Best activity tracker without screen

6 Best activity tracker without screen

Do you know that the best activity tracker without screen is quite effective as the ones with screens?

While the best activity tracker without screen comes in different sizes and functionalities, you should know the right one to use.

Best activity tracker without screen

We all want to maintain our fitness and the best activity tracker without screen can be our fitness buddy.

Whether you want to hit the gym or stay around your neighborhood for your activities, you can use the best activity tracker without screen.

The best activity tracker without screen we attach to our wrist is becoming popular and the market is filled with an unending variety of different trackers.

Over the years, this type of tracker has been the most popular type of fitness or activity tracker. The tracker with screen has become more popular.

However, this does not mean that the tracker without screen is less effective. On the contrary, this tracker effortlessly handles your activities data.

Why do people love the best activity tracker without screen?

The Flexibility

You do not have to struggle to calculate your steps with the tracker. When you are on the move, the tracker does its job.

Whether you are a sportsperson or a normal person who is busy with workouts, you can use the tracker to get your body fit.

When you have been sedentary for a while, the tracker alerts you and keeps you on the move again.

It Offers Users Baseline Data

Do you want to get your shape back?  You can use your activity data to make that happen. With the best activity tracker without screen, you can get real-time activity data.

You can check your heart rate and see how the numbers change when you work out. It has a GPS tracking for easy monitoring.

Whether you want to cycle, run, or walk, this tracker does the work for you.

The Challenges With Fitness Tracker

They Are Not 100 % Accurate

While the tracker is great for your monitoring your activities, it may not be 100% accurate.  Sometimes, it offers inaccurate reading.

You should not discard it because of these tiny errors. The tracker has been designed to help you stay in shape and take care of your health.

A Bit Of A Drop Off Rate

The tracker may lose its appeal after some time. People tend to forget that the tracker was bought to keep them on their toes to workout.

Since the product is small, you can easily forget about it.  Sometimes, people do not find the quick result they want from the tracker.

However, things take time to work effectively on people. They should understand that workout is discipline.

If you do not discipline yourself, you would not achieve the result you want. The tracker works to help you achieve your workout goals.

When people look at the wristband, they often think it’s just a smartwatch. However, trackers are easily identified with the display screen that comes with it.

Nevertheless, fitness trackers are taking the preference in the hearts of a vast majority of people, who like to wear it without being noticed, as it looks like an ordinary wristband.

If you’d like that too, we encourage you to continue reading, because in this article, you will find the best activity tracker without screen.


Why do you need the best activity tracker without screen?


Fitness trackers advance our mobility rather than our growing fondness of immobility because they remind us of how much work is to be done and display the much or little we do.

Moreso, it is beneficial to our health status in cases of monitoring our heart conditions with other ideal features. It truly is worth being our companion as we walk about our everyday activities.

Usually, you will find the assessment result on the display screen, giving unending live feedback. It seems beautiful at times and exasperating in the end.

Best activity tracker without screen
tracker without screen

It is fascinating to work out with the best activity tracker without screen. While the screen is missing, it offers you the opportunity to work out.

Data is recorded while you move around this fitness tracker.

Fitness Tracker Smartphone App

This fitness tracker that has no screen is beneficial in the aspect that it doesn’t call for constant attention by flashing on your wrist.

Nonetheless, a fitness tracker is fascinating to look at and you’d want to always look at it.

Making use of a fitness tracker that has no display can help you arrange your daily activities with no iota of distraction, and without fail, give you detailed assessment results from the phone app.

Moreso, the display actually drains the battery, but the best activity tracker without screen having no constant display, has long lasting battery life.

Finally, trackers that have no screen display happen to be more sophisticated and glamorous and can easily fit into your everyday activities.

These models are often mistaken, for portable and sophisticated wristbands, They look just too awesome.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of using the best activity tracker without screen your choice.


  • Always cheaper
  • Sophisticated
  • Fits better for daily use
  • Long-lasting battery lifespan


  • Doesn’t give live report
  • Of a lesser functionality


Top best activity tracker without screen

Fitbit Flex 2

Amongst the manufacturers of fitness trackers, Fitbits stands out as the most populous, giving the American sporting goods a boost in the market list.

Taking a walk through the city, you would often find a Fitbit tracker in the wrist of your fellow men.

It should not beat your imagination to find a Fitbit tracker having no display in Fitbits massive storage.

We have no doubt that you have found what you’re looking for in this fitness tracker. This best activity tracker without screen has amazing features for you.

The Fitbit Flex 2 is packaged in a nice, beautiful wristband design, accurately performing the tracking task without a display.

What it does:

It Counts your steps, tracks distances, records how many calories were burned, calculates your active minutes, and on its own detects if you are running, cycling, swimming, or any other activities.

The analysis and tracking are also active even when you are asleep. Using the Fitbit app, every recorded data is analyzed and displayed.

The only exceptional check is the monitoring of the heart condition.

Just as we have earlier stated, you’ll find no display, but to keep you updated about your current activity level are 5 small LED lights.

Our taste may be personal, but we have no doubt that the Fitbit Flex 2 is in no wise the most exquisitely attractive device on the fitness market.

Finally, without a second guess we would always go for the Fitbit Flex 2, which is the best activity tracker without screen.

Our humble opinion though. Hence, we would like you to examine this device very well and see if it matches up to your desire.

Just a click on the image of the products, the prices will be revealed and the reviews of customers too will be shown.


Sony SmartBand 2

Best activity tracker without screen

Is it true Sony also has a fitness tracker on sale? For a period we were unaware until we recently found the Sony SmartBand 2.

However, it may be that we ignored this tracker because now we realized it had no display screen and hence does not appeal to an excessive amount of attention.

Nonetheless, with the name it was given, it shows how way above the normal it would be something like a smart wristband.

This SonySmartBand 2 fitness tracker does work by taking count of your movement and tracking how far you travel. From every observation, it makes no appeal from the outlook.

What is most interesting about the tracker that is not in the Fitbit Flex 2, is the optical heart condition monitoring that it does.

This best activity tracker without screen tracks your heart condition steadily as you work in daytime. The alone gives maximum excitement when you check the health data on the phone app by the closure of the day.

Finally, Sony’s SmartBand 2 ranks amongst the best fitness tracker having no display screen.

You actually should give it a considerable look. It is highly recommendable to all and sundry, so look by clicking on the products image or the orange button.

Misfit Ray

The Misfit Ray. It may be out of the masses’ awareness, but it is extremely an amazing fitness tracker having no display screen.

It places a track on your movements, how far you cover, calories you burn, when you’re inoperative and also during your sleep time.

You’d also find it interesting to note that it doesn’t need to be charged, but uses a tiny button cell battery that can be changed and lasts for a period of 6months.

For reading of the data, you can use the Misfit app or general apps like MyFitnessPal or Runkeeper having the same compatibility with this

It’s up to you to make out the best choice for yourself, but if you ask, I’d say the Misfit Ray is super amazing. Click here to get more information about this tracker.


On this page, It’s pleasure to bring to your attention, two models that are having a display screen.

Yea, we made it clear that you’ll be seeing only the best trackers with no display screen, but the design of these models is way beyond the usual and their screens are infinitesimal, I felt the strong urge to make known to you these really amazing trackers. Pardon me I beg.

Garmin Vivosmart


Garmin without a doubt is a large sports products company. Usually, this company channels her strength on producing amazing sports watches with many interesting features.

However, Garmin Vivosmart is a wonderful best activity tracker without screen.

This smart wristband having an infinitesimal screen shows your movements, how far you walk, energy burned, and also the time. It shows them in just as few characters as possible.

Moreso, it generally alerts you of incoming calls or messages on your smartphone.

You do not have to bother about the display screen, it really is infinitesimal and has the similitude of an ordinary wristband rather than a cumbersome smartwatch.

Perhaps we have brought to you the exact fitness tracker you’re looking for. Click on the subsequent product picture or the orange button.


Polar Loop

One would not forget to bring alongside Polar afterward Garmin when it comes to the best activity tracker without screen.

They both top the scale with the most preferred top quality in the aspects of producing sports watches.

So one should not be surprised that Polar is also producing fitness trackers.

This particular one is identified as the Polar Loop and it takes the similitude of the Garmin model shown to you afore now.

Lastly, what you should know about fitness trackers without a display screen.

Fitness trackers are gainfully utilizing the fast-rising recognition they have got and despite the fact that the considerable majority of trackers include a display, wristbands having no screen are of no less advantage.

They typically possess the identical capability as their rivals but conceals themselves as fashionable and glamorous bracelets.

The amazing features intrigue most people because it does not just oppose distractions, but also offers a robust battery life and generally seems extremely good.

In any case, it appears to be that sometimes, much less is absolutely more!


What is the easiest fitness Tracker to use?

People who want a simple experience can make use of the tracker without screen. You get your insights on any smart device via the official app.

Best activity tracker without screen

Does Apple offer the Apple Watch version without a screen?

Apple doesn’t have any version without a screen. It offers its users a tracker with big displays that ensure they get insight immediately.

Is there a fitness tracker that doesn’t require a smartphone?

The newer fitness trackers can be used without a smartphone. However, these trackers have limited memory support.

Smartwatches have a limit during storing their data and eliminate data when they have no space gain.

With a smartphone, you easily sync your data and keep them for a period.

Are Cheap Activity Trackers any good?

This depends on the type of tracker you are buying. We have some great trackers that are affordable.

You should consider the features of the model you want to buy.