p2m Firestorm Thermal Monocular Review

p2m Firestorm Thermal Monocular Review

We have numerous thermal monoculars online, but not all these products can serve you better.

If you want to consider some of the best products on the market, the  p2m firestorm 1-4×19 thermal monoculars should be among your selection.

p2m Firestorm Thermal Monocular Review
p2m Firestorm Thermal Monocular Review

With so many of these combat, tactical, competing, and survival products, we recommend that you pick a reputable provider.

We can tell you that the P2M Firestorm 1-4×19 Thermal Monoculars is an excellent choice for people who want thermal monocular.

P2m firestorm thermal monocular review

When it comes to buying thermal monoculars, a lot of people do not put much thought into it and just settle for newer models of the same brand that they bought before.

Most of the time,  people do not care if the device is as good as the older one. Some just purchase a thermal monocular if it is more expensive than the other models without checking if it is actually worth it.

The decision on choice of thermal monocular is a hard one to make. However, we have compiled a review on our top choice of thermal monocular.

The P2M Firestorm 1-4×19 is generally the best thermal monocular we have come across so far. This monocular gets the job done effectively and is highly recommended.

p2m firestorm 1-4×19 thermal monoculars

Features of the P2M Firestorm 1-4×19

  • This thermal monocular has a display with a 384 x 288 resolution
  • It also has an excellent 550-yard detection range that provides users with the ability to see or detect objects clearly without being seen.
  • This model has three different color palettes so you can easily customize your viewing experience to anyone which you are comfortable with. You can choose colors between white hot, red hot or black hot
  • This device comes app-ready
  • This monocular can be used as a stationary camera and using wifi, it can be used to view what it sees on the IR Tracker app making it a very flexible device and ideal for hunting or security purposes.
  • This monocular cannot be manually focused. Thus, objects that are closer than 10 feet will appear blurry
  • Objects that are between 10 feet and a maximum 550-yard range ante automatically focused.

P2M Firestorm 1-4×19 Pros

  • It has long detection range
  • It has three color palettes
  • It is app-ready
  • The resolution is brilliant

P2M Firestorm 1-4×19 Cons

  • It does not have a manual focus

Why do I use a monocular?

As a small low powered telescope, the monocular can be used for different purposes. For instance, it can be held in the hand like a set of binoculars and used to view objects that are far away.

Since it makes use of just one lens, the individual uses one eye to see or observe faraway objects especially when hunting, cajoling or watching sport activities.

The monocular can also act as a magnifier and be used to read texts that are quite small and may not be easy to read with the ordinary eyes.

What does monocular vision stand for?

Monocular is derived from the Greek word, “mono” which means single and the Latin word, “oculus” which means eye.

As such, monocular vision impairment can be defined as a situation where there is better or more adequate vision in one eye than the other.

What are the best thermal monoculars?

We have numerous models to pick, but we have these as our favorite:

  1. P2M Firestorm Thermal Monocular
  2. Pulsar Quantum Lite Thermal Monocular
  3. FLIR Scout Thermal Monocular
  4. ATN OTS-HD 384 Thermal Monocular
  5. Leupold LTO Thermal Monocular.

What are the things to consider when buying a thermal monocular?

  • Micron Number.
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Battery Life.
  • Field of View.
  • Eye Relief.

Can you use thermal monocular during the day?

You can use thermal imaging devices in the day and at night. Also, you should realize that animals generate heat and are warmer than their environments.

As a result, it becomes easier to detect them at great distances using thermal imaging.

How long do thermal monoculars last?

With the Lithium-ion battery, you gives receive about five hours of continuous use.

Nevertheless, products like the FLIR Scout TK suffers from imaging performance overall.

How far can you see with a thermal monocular?

Most thermal monoculars have ranges that can exceed 1,000 yards. Meanhile, some people  will want to clearly see a heat-emitting object within 100 yard..

How far can thermal scopes see?

If you have a high-quality thermal scope, you can  identify the target at up to 4,000 yards. In addition, an entry-level scope can limit you to 1,000 yards or less.

What is monocular vision and binocular vision?


A monocular is a low powered spotting scope that people hold with their hands just like a binocular.



A binocular uses  two lenses to observe.

What is IR night vision?

We have different types of night vision and the most common type used on most security cameras is infrared (IR) night vision, which relies on infrared light.

Which is best thermal or night vision?

Thermal is to detect the game object, while night vision is to recognize, identify and harvest the game only if facial recognition.

Does StarScope have night vision?

StarScope Monocular has two uses. You can stargaze at night time and check out the birds in the nearby forest without any other technology to help.

The other user does require a smartphone, and you can use the Starscope Monocular for it to create your own personal observatory.

How does infrared monocular work?

Infrared monocular uses a series of optical lenses and a special electronic vacuum tube to capture and amplify the visible and infrared light that is reflected off nearby objects.

Why do I use a monocular?

You can also use a monocular as a magnifier to hold over text that is hard to read.

Finally, you can decide what you want to do with your monoculars, especially the p2m firestorm thermal monocular scope.

We have listed some of the pros and cons that can help you make the right choice.