Is AGM a Good Thermal Scope

Is AGM a Good Thermal Scope?

Is AGM a good thermal scope? With the number of thermal scopes on the market, this type of question can be asked.

The thermal scope for hunting is two devices in one! Judge for yourself – a conventional thermal imager has only the function of thermal vision, and with the scope, you get a full optical thermal scope with the ability to zoom in, adjust the scope, etc.

Is AGM a Good Thermal Scope
Is AGM a Good Thermal Scope

We looked at the best scopes, and figured out “why?” they are the best. Now we are happy to share this information with you.

So, which thermal scopes are the best? How to choose the right scopes for you? And, what are the functions of the thermal scopes you should pay attention to?

Is AGM a good thermal scope?

If you decide to buy a thermal scope, it is important for you to understand how to make the right choice.

These terms most often appear in the characteristics of thermal scopes. Below you can find some brief information and recommendations:


This is the most important element. It is a microbolometer matrix of the smallest particles – absorbers.

Absorbers have the property of absorbing electromagnetic waves of radiation. The greater the absorption, the greater the resistance and heating of the bolometer, which in turn is converted into a digital signal.

 Sensor resolution.

Basic resolutions are 384×288 and 640×480 pixels. The higher the resolution, the more detailed the image will be.

It should be noted that the higher the resolution value, the lower the optical magnification would be. The observation distance does not depend on this characteristic.

For hunting, the resolution of 384×288 elements is enough. But 640 will give a better experience as the image quality is better.

 Pixel pitch.

This is the pixel size of the matrix. The characteristic is unambiguous because it is strongly related to the area of the sensor itself. In fact, step reduction allows you to reduce the amount of noise, but it is better to associate this value with the relative aperture of the lens, as it leads to the correct indicators.

The main pixel pitch sizes are 12,17, and 25 µm.

 The refresh rate.

This parameter shows how many times per second the frame refresh rate of the thermal scope display is.

The common options are 30 and 50 Hz. 30 Hz is enough for observation and 50 Hz is preferable for video recording.

The higher the frequency value, the faster the image appears on the display, which means that there is less probability of “braking” or “plume” formation when moving an object.

 NETD temperature sensitivity.

This noise characteristic is responsible for the accuracy of the information received from the sensor.

NETD is determined by multiple reading of information from one absorber, considering one warm object.

The data are averaged and compared to others. As a result, the lower the temperature sensitivity, the better the quality of the sensor. It is measured in micro Kelvin (mK).

Hunting thermal scopes most often have a NETD value less than 70 mK or less than 50 mK (in professional versions).

The first version is sufficient for hunting. This parameter does not affect the choice much.

 Spectral sensitivity range.

This is the operating range of infrared radiation. All modern devices have a standard range from 8 to 17 μm.

Where are AGM thermal scopes made?

AGM Global Vision Thermal Scope is made in USA

What app is used for AGM thermal?

WiFi and onboard recording functions.  For the WiFi on the unit you will need an app called CAM802

Where are AGM optics made?

AGM Global Vision designs its optics in in Springerville, Arizona, USA.

The Best AGM Global Vision Thermal Imaging Scopes For Night Hunting

We have selected the 4 best thermal scopes that can claim to be the most interesting for the customers.

If this rating changes unexpectedly, we will change after it, but for now, our calculations are as follows:

 ATN ThOR LT 320 3-6x Thermal Rifle Scope

Good and relatively inexpensive thermal scope

Its main privilege over other devices in our TOP is that it has a set of useful features, and its cost is very affordable for the buyer.

Features of the device

Being in the optimal price range for a thermal imaging rifle scope, the ATN ThOR LT 320 is a superbly capable optic.

There aren’t any extra gadgets that can get in the way or trip you up. Yes, it is undoubtedly a good device that will allow you to use your instincts.

You’ll get only essentials features: decent resolution, zoom, one-shot zero, and long battery life.

High refresh rate: This is another parameter, which this thermal scope is worth loving.

If you are moving, or your target is moving fast, then 60 hertz will be a great number for you. The picture will change as clear and fast as the aim itself.


This is an excellent choice and a very affordable price for a thermal scope. Many useful features are presented in this thermal scope.

The device is compact and quite light, weighs only 0.65 kg (1.43 lbs), it allows you to work with the device for a long time, even in an ambush or waiting for the beast.

Heaviness of the device will not be a problem for you, which means that you will not confuse the scope.

Features of the device

The device is equipped with three lens variations at once, which means that you can choose the one that suits you best.

The 25mm lens is designed for short-range shooting, the 50mm lens model is perfect for medium range applications, and the 75mm lens is an excellent solution for long-range aiming.

The scope can operate for as long as 5 hours on one battery, which means that you can observe for a long time without interrupting the process.

Zoom in the scopes 2x and 4x. This allows you to bring the picture so close that you can even distinguish the sex of a person or animal.

The most useful and enjoyable thing is probably the refresh rate of this scope. 50 Hz is an excellent parameter for the scope.

And, of course, Wi-Fi is what makes this device modern and functional.



This is a very high quality thermal scope. It is easy to install and use, and from that, it becomes popular day by day.

Its user-friendly interface allows you to understand the set of features even the novice user.

Features of the device

The good thing about this scope is that it actually serves a dual function, thanks to the two lens options.

Depending on your needs, you can use it for short or medium range (35mm and 50mm). For advanced shooters, this will be an important argument.

Separate feelings of pride to manufacturers are a display with high-resolution 1024×768 and a refresh rate function of 50 Hz.

The picture on the monitor is not only clear but also actively moves, commensurate with the target motion.

Do you need Wi-Fi to transfer data to your smartphone? The AGM PYTHON-MICRO can also do that.