightweight, breathable and cool material for those hot summer wrap baby carrier


Since it has a mesh fabric that dries quickly you can even swim and bath with the baby.

It is adjustable and ideal for both moms and dads of all heights and sizes.

The design is recognized for lumbar support meaning your baby’s spine, neck and hips will be well aligned just as they were in the womb.

It’s a compact sling for babies and can carry your baby in three different positions and it’s easy to maintain.


The sling can get a little slippy when wet so always tie a knot around the rings.

5.  NimNik Baby Sling Carrier Ergonomics Lightweight Hipseat with Lumbar Support.

NimNik Baby Sling Carrier is among the best baby carrier because it’s a soft structured unit with four carrying positions for toddlers.Best Baby Carrier for Nursing


It’s durable, smartly designed and comfortable thanks to the long waist straps and lumbar support.

It is easy to use, wear and can fit any adult no matter their size because it’s adjustable.

It’s a safe and affordable carrier that will take you and your baby through those tough days.

NimNik Baby Sling Carrier is made of premium cotton so it’s soft and cool plus it has an ergonomic hip seat for your baby’s legs.


This is a toddler sling carrier and it’s not ideal for newborns and infants.

6.  Innoo Tech Baby Sling Carrier Natural Cotton Nursing Baby Wrap.

Innoo Tech Baby Sling Carrier is a solid sling that has tapered ends instead of buckles and rings.

It’s well made with a blend of cotton and spandex to support the bays head, neck and sling for breastfeeding


Innoo Tech Baby Sling helps you enjoy carrying your baby hands free from the day they are born all the way to three years of age.

It’s adjustable and great for breastfeeding privately.

This sling comes with an information dvd, storage bag and money back guarantee in case of any defects. It’s machine washable, durable and very classy.


The material is a bit too stretchy.

7.  Beco Baby Carrier – Ring Sling Carrier.

Beco Baby Carrier makes wearing your baby look classy and elegant; it’s a beautiful sling that has no buckles or snaps.

Anyone can use this sling since it is baby sling for nursing



With the Beco Baby Carrier you can carry your baby in four different positions in a comfortable and elegant manner.

The package comes with an instruction manual and safety tips for users.

This sling is made of pure cotton but it’s not bulky at all so you can put in a handbag while not in use.

It’s one of the most affordable baby slings in the market despite having all the features you need.


The material is stiff when new but it gets soft with time.

8.  Baby Wrap Sling with Blue Polka Dot Pattern.

Baby Wrap Sling with Blue Polka Dot Pattern is a work of art thanks to the bright colors and polka dots rated baby sling


It’s made of 100% cotton without the spandex so it will not stretch as much meaning it will hold your baby more tightly.

It has various carrying positions and an instruction manual to show you how to do it.

If you are looking for a great gift for a baby shower, this sling is perfect especially for new moms.

On top of being very comfortable, this sling is also quite cozy and doesn’t get hot even in warm climates.

Bonding with your baby has never been this easy plus you can also breastfeed comfortably.


The sling does not fit in the carrying bag that comes with it.

Buying Guide for the Best Baby Sling for Newborn.

Buying the best baby sling for newborn is very important because it determines how comfortable you and the baby will be during the duration of carrying them.

On top of being durable and affordable, it’s important that the best sling for breastfeeding be absolutely safe for baby’s neck, spine and legs because newborns are delicate.

Other features to look out for when buying the best baby sling for newborn include;

  • Fabric:

The best baby sling for nursing is made of 100% cotton and sometimes with a blend of spandex so it can stretch nicely.

Cotton is not only soft and cool but it’s also lightweight so it will not weigh down on the mom.

Though slings are made of other materials like linen, wool blend, nylon and jersey, cotton is more preferred since babies skin are very delicate and soft.

The fabric should be easy to wash and if its machine washable even better.

  • Fasteners:

Besides making the sling beautiful and elegant fasteners are there to ensure safety of your baby.

The fasteners and webbing should be sturdy and tight enough so they won’t slip or be untightened by the baby.

The best wrap baby carrier has buckles that can only be undone with two strong hands.

Every accessory on a sling must be smooth without rough edges and weld points.

  • Structure:

The best sling is one that supports your baby safely and ensures comfort for both of you.

For this to happen, the sling must be the right length so the baby will be close to your face and weight will be distributed evenly, well-padded and with lumbar support.

The baby’s back, legs and neck must be well supported so that their development will not be compromised.

  • Storage:

While it is not a big deal, the best slings have pockets for your phone and keys.

A hood or hood strap is also necessary in case you are going out.


The best baby sling for newborn must be the right weight so you have to check because not all slings are good for toddlers and not all are good for newborns.

The best way to know the right sling perhaps is to go to the shop and get a fit so you are sure about the size and comfort.

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